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Using a dog, pet or puppy stroller is an easy way to transport your dog easily and safely. Your dog can be secured within the pet stroller, allowing them a to have a very comfortable and protected journey. Dog strollers are ideal for long journeys and everyday trips like paying a visit to the vet, a nice trip to the park, browsing around the shops and your pooch can even accompany you in a pet jogger when you are out jogging! You can even attach a bicycle dog trailer to your bike and take your pooch along for the ride. The adventures with your dog start here!
Pet strollers, bicycle trailers and dog prams feature durable ventilated mesh panels, so your dog can see the view, enjoy fresh the air, and interact with other animals and people. Due to the mesh panels the airflow circulates through out the stroller keeping your dog cool and the buzzy insects out. Pet strollers and their protective weatherproof covering allows your pet to stay dry and snug in the wet, rainy and wintery weather. Not only that but it also keeps them sheltered from the harmful UV rays on hot sunny days. Dog strollers are perfect all year round and protects your dog in all weathers.
Pet strollers can also provide benefits to the human owners too. Using a stroller is safer and easier than walking a dog on a lead or lugging your dog around in a cumbersome pet carrier. Pet strollers provide an easy, fun, and carefree way to bring your dogs, and even your cats, for walks on busy city streets, parks, shopping centres, festivals, dog shows and other active locations.
Most pet buggies come with storage solutions so you can push the stroller without the need of carrying large heavy shoulder bags. All your dog essentials can be stored in the handy compartment situated under the stroller. There may even be a handy bottle or cup holder included in the storage tray near the handle, also perfect for housing your mobile phone or keys.
Using a dog pram or dog trailer is not only a healthy way to transport your dog but it is also good for the environment too. These eco friendly dog buggies will get your pet from A to B, helping you save money on fuel and travel costs. Not only are strollers allowed on public transport but can save you pounds on expensive cab fares too. A bicycle and a dog trailer can also zip through busy traffic much quicker than a car, saving you travel time too.
Dog strollers are also a great way to transport senior, older, disabled or injured pets who need extra help with their mobility. Strollers and trailers are great for dogs suffering from athritis, leg trouble or even recoverng after a serious operation. It also provides a means of protection from other aggressive dogs while you and your dog are on your walks, especially if you have a young puppy who is young and vulnerable.
Pet prams also make perfect puppy strollers. Puppies can benefit from strollers until they are much bigger and stronger. Puppies may also need a stroller until they are leash and road trained. Keeping your puppy protected from contagious infections and diseases is of upmost importance in their early months, especially if they are awaiting their booster vaccinations. A puppy stroller is the pefect mode of transport for your little vulnerable puppydog.
A dog stroller is also the perfect mode of transportation so that your dog can travel with you on a regular basis, rather than just being left all alone at home. It’s also an ideal ‘sleeper’ for your puppy or dog during long journeys, so that way they don’t tire themselves out before you get to your destination. The also make perfect sleeping quarters if you are away on vacation with your pet, as many pet friendly hotels and holiday rentals do not supply you with dog beds.
This Weeks ‘Top-Dog’ Stories
  • If you are planning to travel by air with your dog, here is a useful list of dog friendly airlines that travel to and from the UK. Depending on your dog’s size they may be able to travel with you in the passenger cabin or be safely accommodated within the the cargo hold.
  • Introducing the Leopet FAH18 Burnt Henna Dog Bike Trailer which is a strong, sturdy and sleek looking. This particular trailer in the Leopet range features a unique colour scheme of dark burnt Henna and a shade of khaki stone. This modern looking bicycle pet trailer offers your dog maximum comfort and only needs the minimum of work from you. It’s very easy to assemble and is made with quality craftsmanship. Your dog will feel safe, snug and secure in this roomy weatherproof bicycle dog trailer. It’s the perfect bicycle pet trailer for any time of the year.
  • Dog strollers are perfect for taking dogs with mobility issues outdoors, but what about indoors? Did you know that you can now buy mobility steps for your dog? Just like humans, some dogs when they get older begin to suffer from leg, joint and hip problems. Everyday things like jumping up on to the sofa, on to your bed or just getting into the back of the car can be quite painful for them. Dog steps are also perfect for small breeds who just can’t jump high enough! A set of pet steps will give your dog a new lease of life and independance.
  • Each colour has moods and meanings. Colours also have emotions, feelings and personal connections from our past associated with them. Find out which colour represents you. It may give you an idea of what colour dog stroller you want to buy. Is it pink? Red? Or what about blue, grey or black? We also explain why dogs can see some colours and not just black and white!
  • Many dogs get stressed out when they have to travel by car. Fear, unhappy memories, stress and motion sickness are just few of the causes. By using a process of desensitisation, you can make your dog’s car journey a more happy and pleasant one. Here are some useful training tips to help your dog acclimatise to travelling in a car and ease any travelling fears that they may have.
  • Is using a pet stroller cruel to your dog? The most common opinion is that dogs have four legs and therefore should walk everywhere, nature didn’t intend them to be pushed about like an infant. But there are some exceptions. Sometimes a dog needs a little help with mobility, just like some of us humans do.