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Tips on how to train your dog to ride in a bike basket or cycle carrier

Bicycle Pet Baskets and Carriers for small dogs

Here are some great tips to help you train your dog
to ride in a bike basket or cycle carrier

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Many owners of small dogs are really tempted to take them along on cycle trips, but are nervous or worried about putting them in a bike basket or carrier. Well you will be pleased to learn that there are some baskets and carriers specifically designed for pet use. These can be securely attached to either the front or rear of your bicycle. These are great for small dogs and are much more convenient than using a large bicycle trailer, which can be pretty daunting to a very small dog.
If you are looking to cycle with your small dog and are looking for a bike basket or carrier, you will also have to do some basic training with your pooch before you hit the road. With all dog strollers, bike trailer and pet carriers, it’s wise to slowly train your dog in using them so they eventually get acclimatised to being in one. The last thing you need is a restless, anxious and nervous dog in a bike basket, when you are trying to concentrate on the road!
Always remember that being in a bike pet basket or carrier should be an enjoyable experience for your dog, and they should look forward to it, rather than dread it.
Here are some helpful tips on training your small dog to ride in a bike basket or carrier. Following these handy guide should help your dog become used to cycling with and they will keep your canine best friend safe and happy. Here’s to many happy outings together…oh and don’t forget to bring your little buddy some treats and a bowl of water for the outing or picnic!
Below is a list of recommended bicycle pet baskets and carriers. You will see that we have compiled a list of different baskets and carriers. Some are made from wicker and others are constructed from either weatherproof nylon fabrics or durable plastics. Some have zippered covers and some offer a mesh wire protection cover.
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