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SKIIDDII 2 in 1 Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogger Stroller


A perfect 2 in 1 Bicycle Trailer and Jogger Stroller.

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SKIIDDII 2 in 1 Dog and Pet Bicycle Trailer and Jogger Stroller
The SKIIDDII is yet another strong, durable2 in 1 dog stroller for the most active pet owner. One minute you can be cycling along with your canine best friend and the next you can be jogging along on a morning run.
This easy to convert jogger and trailer is made with a high quality rust resistant steel tubular frame. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled in under a minute without the use of any tools. It has a universal hitch attachment which fits any bicycle. It’s folds easily to store both at home or in the boot of your car.
It’s covered using a water repellent, hard wearing easy care covering which will keep your dog warm and dry in the wet winter months, yet cool in the hot summer months. Your pooch can enter either through the front or rear mesh covered zippered openings. The front mesh opening also has a clear vinyl roll down covering to keep the rain and wind out. This can be rolled up in the nice weather for better ventilation.
This stroller can easily be converted from stroller to trailer by removing the front wheel attachment and also the push handle. The unique design of the SKIIDDII is that it comes with a ‘rotary safety coupler’ which means the trailer will remain standing if the cycle should tip over. That way you can always be sure your dog will not be hurt if that should ever happen.
The wheels are large pneumatic and will ensure that your dog has a pleasant bump free ride if you are either cycling, jogging or walking. There are reflectors fitted on the front and the back for low light or night time conditions.
The inside of the stroller has a reinforced base for heavier dogs and has a moisture rejecting and non slip covering. There is also a secure leash attachment so your dog can be secured safely inside.
The maximum load for this particular model is 30 kilos. The internal dimensions of the trailer is 68cm x 43.5 x 51cm which gives any small to medium dog plenty of room to relax in.
This is the perfect stroller for any cycling enthusiast or daily jogger. Not only can you keep fit but you can take your dog with you, always knowing that they are safe and secure as you go about your daily routine. The SKIIDDI is also an ideal day to day stroller, it’s durable, strong and multi-functional when you need it to be.

Other Customer Reviews

The Skiiddii Dog Trailer is a great way to take your dog with you on cycle journeys. As a family we hit the roads on the school holidays, and now we can take the dog with us. he has a good run and stretches his legs when we arrive.
B Jackson, Dog Owner
Thought that the rotary safety mechanism was a great addition to this stroller. It gives me peace of mind that if my cycle falls over, the trailer stays upright and keeps my dog safe.
Ryan, Customer
One of the best 2in1 strollers/joggers for dogs on the market. Great durable trailer, good strong wheels. Very good in wet weather, keeps Samson dry. Fits to the bike easily.
Cycle Girl, Dog Owner
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