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Healthy human food snack treats which are safe and good for your dog

Healthy human food snack treats which are safe and good for your dog

Healthy dog treats that you can prepare at home and save you money!

store bought dog treats can hide large amounts of calories
Treats for your dog are a very important part of their diet and routine. They are an excellent way to motivate and reward your dog during training. There are many good, healthy (and not so healthy) dog treats on the market with all types of exciting meaty flavours to give your dog a taste sensation! But some are very expensive and can contain too many calories. Many dog treat manufacturers give you nutritional information about what vitamins and minerals they contain, but they tend NOT to put calorie information the packets, so you have no idea how many calories you are actually feeding your dog!
So how about giving your dog a home made treat that is small, healthy and won’t ruin their appetite? Make sure that all treats are part of their daily food allowance and calorie intake. Keep them to a minimum and keep them healthy. Give them treats sparingly, remember, treats are only given rarely as a reward, otherwise they stop being ‘treats’ and just become expected snacks. Too many treats or snacks in addition to their daily allowance of dog food will only make them gain weight, so give treats in moderation and include them into your dog’s overall daily allowance.
Here are a few treat ideas that are easy to prepare, healthy, low in calories and are actually beneficial to your dog, and don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Feeding your dog treats

Some of the foods, like the squash and sweet potato, should be baked or steamed, then cut up into smallish pieces, and only given in small amounts at a time. This will prevent both choking and an overload of carbohydrate and calorie rich foods.
You can give the vegetables and fruits by themselves, or you might mash or puree them and mix them up with the prepared food and given at meal times. Freezing fruit and vegetables can also provide your dog with a cool refreshing snack on hot sunny days.
Replacing those ‘pet store bought’ dense and high fat packaged treats with healthy treats like fruits and vegetables will be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your pet. Feeding them natural, healthy treats, can in the long term improve your dog’s health and immune system. Ageing will not be as severe, your dog’s weight will stay steadier, and if weight is already an issue, you may even see your dog’s weight become more healthy and manageable especially if it includes moderate exercise regularly.
With any change in your dog’s diet, it is important to look out for any issues that can arise in response to the change in their treats or mealtime foods. If your dog begins to show any digestive or behavioural changes, stop feeding the new foodstuff and consult with a veterinarian, especially if the problem doesn’t go away in the absence of the recently added food.
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