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Dog lifting harnesses

Using a dog lifting harness is safe for your dog and safe for you

A dog lifting harness can help you lift a senior, large, disabled or convalescing dog.

With a lifting harness you can also take some of their weight and help them with their walking, exercising and mobility.

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If you use a dog stroller or bicycle dog trailer then you are already helping to improve your dogs mobility. Getting your dog outdoors and taking them on trips is extremely important for their health and well being. They may have issues with their mobility but there is nothing wrong with their mind. Dogs that cannot walk far or have trouble walking still need to experience new things and venture outdoors. Dogs are inquisitive, social animals who like to explore new surroundings, sights and smells.
If you do have a dog that needs help with their mobility there are lots of options out there. Dog strollers are one of them. But if you have trouble getting your dog into a stroller or in the back of your car then perhaps a dog lifting harness is the solution you are looking for.
a dog lifting harness can be used to place your dog into a car
Dog lifting harnesses are perfect for lifting old, injured, convalescing, disabled and invalid dogs. Not only are they a safe and convenient way of lifting your dog, they provide a new lease of life for your dog and improve their mobility.
Using a dog lifting harness is a safe and ideal way to lift larger or older dogs from elevated spaces. They are also a more compact, mobile and lighter alternative to using a large foldable dog ramp. Some dog ramps are of a large size and take up quite a lot car boot space, so a handy pet lifting harness is a much better solution.
Many large, overweight or geriatric dogs find getting into cars a problem due to their size and state of health. The lifting harnesses for dogs are a great way to get your dog in and out of a car quickly and safely. It’s also safer for you and your dog to carry them out this way rather than picking them up with your own arms.
Some dogs when they suffer from old age, leg, disabilities, joint or hip problems can be confined to the home and garden indefinitely, never to step beyond the front door again (unless they are taken to the vets). Some dogs are lucky enough to be taken out in a dog stroller which offers them a new lease of life. Using a dog stroller can provide your dog with some new experiences, they can travel to places to experience sights, sounds and smells and to also socialise with people and fellow dogs.
Dog strollers are designed for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Larger dogs tend to use a step in stroller which have low entry points so they don’t have much impact on their legs and joints. Once inside the pet stroller they can sit, sleep or relax and even get out and walk or exercise if the situated arises. Smaller dogs, on the other hand, have to be picked up to be placed into strollers which are designed more like infant buggies. Picking up a small convalescing or disabled dog may need some careful handling on your part to avoid any harm to the dog’s problematic areas. Here is where lifting harnesses can help.
How a dog lifting harness can help you and your pet with their mobility
  • Gives full, even body support when lifting your dog
  • Harnesses are easy to fit and easy to use
  • Harnesses are perfect way to lift your dog in and out of the car
  • Harnesses are hard wearing, very functional and value for money
  • Can be used to lift your dog onto a high vet table
  • Handy way of lifting your dog onto a sofa, bed or raised surface
  • Perfect for dealing with unexpected flights of steps when out with your dog
  • By lifting the harness it can help take weight of a dog’s legs or hips
  • Very handy in an emergency and you need to lift your dog
  • Harnesses are lightweight and accessible and can be carried with you
  • Harnesses work in collaboration with a dog stroller or bicycle pet trailer to aid mobility
  • Using a harness is an easy and safe way to lift a dog in and out of their stroller or bike trailer
  • Harnesses can be used when treating your dog with hydrotherapy, you can control and carry them along in the water
  • Fit and healthy dogs can wear an adventure harness so they can accompany you on treks, hikes and other outdoor pursuits

What sort of harnesses are there?

There are a number of dog lifting harnesses on the market and they all have different purposes. There are full body harnesses and there are also front body harnesses and rear body harnesses. The design of these harnesses give your dog full support across the underneath of their body which is far more safer than carrying your dog in your arms.

Lifting harnesses

a dog lifting harness can be used to place your dog into a car
Lifting harnesses are perfect for general lifting and carrying of your dog on and off (or in and out) of elevated spaces like vet’s tables, car boots and taking them up and down steps or stairs. They make lifting your dog much easier for you, and also prevents strain on your dog’s front and back legs and their hips.
Lifting harnesses are designed to take the weight and support the majority of your dogs body. The ultra strength harness panel distributes the weight evenly, something you would be unable to do if using your arms to carry them.
Lifting harnesses tend to be a ‘Up and Out’ harnesses, which do not get fitted to your dogs body like a dog coat, but rather acts like a sling with handles. When the dog is placed in the car, the harness is removed, whereas other fitted harnesses can be fitted to your dog and they wear it throughout the trip.
Lifting harnesses can be used for disabled dogs, or dogs that just need a little help with their mobility. You can take some of their weight but still allow them to do some of the walking and exercising if the are up to it.

