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Which dog stroller is right for my puppy?

Which puppy stroller is right for my puppy?

Help and advice on choosing the perfect puppy stroller

The first thing to highlight about the majority of puppy strollers, pet prams and dog pushchairs is that they have all been designed with puppies and small to medium dogs in mind. There are even bigger dog buggies for larger breeds who may also require some help with their mobility. So if you are looking for a three or four wheeled puppy stroller you will be spoilt for choice.
You can always find a puppy stroller to suit your budget and they will all provide the same function of keeping your puppy, warm, snug and well protected no matter how much they cost.
But before you make that all important purchase, there are a few factors to consider first. When these have been asnswered you should be more clued up to which puppy stroller is going to benefit you and your small dog.

Puppy stroller usage

puppy strollers protect your puppy from harmful UV rays in hot sunny summer weather
The first question to consider is, how long are you planning on using the puppy stroller for? Are you going to use it for just the puppy’s first several months? If so, then you will need a dog stroller that is designed for small to medium dogs. These type of strollers have a smaller compartment that will help keep your puppy warmer in the cold weather. These type of strollers are perfect for puppies and you. Because they are smaller they will be therefore lighter for you to carry, fold and push.
Larger strollers may have to be padded out with extra blankets in the colder weather in order to keep your puppy warm inside. If you are going to be owning more than one puppy than a larger stroller is ideal. There will then be enough room for them and a little extra room for a bit of play!
If you are only aiming to only use a puppy stroller for several months then you may want to purchase a lower priced stroller, which can still do the job of protecting your puppy until they are fully grown. Also bear in mind that a pet stroller is also ideal for taking your puppy or young dog to the vets, for post surgical operation recovery and even travelling on public transport. There may be times when your dog is not going to be up for walking on thier leash.
If you are looking for a stroller that is going to be used throughout the dogs life, either full time or intermittently, then we suggest you buy a more superior model which will last you for many years to come.

Size, breed and age of your puppy

puppy strollers offer you easy access to your little puppy
The breed of your puppy is another factor to consider before buying a pet stroller. Many small breeds of dog may require the use of a stroller throughout their whole life. Some small breeds of dog do tire very easily and may not be able to walk long distances, this is when a dog stroller is vital, especially if you wish to walk for long distances at your pace.
Some small breeds of dog or dogs with short legs usually don’t need as much walking as larger dogs, so a stroller is an ideal solution if you want to take your dog out with you for longer trips instead of leaving them at home. Also some breeds with short or flat noses (brachycephalic breeds) can have trouble breathing when exercised vigorously, so a stroller is essential for them too.
It’s also not advisable to over exercise your puppy or young dog too much. Long sessions of jogging or running is not recommended for young dogs under 18 months, whose bones haven’t finished growing yet.
puppies taking some exercise out of their dog stroller at the dog park
It’s very important that you speak to your vet about how much exercise your puppy should have and how much they will need when they are fully grown. All healthy dogs should have the right amount of exercise for their breed, even if you continue to use a dog stroller. Regular exercise will not only keep them fit and healthy but will also prevent them from becoming bored, over energetic, destructive and in the long term free from obesity.
Again, if you are planning to use a stroller throughout the dog’s life then invest in a good model. And choose a model that will fit the size and weight of your breed of dog, especially when they are fully grown.
Dogs in their golden years may also require a dog stroller, especially if they have trouble with their mobility, so it’s not only puppies and small dogs who require pet prams. No dog owner ever wants to wish away their dog’s years, but thinking of the future, you may want to keep the stroller in storage for their twilight years.

