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Travelling by ferry with your dog

helpful advice on travelling with your dog by Ferry
Taking your dog on holiday with you has so many benefits. You don’t have to worry about leaving them behind and them getting stressed as they have to settle with strangers or new surroundings. Dogs get very stressed when left at boarding kennels and the cost of that alone can be very expensive. Taking your dog on your family holiday enriches your family activities and also gives you some great memories.
But there are some aspects of the holiday that you will have to work out and consider well before you travel. You can’t just take your dog with you without doing your homework beforehand. Not only will you have to find dog friendly accommodation but you will have to get your dog checked out by a vet especially if you are travelling abroad.
Take a look at the video below, produced by Brittany Ferries, on travelling with your dog on board one of their ferries.
Then there is the travelling aspect of the trip. Is your dog up to travelling for hours in a car, train or ferry? Here are some helpful advice if you plan on travelling with your dog using a ferry company. These are the basic rules and regulations, but it’s best to contact your ferry company also to check out their Pet Travel Policy.
It’s always a good idea to check with the appropriate ferry company and see what their pet policy is. Not all companies operate in the same way. Some ferry companies will not allow pets in the passenger areas (with the exception of guide dogs), so your pet may have to placed in a carrier and placed within your car. Passengers may not even be able to check up on their cars or pets throughout the trip, so check all this out carefully before you travel.
If you are planning a very long ferry trip, your pet may not be allowed to be placed inside your car, but may have to travel within a container.
Always make sure that the ferry officials know that you have a pet inside a pet carrier inside your car. Listen to any instructions that they give you and follow them to the letter. And make sure that you have fulfilled all the legal requirements if your journey takes you out of the UK.
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