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Leopet FAH18 Burnt Henna Bicycle Dog Trailer


A stylish, modern and uniquely coloured high visibility bicycle dog trailer.
And no tools needed to assemble!

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Leopet FAH18 Burnt Henna Bicycle Dog Trailer
Introducing the Leopet FAH18 Burnt Henna Dog Bike Trailer which is a strong, sturdy and sleek looking. This particular trailer in the Leopet range features a unique colour scheme of dark burnt Henna with a shade of complimentary khaki stone panel detail. It’s quite refreshing to see a bicycle pet trailer that doesn’t come in a primary colour.
Made with quality craftsmanship your dog will feel safe, snug and secure in this roomy bicycle pet trailer. Like all the trailers in the Leopet range, this model is also easy to assemble and there is no need for any tools, making this a very mobile dog trailer for when you are on the move. It’s just perfect for storing in the boot of a car and then putting together on the spot for when you want to cycle.
The two tone durable weatherproof covering makes this the perfect bicycle pet trailer for any season and any time of the year. The tough water resistant nylon fabric will protect and keep your dog warm and dry while you cycle in the wet weather! The protective trailer covering will also protect your dog from the heat of the sun and it’s harmful UV rays in the height of summer. With this sun and heat protection in place it will allow you to spend more quality time with your dog, rather than leaving them at home when the weather is far too hot and sunny for them to go out.
You will also notice that the Leopet Burnt Henna Bicycle Pet Trailer also features dark mesh window panels on all four sides of the trailer. These trailer windows not only give your dog some privacy when out on the road but they will also generate air flow inside the trailer which will not only ventilate the interior but also help keep your dog cool when the weather is warm. The mesh windows also have the added bonus of keeping insects and other annoying bugs and debris from getting inside the trailer.
The Leopet Burnt Henna Pet Trailer also features large 16 inch wheels with pneumatic tyres. These wheels have been designed with a quick-release mechanism making it easier for you to dismantle and assemble the trailer easily and quickly. Taking the wheels off the trailer in this way allows for handy storage. Because the trailer can fold flat you can store it away in a closet, cupboard, boot of the car and even under the bed!
The design of the Leopet Burnt Henna Pet Trailer also includes a trailer coupling which keeps the pet trailer upright if the cycle should ever fall over, making it safer for your pet. There are also foldable towing bar and sides also making storage a breeze.
Other safety features include reflectors which are distributed all over the trailer making it easily seen in low light conditions, especially in winter or at dusk. There is also a triangular warning flag included which will also inform other road users that you have a dog on board.
The large roomy interior has a weight capacity of 35kg making it a perfect trailer for a small, medium or large dog that meets the weight limit. It is also perfect for more than one dog, as long as their combined weight does not exceed the weight limit. The dimensions of the inside of the trailer are 73cm in length, 58cm width and a height of 55cm.
This model of pet trailer also features two low entry points for your dog. One is situated at the front of the trailer and the other one is at the rear. Both entry panels are secured with a tough weatherproof zip which will keep your dog safely contained inside. There is also a wet weather protection cover flap that can be pulled over the top and front part of the trailer, ideal for trips in the rain.
The Leopet Burnt Henna Pet Bicycle Trailer is ideal for transporting your dog on trips, vacations and visits to the vet. You can now zip through the traffic with your dog in their trailer instead of taking the car which can be time consuming and expensive. It’s also healthier for you and the environment!
Whether it be age or sickness limiting your pets mobility or you just wish to spend more quality time outdoors with your dog, then this dog trailer from Leopet is definitely the right choice for you.
There are also the Leopet FAH18 Postman Dog Bike Trailer and the Leopet FAH18 Red Fusion Dog Bike Trailer available in this range.
The Leopet Burnt Henna Bicycle Dog Trailer – at a glance
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Easy and quick to assemble without tools
  • Durable and rain-resistant covering
  • Surround mesh screen keeps your pet safe and provides plenty of air flow
  • 16″ pneumatic tires with quick-release
  • Reinforced base, anti-skid and moisture repellent
  • Includes trailer coupling
  • Foldable towing bar and sides
  • Wheels are easy to take off needing minimum storage space
  • Rear light, reflectors on the front and back, as well as on the tyre spokes
Technical Information
  • Inner Dimensions: approx 73cm L x 58cm W x55cm H
  • Outer Dimensions: approx 76cm L x73cm W x 75cm H
  • Length with Towing Bar: approx 144cm
  • Height with Pennant: approx 143cm
  • Maximum Allowable Load: 35kg
  • Weight of trailer: approx 11.6kg
Contents Include
  • 1 x Dog Bike Trailer (FAH18) (some assembly required)
  • 1 x Pennant
  • 1 x Towing Bar
  • 1 x Multi-Lingual Assembly Instructions
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