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Innopet 3 Wheel All Terrain Dog or Puppy Stroller

The three wheel all terrain dog or puppy stroller.
This model comes in silver and grey.
And also in a black and red combination.

Innopet all terrain dog stroller in black and silver
If you are looking for a modern, sleek and very stylish dog or puppy stroller, then the Innopet All Terrain pet buggy is the answer. The title says it all! This great dog stroller can handle any terrain and in any kind of weather.
The three wheel design will offer you great manoeuvrability when you need it the most. The front swivel pivot wheel will help you mount kerbs and turn corners very easily, still giving your pooch a comfortable bump free ride.
This Innopet buggy has large 8 inch wheels, much bigger than some standard pet strollers and will give your stroller a better balance. The rear wheels have individual brakes for more safety and security.
The front wheel also has shock absorption which would make this a great jogging stroller in addition to a day to day walking buggy. You can not only take your dog out on day trips but you can also take them on a morning jog.
The covering on this pet stroller is not only extremely stylish but it also offers your pet great weather protection. It will keep your dog dry and warm in the cold wet weather and also protect them from the harshness of the sun in the summer. The protective canopy and covering will also keep them cooler in the heat of the summer so they can still take trips with you instead of being left at home.
The covering on this Innopet all terrain dog stroller also features reflective strips, which will offer better visibility when being used in low light conditions. There is also a handy storage compartment situated beneath the stroller pod, which can be used to store all your dog’s essentials.
  • Innopet all terrain dog stroller large storage basket
  • Innopet all terrain dog stroller large compartment
  • Innopet all terrain dog stroller in black and red
  • Innopet all terrain dog stroller in black and silver
  • Innopet all terrain dog stroller pet step and front pivot swivel wheels
  • Innopet all terrain dog stroller large mesh window panels
The stroller compartment also includes a padded interior which provides even more comfort for your pet. The stroller also includes large mesh panels which allow your dog to see out from inside the pram. The mesh is strong and durable yet still providing your dog with a clear view of your surroundings. The mesh also acts as a bug guard too, preventing your dog becoming irritated by flying insects.
Near the push handle is a storage tray for your own accessories. There is a cup holder and compartment for your keys or mobile phone. This and the lower storage basket will enable you to stroll along with your dog ‘bag free’ if you wish, which puts less strain on your own posture. Innopet think of the dog owner too!
Also look out for the great little ‘pet step’, situated just above the front swivel wheel. This is a great little addition which helps your small dog get into the stroller of their own accord. This little step up also helps them get out of the stroller, which puts less strain on their limbs when they jump out. It’s ideal for dogs who suffer from leg and joint problems.
There are two models available in this all terrain range. The first is a neutral, yet stylish black and silver design which looks very modern and contemporary. It looks good in all weathers and is extremely easy to clean.
The second colour combo is the black and red scheme. This model is mainly black but has a great complimentary red trim design, again looking very modern and sophisticated.
The weight capacity for this dog stroller is 12.5kg. So it’s perfect for a small or medium dog and ideal for puppies.
So if you are looking for a good quality, durable all terrain dog stroller then this is the model for you. It will provide you with excellent dog or puppy transportation all year round!
The Innopet All Terrain Dog Jogger Stroller at a glance
  • Great stroller or jogger
  • Perfect for small, medium dogs
  • Ideal for Puppies
  • Gross weight 6.5kg
  • Max. loading 12.5kg
  • Carrier size 64 x 37 x 59cm
  • Inner carrier size 63 x 36cm
  • Handle height 97cm
  • Measurements when folded: 80 x 50 x 33cm
  • 8 Inch EFA wheels
  • Front wheel has a shock absorption
  • Reflection on fabric for more visibility
  • Mesh panels provide good ventilation
  • Your dog has a clear view from inside the carrier
  • Removable cup holder
  • Basket for storage under the carrier
  • Available in black/silver and red/black
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