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Trixie Bicycle Dog Trailer – Small


The Trixie Bicycle Trailer SMALL model.
38 x 37 x 58 cm.
Perfect for smaller dogs up to 20 kilos.

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Trixie Bicycle Dog Trailer - small model
Only a few years ago, it would seem pretty insane to take your little dog out on the road on your bicycle, popping them in a front basket as you peddled along. But now you can take your best friend where ever you go with the Trixie Bicycle Trailer. It’s safe, secure and extremely weatherproof, which means your dog can accompany you whatever the weather.
The Trixie Bicycle Dog Trailer is just perfect for small dogs. This particular model is designed for small or medium sized dogs of a maximum weight of 20 kilos. The trailer itself is made from a solid metal frame with a hard wearing, water repellent covering. It comes with a universal cycle hitch which attaches your cycle to the trailer. The trailer can also be folded up for easy strorage or can be fitted in the boot of a car.
Like all good pet strollers The Trixie Trailer is fitted with strong mesh windows that will keep your little dog cool and well ventilated in the summer. The mesh is also a perfect way to keep buzzing bugs and insects out, which would be a discomfort and distraction to your dog. There is a front and rear entrance for your dog to enter the comfortable trailer.
Inside the trailer is a removable padded base for your dog to get comfy on. Extra bedding can be added inside when the weather turns a bit colder. The base inlay is washable by hand incase of any little accidents.
There is extra protection on the front door to the trailer, incase of very bad weather or water coming off your bicycle. The dog will keep extra protected from rain and windy weather. The front opening can also roll up when the weather is fine and your dog is confident enough to sit in the trailer with an open window. Don’t worry about your dog jumping out of the trailer, as there is a safety lesh attachment inside the trailer which clips onto your dogs collar.
There are reflectors attached and fitted to the trailer and the large pneumatic wheels. Not only that but the design includes reflecctive strips on the covering. These are perfect for night time and low light conditions. The bright red covering also acts as it’s very own beacon, so all motorists will know that you have a trailer attached to your bike.
The trailer dimensions are 38cm height x 37cm width x 58 cm length. This is perfect for small breeds of dog, and some users have even placed two dogs inside and ther has still been plenty of room. This trailer is perfect for any family cycling holidays as now your little dog can come too!
The Trixie Bicycle Trailer comes in three various sized models. They come in SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.
MEDIUM Trixie Bicycle Dog Trailer on Amazon UK
LARGE Trixie Bicycle Dog Trailer on Amazon UK

Other Customer Reviews

This is a great cycle trailer for my small dog. He eventually got used to going inside. He loves snuggling in his blanket as we cycle along. He’s happy to stay in there for long periods. It attaches to the bike easily. Great purchase at a great price.
Madeline, Dog Owner
This cute little trailer is the perfect size for my small Maltese, Ginny. It’s great for taking her her out on trips with my bike. I’m keeping fit and spending time with Ginny at the same time. Bonus!
Chu Chu, Dog Owner
A lightweight yet sturdy little bike trailer. There are no issues with this model. It’s easy to attach to a cycle and weatherproof too.
Mal H, Dog Owner
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