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Doggyhut Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller – Medium

Price: £119.90
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A multifunctional bicycle pet trailer, jogging or walking stroller.

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Doggyhut Jogging Stroller and Bicycle Trailer
This is the MEDIUM sized Doggyhut model which has the trailer dimensions of 68cm x 43.5cm x 50cm.
Here is a great multifunctional dog stroller for any dog lover and fitness enthusiast. If your dog is too young for long jogs or cycle rides or they are aged and struggling to keep up with your speed, then the Doggyhut Bicycle Trailer is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle with your pet.
If you like bike rides and want your dog to accompany you, then the Doggyhut Jogging Stroller can convert into a cycle trailer in a matter of minutes. If you happen to cycle to a desired jogging path then this stroller is ideal. You can cycle to your destination, convert the trailer back to a jogging stroller and away you go.
So how can you conert this jogger cum cycle trailer so easily? The Doggyhut trailer comes with an easy to install Jogger Kit. This jogging kit comprises of a stroller handle and a 12 inch front wheel and it’s attachment. This jogging kit can be attached and detached in a matter of minutes for easy conversion.
The stroller itself is made from a power coated steel frame and is covered with a water resistant 600 denier polyester covering. Your dog can enter either through the front zippered mesh opening or the rear meshed door. The mesh windows help keep the stroller ventilated and breathable for your dog, not to mention keeping out pesky flying bugs when out on a ride or run. There is also a clear vinyl layer on the front opening to block out wind and wet weather. This can be easily rolled up to reveal the mesh window for nice sunny days.
The stroller has 20 inch diameter pneumatic tyres and a universal bike hitch to rear axle fitting which attaches to your bike. Inside the stroller there is an anti slip leather floor board for your dog’s comfort. This a is a great stroller for all weathers whether it’s raining or sunny. Even if the weather changes your dog can be protected from the elements with the great adjustable design features of the Doggyhut.
The Doggyhut Medium sized stroller comes in a range of three colours. RED, BLUE and ORANGE. The red and orange models are very vibrant and can be seen from a distance. The blue model is a bit more conservative coloured but all three are exceptionally designed and roadworthy.
RED Doggyhut MEDIUM Bicycle Trailer Jogging Stroller on Amazon UK
BLUE Doggyhut MEDIUM Bicycle Trailer Jogging Stroller on Amazon UK
ORANGE Doggyhut MEDIUM Bicycle Trailer Jogging Stroller on Amazon UK
There is a safety leash attachment inside the stroller which can be fixed to your dogs collar. This enables your dog to be secure inside the stroller, so you don’t have to worry about them as you are cycling or jogging along. Reflectors are fitted on all four sides of the stroller for extra safety and can be seen by other motorists in low light or night time conditions. There is also a safety flag for enhanced visibility, that way everyone will know that you have a trailer attached and a dog on board.
This is a great multifunctional stroller as it converts easily and folds away without the use of any tools. It can be stored eassily at home or in the boot of a car, if you happen to be travelling with your cycle on the roof rack. The dimensions inside trailer are 68cm x 43.5cm x 50cm. The dimensions of the stroller folded up are 68cm x 22cm x 52cm. This stroller/trailer is perfect for any small or medium dog of a weight of up to 40 kg.
There is now no need to leave your dog behind on any cycling trip or jogging adventure. No matter what their age they can enjoy these sporting activities with you. The Doggyhut is also a perfect ‘day to day’ stroller if you are feeling less active and just wish to take a leisurely walk to the park or the shops. It’s a great multifunctional and versatile stroller for you and your dog.

Other Customer Reviews

I am so into multi-functional things that can help save you mone. This is a great way of getting your dog about on foot and on the road with your bike. Very weatherprrof too, as we found out this summer with all the rain we had. Very strong and durable stroller.
Ryan, Dog Owner
I am a keen cyclist and was amazed that you could get something for dogs to be attached to your bike. I took the plunge and bought one. My dog was a bit catious at first, but soon got used to it.
Karen V, Customer
Got the Doggyhut in Orange! Really stands out on the road, love the little flag. Done many miles so far. Changing it into the push stroller is easy as it comes with the handle and the front wheel.
Ms D Fennell, Dog Owner
The 2 in 1 functions of jogger and cycle trailer was what inspired me to get this. There was also a big discount on line which helped too! I cycle with my dog and my partner likes to do the walking strolling with it. so best of both worlds.
Razz, Dog Owner
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