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Desert Palm Bicycle Dog Trailer


A quality crafted bicycle trailer for small
to medium sized dogs weighing up to 35 kilos.

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Desert Palm Bicycle Dog Trailer
The Desert Palm dog trailer can be assembled in moments without the use of tools, offering your dog the maximum amount of comfort with the minimum amount of work from you.And we all know, when dealing with a dog out and about on crowded streets and outdoors, we need to be able to control them and be responsible for them without any hassle.
Cycling and being outdoors with your pet has never been easier than with the Desert Palm bicycle trailer. Whether it be your dogs age, mobility or simply getting them out and about into the wide, fresh open countryside. then the Desert Palm trailer is the right choice for you.
The Desert Palm can be assembled and dissassembled easily, with out any fuss or need for tools. Even the 16 inch wheels have a quick release mechanism so they can also be taken off and stored away. Not many cycle dog trailers feature that function.
The quality crafted trailer frame is covered witrh a weather proof, water resistant covering that will keep your dog dry even on the wettest days. There are also plenty of mesh covered windows which will even keep your dog cool in the hot summer as air flow will ventilate throughout the trailer. They also keep your dog safe inside, especially when you are using it for the first time.
After your dog has got used to the trailer, you can roll up the front mesh window, so your pet can really feel the wind in his ears as you cycle along in the nice warm weather. They can remain safely and secure inside as there are safely leash straps, which will prevent them from jumping out on a whim. All these safety aspects can give you the total piece of mind as you concentrate on your cycle journey.
As this trailer is designed for the road, the Desert Palm has a reinforced base so your dog will be relaxing on a secure trailer floor. The trailer also comes with strong 16 inch pneumatic tyred wheels which will help your dog have a bump free ride. Even when you are travelling in low light conditions, the attached reflectors will alert any other motorists that you are connected to a trailer. They are fitted on the back of the trailer and even on the spokes of the wheels. The trailer even comes with a trailer flag, which can be seen by other road users.
The Desrt Palm trailer also comes with a trailer coulping and towing bar which will attach to any cycle. The space inside the trailer is very generous and is perfect for any small to medium sized dog of upto 35 kilos. The internal dimensions are 73 cm length, 58 cm width and 55cm height. Enough room to sit, curl and lounge about as you both go about on your journey.
The brown, grey and black colour design makes this a very smart trailer to escort your dog about in. Your dog will have a good time in it, and you will also enjoy being out with your best friend, rather than leaving them all alone at home. It’s a great way to get yourselves out and about, enabling you to keep your car at home and for you both to get some great exercise, and to enjoy the great outdoors. The Desert Palm is an ideal trailer for all year round. It’s worth every penny.

Other Customer Reviews

I was really surprised how cheap this trailer was. Before looking I was expecting to pay well over a hundred pounds. This was around £70 including delivery. Can now get out more on the bike, rather than the car and can take my dog with me.
Martin H, Dog Owner
Was going to buy a trailer that was going to cost over a hundred pounds but came across this model for only 60 pound. Apparently saving over 100 pound. It’s a brilliant model of trailer. It protects my dog from the wet weather, even though I get a good soaking! The quick release wheels and easy to fold design makes it great for storing away when not in use.
Bill K, Dog Owner
Value for money dog trailer that doesn’t dissapoint. It’s hard wearing and easy to fix to a bike. Assembles with out any tools so great if you want a quick building trailer. Would recommend this to any dog owner who wants to get on the road with their dog.
Trev, Dog Owner
I bought this model in the summer. We took the family out on numerous bike rides, and Maisie, out jack russell could finally join us. The Desert Palm is very easy to assemble and she got used to being inside it very quickly. It’s easy to ride with and even kept her dry during the odd rain spell (lucky her!)
The Dimmock Family, Dog Owner
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