Using the puppy stroller in extreme weather conditions

All strollers offer weatherproof protection so you won’t have to worry about keeping your puppy protected from the elements. Some strollers offer an additional rain cover, usually for an extra cost, which is to keep the stroller dry in addition to your puppy. In heavy rain fall, some moisture may get into the stroller though the mesh panels, especialy if the mesh panel is situated on the top of the canopy. It’s usaully these strollers that offer the added protection of a rain cover.
It’s not only the wet wintery weather that can do harm to your puppy. The hot sun and it’s harmful UV rays can cause considerable detriment to your puppy. Dehydration and heatstroke is dangerous for puppies and in some cases can be fatal. If you have to take your puppy or dog out in the hot summer months then a dog stroller can help protect them from the heat and keep them cooler.
Strollers have canopies that can offer shade to your puppy and the mesh panels will also keep the interior of the stroller cool and ventilated. If you plan on taking your puppy or dog on annual summer holidays then a stroller might be useful for the long term. A stroller can also double up as a holiday bed for your puppy or small dog as some dog friendly inns, hotels and holiday lets don’t tend to provide dog beds.

Using the stroller for fitness and other outdoor activities

a puppy enjoying an outing in a puppy dog stroller
New mums who wish to keep fit and regain their figure are now buying jogging strollers, so they can still keep fit by jogging and taking their infant with them. Pet jogging strollers work in the same way and are perfect for joggers who want to keep fit with their small to medium dogs. Due to their size and short legs, small dogs are unable to run at your speed and will therefore tire and slow you down. Pet jogging strollers enable you to run at your own pace rather than your dog’s slower speed.
If you also have a dog that stops and starts, or a senior pooch who just can’t run that fast anymore then a jogging stroller is the ideal solution. You can still keep up with your daily exercise routine and take your dog with you too. Stopping by the dog park on the way back is also an ideal opportunity for you to get your breath back while your dog goes about doing their daily exercise!
Jogging with a young puppy is not recommended, but buying a jogging stroller now (for when they are fully grown) is a marvellous investment. Jogging strollers tend to be more expensive but that is becuae they are of a better design. They tend to have extra suspension and larger durable wheels which can deal with the various terrains that you may wish to run on. The wheels tend to have shock absorbers fitted into the design so your dog won’t feel any bumps while on the run.
Your jogging stroller also doubles as a ‘walking stroller’ too for when you wish to take things at a slower pace. For those early months in your puppy’s life a jogging stroller is ideal to use as a walking stroller. The suspension and shock absorber functions will ensure your little puppydog has a smooth comfortable ride.
converting a bicycle dog trailer into a puppy stroller, using a conversion kit, is ideal for a young puppy
If you are a jogger and a cyclist then there is even a more perfect solution for you. Buying a bicycle dog trailer and a trailer conversion kit is the ideal option. By adding the stroller conversion kit to your bicycle trailer you will have a multifunctional stroller/trailer combo. The stroller mode will be perfect for going out with your puppy and even trips when they reach adulthood as dogs sometimes need some mobility help, especially if they are recovering from an operation or suffering from a sprain or temporary injury.
The bicycle trailer can then be added to your cycle and you can then take your dog on cycling trips and even on longer biking holidays instead of leaving them at home or in kennels. Dogs just love spending time with their owner and a cycle trip can always include a good hike with your dog.
Obviously you can only use the bicycle pet trailer on your cycle when your puppy has grown and reached it’s maturity. Never use a bicycle trailer for puppies or dogs who need constant supervision or who have not been ‘trailer or carrier trained’. You can also read our article on How to train your dog to use a pet stroller, carrier or cycle trailer.

When the puppy stroller is not in use

Happy Trails Pink Pet Stroller folded
Another thing to consider is where to store the stroller when it’s not actually in use. You wil be pleased to learn that most strollers have been designed to collapse and fold flat very easily. Some strollers fold much easily than others, so look out for ‘easy fold strollers’ if this is a concern for you.
It’s a good idea to practice the folding and unfolding of the stroller before your first outing with your puppy. Also try to do it with one hand as you might need the other arm to hold your puppy.
Most folded dog strollers will easily fit into a storage cupboard, garage, shed or even a cupboard under the stairs. A folded pet stroller would also fit easily in a boot of a car.
Some bicycle dog trailers are also foldable or in some cases they can be taken apart very easily. If you choose a bicycle dog trailer which has to be dismantled, then always make sure you secure the wheels and any front wheel and handlebar conversion components tightly before going out on to the road.

