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Make your dog feel like a million dollars with these dog bling sparkling, glamourous and glitzy collars and charms

If your dog looks the business while travelling along in their dog stroller then why not give them even more glamour by fitting them with a luxurious looking collar? Whether it be diamante, rhinestone, glitter, gold or faux animal print a fashionable dog collar will give your dog that extra touch and sparkle when walking along or being strolled in their pet stroller.
We all like to pamper our dogs with the good things in life. Toys, beds and treats are great gifts but a special dog collar can be a special token that will last a lifetime. A stunning looking collar and charm can transform your dog into a posh pooch instantly. Let your dog become a fashionista when it comes to canine couture.
You will be surprised to learn that you can buy a great bling looking collar for only a few pounds. There are also more expensive and luxurious collars which can be just worn on special occasions. Whatever your budget you can make your dog look a million dollars with a collar that sparkles, glitters and shimmers.
Bling collars come in a whole range of colours, widths and styles and you can also add extra glamour by simply adding sparkly collar charm for those special occaisions.
Many dogs just have the ‘one collar’ but your dog can have a whole range of styles and designs. We have put together some great choices that start from a few pounds to some that are more designer and have a price tag to match. Glitzy bling collars also make fantastic gifts for dog loving friends.
We recently advised a customer who was looking for a sparkly collar for their beloved pooch who was accompanying them to their wedding. It will be no surprise to learn that the glamour-pooch in question stole the show on the day!
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