Multifunctional harnesses

a multifunction dog lifting harness can be used on the dogs front, rear or whole body
A multifunctional harness is the type of harness which can be used in many ways. It can be used for just the front part of your dogs body, or the rear and even for the whole body. The front and rear sections which can be used independently or in combination for maximum lifting assistance. They are perfect for dogs with limited mobility. Some types of multifunctional harnesses can be detached from either the front or rear section giving you the functionality of a front or rear harness when it suits you.
Front and rear harnesses can be used to lift your dog and take some of the weight off their front or rear body which will help them with their mobility and walking. By taking some of the weight it can reduce the pressure on their problematic joints and help them walk and exercise better.
Multifuctional harnesses can be worn full time if your dog needs a great deal of assistance. They can also be used occasionally to lift your dog in and out of cars easily and efficiently, which is a very safe way for you to lift your dog. Multifunctional harnesses are also very comfortable and safe for your dog.

Front body harnesses

a front dog lifting harness can help take some of the weight off your dog's front legs
Front body harnesses are used for when your dog need support to the front part of their body. They may have trouble using their front legs or may suffer from joint problems. They can be used to help them climb up stairs or steps. They are still able to use their rear legs and
Front body harnesses also enable the handler to take much of the weight off the front legs whilst allowing the back legs to function normally. This still allows the dog to continue to do walks and exercise which can also aid and improve a dog’s circulation and help them to rehabilitate during a convalescent period.

Rear body harnesses

a rear dog lifting harness can help your dog with their mobility, walking and exercise
A dog rear harness is useful when the dog has weak back legs and needs some support on standing or walking or being lifted. If your dog is disabled or suffers from severe leg, hip or joint pain then you can ease the weight that they would normally put onto their back legs by lifting the harness. The design of a rear harness will lift the dogs from both the hips and abdomen, resulting in less stress on these vulnerable parts of the body.
Rear body harnesses will enable the handler to take much of the weight off the hind legs whilst allowing the front legs to function normally. Thus allowing the dog to still be able to exercise which can also aid and improve a dog’s circulation during a convalescent period.
Some designs of rear body harnesses fit around your dogs back body while others are more of a looser fit. The fitted rear harnesses tend to be used as a fitted harness which the dog can keep on while walking or in transit. With a looser fit rear body harness, you simply lay the harness flat on the floor for your dog to step into, then you just lift the harness up and adjust the handles to suit. You then lift an place the dog in the require place then remove the harness until you need to lift them down.

Hiking harnesses for outdoor pursuits

adventure dog lifting harnesses can be used on fit and healthy dogs
There are even some harnesses that are used on fit and healthy dogs. Dog harnesses like these are used as an alternative to a collar and lead and allow your dog to take part in your outdoor activities. Your dog can now join you on hiking trips and cycling trips (if you use a bicycle dog trailer). You can lift, carry and walk your dog depending on the activity and terrain, allowing you to take control of your dog easily and readily.
These type of outdoor harnesses can be expensive and this is because they are designed and made with many safety features which can include: strength rated, anodized aluminium lace-back buckles, padded belly support, adjustable frames, and leg loops for steady weight dispersion.
You can also use a supportive multi-use harness like this for rehabilitation and mobility assistance for senior, convalescing and disabled dogs.

Slings and hoists

a therapy dog lifting harness
For severely disabled dogs with serious mobility isses a sling and winch may be needed, especially if they are large in size. Slings can be used to lift a dog in and out of water to provide them with safe, comfortable support while they are being treated for hydrotherapy treatment.
Hydrotherapy treatment may consist of light swimming and gentle exercise which help to keep your dogs limbs active. The harness is a great way to hold and control your dog during their exercise or therapy.
Full body dog slings can also be used not only for therapy and walking but they can also help you to lift a dog in and out of a car safely and conveniently.
dog lifting harness and hoist for the car
Another easy way to lift your dog in and out of a car is by using a hoist. Hoists can be fitted inside the back of your car and are great for lifting old or disabled dogs in and out of your vehicle. They are perfect solution if you are unable to physically lift your dog using just the harness.
Hoists are also ideal if you have a large breed of dog who are too heavy to lift using a harness. Mechanical hoists are a more lighter alternative to a folding dog ramp and your dog can be lifted with ease and speed and very little physical work from you.
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