Puppy strollers and the car

3 in 1 Dog Stroller. Car Seat
If you plan of doing a great deal of driving with your puppy and need a puppy stroller then look for a ‘all in one’ multi functional stroller. These tend to have a detachable carrier that can be placed on your car seat and attached to a seat belt. It’s the perfect ‘pet carrier’ for your puppy while you are on the move.
The wheeled frame can then be folded and placed in the boot of your car. Then when you arrive at your destination, your puppy can remain inside the car in the pet carrier section until you are ready to reattach it to the stroller frame.
Many puppy owners use this type of stroller especially if they live too far from the veterinary clinic and need to drive there. The stroller and the carrier also keeps the puppy secure and protected from the other sick animals, also waiting to see the vet in the waiting room.

Puppy strollers that we recommend

Below is a list of recommended pet strollers that will be perfect for your puppy. They are a combination of three and four wheeled pet pushchairs that will offer your puppy the comfort and protection that they need.
Also included in the list are some bicycle dog trailers that come with a stroller conversion kit. These are perfect for turning a cycle pet trailer into a pet pram perfect for your puppy’s first year.
Finally we have also recommended some ‘all in one’ multifunctional strollers which are ideal for travelling on foot and by car. These strollers have a detachable carrier that can be removed from the stroller frame and placed inside your car. The carrier section can be secured to a seat belt and the wheeled frame can then be folded and stored in the boot of your car.
Recommended Dog Strollers for Puppies
  • This is a multifunctional bicycle dog trailer and stroller jogger combo for any dog owner who is into keeping fit. This trailer is easy to transform into a stroller in just a few easy steps and no tools are required!. The all year round weatherproof covering will protect your dog from rain, snow and harmful UV rays from the summer sun. It’s generous size will give your dog plenty of room and the easy to open front panel with give them a great view as you travel along. Perfect as a stroller, jogger or bicycle trailer.
  • The 4 Wheel Easy Fold Dog Stroller is a wonderful fold flat doggy pushchair with a heavy duty yet lightweight steel frame. The superior four wheel mobility keeps the ride safe and smooth without stressing out your pooch! This dog stroller designed by Splendid Pets comes in a variety of colours: pink, purple, green, grey, black and navy.
  • The Trixie brand have now a selection of bicycle dog trailers in small, medium and large. They easily fix onto any bicycle. You can also buy an additional conversion kit for the medium and large models, to convert them into jogging strollers.
  • Another great stroller from Pet Gear. But this stroller is in baby pink! Perfect for little dogs or senior dogs that tire easily. They’ll feel like a princess in this perfect pretty pink pushchair!
  • The Pet Gear AT3 Roadster Dog Stroller has three wheels, perfect for jogging and joggers. Your dog can still enjoy the outdoors with you, even if they cannot run at your speed, they can still come along for a ride.
  • This is the ideal multifunctional stroller, jogger and bicycle dog trailer for any dog owner who likes to keep active. This jogger trailer will get you and your dog out on the road, sidewalk and jogging path with just a few easy alterations. The all year round weatherproof cover will protect your dog from rain, snow and harmful UV rays from the summer sun. It’s generous in size will give your dog plenty of room and there is even room for two small dogs.
  • This is the four wheel ‘easy fold’ pet stroller in flame red! Like with all the other Splendid Pets dog prams this model has great features that include large 8″ swivel wheels, a protective durable water resistant covering and storage area. It’s tough and hard wearing yet lightweight. The mesh panels keep your dog cool in the summer and warm and snug in the winter. It’s also easy to fold and can be stored flat. it’s the perfect dog pushchair for small to medium sized dogs.
  • The Pet Gear AT3 Roadster Dog Stroller is a great way to take your pet with you wherever you want to go. This stroller is great for larger dogs. It features a sturdy frame, rides low to the ground, has a waterproof floor, front swivel wheels, rear brakes, and bug proof mesh that provides air circulation.
  • Stylish and nimble sport buggy pet strollers are a great way to get your dog or puppy out and about. The Karlie 31616 Pet Sport Buggy is a great choice. With it’s large three wheels and airfilled tyres, this modern and contemporary pet stroller offers great manoeuvrability whether you are strolling, speed walking or jogging. It’s spacious and also features an adjustable handle and storage compartment.
