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Dog Mobility Ramps for the home and car

Dog Mobility Ramps for the home, garden or car

A dog ramp can give your pet a new lease of life and some independance.

Perfect for small breeds, puppies, injured or senior dogs
who need help with their mobility.

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Did you know that you can now buy mobility ramps (and mobility steps) for your dog? Just like humans, some dogs when they age and get older begin to suffer from leg, joint and hip problems. Simple things like climbing up the garden steps, walking over the doorstep or just getting into the back of the car can be quite painful. Even for dogs that have just had surgery a mobility dog ramp can be just the thing they need.
If you happen to use a dog stroller outdoors for your pet because of their mobility issues then a dog ramp will also help them get into the family car and out and about in your home and garden.
Dog ramps for the car and home have been designed to either free stand, extend or fold. Extendable and foldable dog ramps are great for easy storage and can be even taken with you on car journeys so your dog can get in and out of the car with no problems at all. They can also be stored at home in a storage cupboard or even under the bed if you are short on space.
Some small breeds of dog may need the use of a ramp on a daily basis. Their little legs are just not powerful enough for them to leap up or jump down. Even puppies benefit from these ramp mobility solutions for dogs. Their joints are still growing and not so strong and by using a ramp will cause less impact on their vulnerable joints when jumping up.
And it’s not just about jumping up. Jumping down from a height also has a big impact on your dog or cat’s legs, hips and joints, especially if they are not as sprightly as they used to be. Jumping down from a small garden wall, a chair or from the back of the car can be quite a painful activity for the less mobile cat or dog.
Just like dog strollers, pet mobility ramps are a great way to ease the way of life of your dog or cat. Without them your pet would simply give up trying to jump up and be with you, causing them to spend the majority of the time on the floor separated from their loving owners. Dogs hate to be immobile and giving them mobility aids will give them a new sense of purpose and allow them to be as active as they possibly can.
There are not only dog ramps designed for the home and for use near the car but there are also dog ramps soley for use in the water. Many dogs like to swim and play in the pool, river and sea. Not all dogs are great swimmers so when a dog has had enough swimming they are bound to be tired and exhausted. A water ramp for the pool or the side of your boat will allow them to get out of the water quickly.
Water ramps for dogs are specifically designed to be white. This is beacuse all living creatures can see the colour white and your dog will be able to make out the ramp in the open water as they are swimming. These ramps are light weight and float on the water surface. They help your dog get in and out of the water easily and safely.
If you plan to take your dog swimming in a pool, river or the sea then they should be fitted with a dog life jacket to ensure their safety. Not all dogs are great swimmers, and even the adequate swimmers can still get into difficulty. Dog floatation jackets are ideal for any size of dog and are designed to be brightly coloured so they can be spotted if your dog should drift out to sea. Read our useful article ‘Life Jackets for Dogs. Dog safety in the water’ for more information on dog water safety.
In addition to mobility ramps there are also dog steps or stairs which are also great for your dog to climb to hard to reach places. These come in various sizes and colours, are poertable and easy to clean. Check out our page ‘Dog Mobility Steps or Stairs for the home and car’ for more advice.
But before you purchase a mobility ramp for your dog or cat, there are some factors to consider to ensure that the ramp fulfills your needs and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do!
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