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What should I look for when buying a bicycle dog basket or carrier?

Bicycle Pet Baskets and Carriers for small dogs

What do you do if a bike trailer is too big for your small dog?

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Bicycle dog trailers have been around for quite a while now, and they are becoming more and more popular as dog owners want to get themselves and their dogs outdoors. It will not only save you money on fuel costs but it will get you fit in the process. Using a pet basket on your bike will also enable you to spend more quality time with your pet instead of leaving them alone indoors.
But what if your dog is too small to be placed in a medium or large sized bicycle trailer? Well there are some small trailers available for smaller dogs, but if you ae looking for a better solution then perhaps a bicycle basket or carrier is a better alternative.

What is a bicycle dog basket or carrier?

A bicycle pet basket or carrier is a way of taking your dog with when you go cycling. They are much smaller than a bike trailer and are able to be fitted to either the front of your bike or attached at the rear. They are most suited to small breeds of dog and these carriers are a great way of keeping an eye on them as you pedal along.

Are bicycle dog baskets and carriers safe?

All bike pet carriers and baskets are built and manufactured to be safe for your dog. When using a basket or carrier for your dog, it is essential that you purchase one that is specifically designed for pet use. Under no circumstances should you adapt a standard bike basket (one used for just shopping) into a pet carrier. Pet baskets and carriers are specifically designed with extra strength and features that will keep your dog safe when you are out cycling.
Some of these features will include extra strong fittings, protective canopies and even internal safety leash clips. You must also make sure that your bicycle is in great condition and always check that the wheels, fittings and brakes are all working correctly.

Will I have to train my dog to ride in a bike pet basket or carrier?

It is essential that you and your dog get well aquainted with the pet basket or carrier before heading out on the road. Some initial training will be required so that your pet becomes familiar with the basket and therefore remain calm when you are cycling with them.
At first it will be strange to your dog for them to travel in this way, but with some training, reassurance and a few treats your dog will soon get used to their basket. Be patient when training them and don’t cycle with them until you are 100% certain that it will be safe for them and you. Read our article Tips for training your dog to ride in a bike basket or cycle carrier for some more helpful information.

What should I look for when buying a bicycle dog basket or carrier?

With any form of dog transportation, you will have to look into what features you and your dog will require. Doing this will ensure that you will end up with the safest bike basket or carrier for you and your dog.
Not only will you have to take your own bicycle into account, but you will also have to assess the weight and size of your dog too. Below is a list of factors and features to look out for when choosing the right bicycle dog carrier or basket for you and your pet.
Below is a list of recommended bicycle pet baskets and carriers. You will see that we have compiled a list of different baskets and carriers. Some are made from wicker and others are constructed from either weatherproof nylon fabrics or durable plastics. Some have zippered covers and some offer a mesh wire protection cover.
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