  • The SKIIDDII model is a high quality 2 in 1 dog jogging stroller and bicycle trailer. Get out and about with your dog either on the road, walking or jogging. The SKIIDDII is easy to convert from stroller to trailer in just minutes.
  • The Sholley Petmobil Pet Stroller range is a safe way to take your dog, cat or even rabbit on outdoor trips. They are strong, sturdy and have a durable water repellant cover. With swivel front wheels and an adjustable handle this dog pram offers you excellent manoeuvrability. The Petmobil Pet Stroller range include the Pink Princess, the Huckleberry and the Classic Navy Mulberry. They are large and very roomy and also come with a removable washable cushion bed.
  • The Leopet dog stroller is a great value for money dog pram pushchair. The vibrant poppy red or fuscia pink weatherproof fabric will keep your dog protected from all weathers. It’s easy to fold and will keep your dog secure and safe as you go about your daily errands…oh and then stop off at the doggy park for some fun.
  • If you like to stand out from the crowd, then how about this vibrant red three wheeled red dog stroller? This funky, bright and very sturdy pet stroller is a convenient, easy to fold and roomy pet stroller for small to medium sized dogs. The front swivel wheels provide great manoeuvrability when facing bumps, kerbs and uneven terrain. Perfect for strolling, fast walking and jogging. There are even shock absorbers in the front swivel wheels so your dog will have a smooth bump free ride.
  • The Petzip Monogram Stroller Jogger is one of a kind! You can now jog, run or stroll with your dog (or cat) in comfort and style with this well designed, modern, trendy and sleek pet stroller. The large chunky 9 inch wheels will handle any terrain. The suspension makes it a smooth ride for you and your dog. This deluxe pet jogger is an ideal way for you to take your pet along with you on any of your outdoor excursions. It’s very unique with it’s funky beige and tan monogram design.
  • If you are looking for a stylish, modern and contemporary dog stroller then take a look at the deluxe three wheel model in grey. This is the ideal pet pram for your small dog or puppy. With it’s all year weather protection you can take your dog on trips come rain or shine. It’s three wheel design with shock absorbers will give you excellent manoeuvrability while providing your dog with a bump free ride. The mesh panels keep bugs, rain and wind out but also provides airflow and keeps your dog cool during the hot summer months.
  • These high quality dog strollers from Innopet are the height in chic pet transportation. Made from high quality materials for durability and weather-resistance, this luxury pet stroller comes complete with 12 inch airfilled tyres, which will absorb any shock from bumps in the road and giving your dog or puppy a smooth, comfortable ride. Perfect for jogging and strolling. Also features a comfy padded interior, perfect for little pooch.
  • If you are looking for a more subtle coloured dog stroller then here is a great functional dog stroller in a lovely shade of brown. This four wheeled stroller is perfect for day to day use and will keep your dog safe and protected in all weathers and all year round. It’s a fantastic price too!.
  • Here is a ‘2 in 1′ dog jogger stroller and bike trailer which is perfect for those active pet owners who like to cycle, jog and stroll with their puppy or dog. It’s smaller than other trailers and is just perfect for small breeds. It can be transformed into a jogging stroller in just a few easy steps and doesn’t require any tools.
  • The Leopet dog stroller is a great value for money dog buggy. The royal blue weatherproof fabric will keep your dog protected in all weathers. It’s easy to fold and will keep your dog secure and safe as you both go about your daily walks. The front swivel wheels will give you excellent manoeuvrability. The rust resistant steel stroller frame is not only lightweight but it is also strong and sturdy.
  • This is a fantastic value for money three wheel dog or puppy stroller with weatherproof covering. It’s easy to manoeuvre, has a large storage compartment for all your dog’s essentials. This three wheeled dog buggy can be folded easily and folds flat for handy storage. The red water resistant cover also includes some reflective perfect strips for low light conditions. This low price stroller is perfect for small breeds, puppies and dogs with mobility issues.
