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How to train your dog to use a pet stroller, carrier or cycle trailer

How to train your dog to use a pet stroller, carrier or cycle trailer

Strollers are not just cute – they are functional!

Hardly any dog will simply take to a stroller straight away. Some may only need a short time to get comfortable riding in a dog stroller and some will need a little more time and patience.
First of all, does your dog need a stroller? Most healthy fit dogs will be fine walking on a leash by your side but there are some situations where your canine best friend needs a little help with their mobility. Like us humans, not all dogs are fit and in good shape. On any day out you will see so many healthy dogs running, walking and gadding about. You will most probably not see many infirm or disabled dogs because they will be secluded at home, their owners incapable of taking them out due to the dog’s mobility issues.

A dog stroller can help your dog with it’s mobility

Even in old age dog’s joints suffer and some even have hip replacements and leg operations that put a stop to all their running and even walking. When that happens to us we purchase scooters and wheelchairs. It can be possible to do the same for dogs. But pet strollers are not only just for the senior, injured and disabled dogs, some small breeds tire very easily when being walking around the city, especially on hot sunny days. There are small pups that need to be transported around town, or need to visit the vets. These vulnerable pups may need some protection from other boisterous dogs and from diseases, especially if they have to wait six months for their booster vaccinations.

A stroller can help protect your dog

Some dogs suffer from the heat in the summer. Bulldogs and Pugs can benefit from the shade of the stroller, otherwise they would have to spend the whole summer at home and indoors. Some dogs have even died due to the heat and by being left in a closed up car. This is when a stroller can help protect your dog and keep them safe when running on daily errands.

Dog strollers are becoming more and more popular

So you may start seeing more and more of these dog strollers on your travels and there may come a time when you may need to buy one for your little doggy friend. Many dog owners have praised the day they got theirs. It has also made a big impact on the dogs life. No longer do they have to stay at home all alone because they just can’t keep up with thier owners pace anymore. Many have a new lease of life on their new wheels, making more trips to the doggy park, the countryside and even the beach where they can run around at their own pace, having their fun and exercising at the same time.

Pet strollers, dog joggers and cycle trailers

Then there are the dog jogging strollers and cycle trailers, these are other ways to get you and your dog out an about. Some dogs may not be able to keep up with your jogging speed, so why not take them along in a jogging stroller. New mums use infant jogging strollers when they want to get back into shape, they just jog along with their baby tucked up safe inside. So why not jog with your dog? Most pet jogging strollers are lightweight, easy to push and very sturdy and strongly built. The wheels will have good suspension to cope with bumps in the road, so your little pooch won’t feel a thing.
Cycle dog trailers are also another way to spend more quality time with your dog. Cycle outings and day trips can now include your canine best friend which means they no longer have to stay at home. The avid cyclist can now spend the whole day exploring the countryside with their dog, with plenty of exploring on foot when they get there. All cycle trailers have a weatherproof covering so your dog is protected come rain or shine. They even have reflectors included into their design and signal flags to alert other road users that you have a dog on board. So dog strollers, dog joggers and cycle dog trailers are on the up and up and becoming more popular.

So how do you train your dog to use a pet stroller?

So if your dog does need a stroller to help them get around, or you want to start taking your dog out on cycling trips how do you get them acclimatised to the dog stroller or dog trailer? How do you get to the stage when they simply hop into the stroller without any fuss?

Give it time and some patience

getting about with a pet stroller
Try not to get frustrated if your dog does not adjust to the stroller as quickly as you would want. If you happen to get frustrated or angry about this process then your dog will only pick up and feel your anger and thus they will associate their pet stroller with negative emotions.
To make your dog love their pet stroller you should be very patient with your pet at all times during this training. Even when you talk to your dog about getting in and out of the pet stroller always use a happy and soft tone of voice. In time your dog will understand that the pet stroller is fun place to be after a couple trips.

Make sure your dog is secure.

keep your dog secure inside the stroller when you begin going outside
When you finally take your dog out in a stroller, make sure they are appropriately secured, to prevent them from jumping out of the stroller when the canopy is opened or incase it falls over. Most dog strollers have a leash clip inside the stroller compartment that links your dogs collar to a short leash that in turn attaches to the stroller clip. Try and buy a model that has this clip feature. You may have to buy the short leash separately, but they don’t cost very much. In either case, the leash should be secured to a back-clip harness to prevent it from choking the dog if it gets caught on something. If your dog is likely to jump out of the stroller, opt for one with a secure covering, that will hold them in.
Also do not load the handles up with lots of shopping bags. Use the storage compartment underneath. This will keep the stroller upright, heavy bags hanging over the push handles will only tip over the stroller.
In time your dog may become so used to travelling in the stroller that you can push back the canopy and let them get some sun on their whiskers. It’s still a good idea to keep them securely fastened to the stroller. No matter how much you think you know your dog, they can still be unpredictable, especially if they think they are protecting you from other threats. All good strollers and trailers will have mesh windows to keep your dog well ventilated in the summer. The protective covering also protect them form the rain and cold weather.
keep your dog secure in the trailer when out on the road
If using a cycle trailer to house your dog, it’s a good idea to keep your dog securely fastened inside the trailer at all times. Check the attachment fitting that joins your cycle to the trailer everytime, especially before you start a new journey. Attach your dogs collar to the safety leash clip inside. And check that all the wheels are securely attached and in good working order, not to mention your own cycle.
And keep the trailer covering closed especially when you are travelling at speed on the roads. That way you can keep your mind on the road and not be distracted by whether your dog is going to jump out or not. The covering will also protect your dog from bits of road debris that may annoy them or fly into their face and eyes.
In time when your dog is more settled and comfortable inside the trailer and especially when you are cycling more slowly, you can unzip the trailer front mesh panel, so your dog can feel the fresh air and the wind beneath their ears.
Here’s to many hours of happy travelling with your dog!
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