  • The Rosewood Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller is exactly what it says it is. It’s light, it’s easy to travel with and it keeps your darling little pet safe and secure.
  • If you are a big fan of pink then this Leopet hot pink dog stroller is the one for you! This beautiful pink stroller has been designed with an easy fold system which makes it easy to fold down and open up. It requires very little effort from you but provides maximum comfort for your dog. Front swivel wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability and the durable water resistant cover protects your dog in all types of weather Perfect for the small or medium poochy prince or princess in your life!
  • If you are a multi pet family and need transportation for dogs, puppies, cats or kittens then the pink double double deck pet stroller is just the ticket. This double deck stroller includes two seperate compartments that can be used together or independently. The pet compartments can also be detached from the steel frame making it perfect for car travel. This double pet stroller is perfect for dog and cat shows and taking all your pets to vets at once. And don’t forget you can travel with a cat and a dog at the same time!
  • If you are looking for a multifunctional stroller jogger and trailer combo then look no further than the conversion kits for the Trixie bicycle trailers. Transforming your trailer into a jogging stroller from a cycle trailer (and vice versa) takes just seconds! These Trixie conversion kits are for the medium and large models only. Perfect if you like to cycle, stroll and jog with your canine best friend!
  • This funky, bright and very sturdy pet stroller is a convenient, easy to fold and roomy pet stroller jogger for small to medium sized dogs. The front swivel wheels provide great manoeuvrability when facing bumps, kerbs and uneven terrain. Perfect for strolling, fast walking and jogging. There are even shock absorbers in the front swivel wheels so your dog will have a smooth bump free ride. It’s an all weather dog stroller so you can jog with your dog any time of the year.
  • Here is a stunning light blue dog stroller which is not only at an exceptionally low price, but offers your dog all year round protection. Come rain or shine, this hardy steel framed pet pram will keep your dog snug, safe and secure. It’s easy to fold and easy to manoeuvre due to it’s front swivel wheels. It’s lightweight yet sturdy and perfect for a small to medium sized dog weighing under 15kg.
  • Dog strollers are becoming very popular and are a great way to get out and about with your dog, without tiring them out. This Happy Trails Blue Stroller is perfect for anytime of the year.
  • Splendid Pets have introduced the sleek looking easy fold 4 large wheel pet stroller in grey. It has a heavy-duty yet lightweight steel frame. This sleek, stylish and modern looking stroller is the perfect ‘all weather’ dog pushchair that will keep your dog protected from the elements. The superior front 8 inch swivel wheels will keep the ride on this dog pram safe and smooth and won’t get bogged down on muddy ground. The perfect stroller for small to medium sized dogs.
  • Here is another fantastic dog or puppy stroller from Innopet. This three wheel jog stroller comes in either black and silver or black and red colour combinations. With a large padded compartment your dog will be warm, dry and extremely comfortable as you walk or jog along. With mesh windows and weatherproof covering, this all year – all weather dog stroller is the one to choose if you want a strong, sturdy and stylish dog buggy.
  • This is the iPetty which is a stroller for pets by PlayWu. It not only provides your dog or cat with all year round weather protection, but it also looks extremely stylish and modern looking with it’s navy and fuchsia colour scheme. This bright and funky pet stroller includes front pivot wheels, large mesh window panels and a handy storage basket. The iPetty also folds flat for easy storage.
Recommended Puppy Strollers for your car
  • The Go-Pet for dogs (and cats) is an ingenious pet stroller, carrier, car seat and mobile home all in one! The complete travel system for any pet on the move! It’s lightweight and folds flat for transportation and storage.
  • Introducing the new PetEGO Jogger Sportwagon for the most trendiest dog in town. This unique stroller not only looks good but can fold easily, leaving you with a handy pet carrier. Perfect for the road, the car and any form of transport.
  • This fantastic dog stroller has a 3-in-1 design functionality, consisting of a pet stroller, a pet carrier and a dog car seat. All three functions will safely contain and protect your pet wherever you go.
Recommended dog strollers, pet trailers, tips and articles