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Red and black dog bicycle trailer with stroller and jogger


The perfect bicycle dog trailer, stroller and jogger combo!

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Red and black dog bicycle trailer with stroller and jogger
If you like to keep fit, run, jog, cycle or walk at your own speed but your small or senior dog cannot keep up with your pace then this bicycle trailer and stroller jogger is for you!
Introducing an excellent trailer and stroller combo in red and black. Within a few simple steps you can transform this jogger into a dog bike trailer and vice versa! The stroller and trailer will enable you and your dog to get outdoors and stroll, jog and cycle to your hearts content.
The stroller is covered with a durable 100% polyester covering that will keep your puppy or dog dry and protected from the wet and wintery weather. The water resistant fabric covering is also easy to clean and maintain. The netting mesh panel will keep the stroller cool and well ventilated in the hot summer months in addition to protecting your dog from buzzing insects like flies, wasps and mosquitoes.
The back panel and the front weatherproof plastic view window can be opened and closed with a zipper which gives your pet the choice of front or back entry points. The front plastic window can be unzipped to give your dog the perfect view and is ideal for when your dog is finally trailer trained and happy to ride inside it without leaping out.
To keep your puppy, dog or cat even more secure the interior of the trailer includes a safety tether leash hook which can be attached to your pets collar. This will help your pet from leaping out of the stroller, especially if you have the front window panel open on warm sunny days. This added security will also give you peace of mind, knowing your pet is safe and secure as you are cycling on busy roads.
The trailer also comes with 12 inch pneumatic tires which have a quick release. The wheels are perfect for any terrain and will enable your dog to have a bump free ride whether you are strolling, jogging or cycling. The conversion kit that comes with this stroller trailer includes a handle and front wheel attachment which will transform the trailer into your stroller and jogger.
This stroller trailer and jogger combo is made from a sturdy steel tubed frame which is another reason why this is one of the strongest dog bike trailers on the market. The sides of the trailer also have a strong metal panels which gives the stroller some extra strength and stability, perfect for keeping your dog safe while out on the road. The trailer comes with a safety flag to alert other road users that you have a dog on board.
We would also like to point out that there is a security-rotation coupling fitting which will keep the trailer upright if your bicycle should fall over, again this will keep your pet safe if this should happen.
The base of the trailer is reinforced with a special lining which is slip and moisture resistant. The base can be cleaned very easily if your dog has a toilet accident during transit. The side hinges are removable as are the wheels so it’s easy for space-saving storage when not in use. This dog trailer can easily be assembled and disassembled without any tools required.
This is the perfect stroller, trailer and jogger for any fitness thinking dog owner. This multifunctional all in one stroller will allow you to get out and keep fit with your dog> It’s all year round functionality will keep your pet protected from the elements from heavy rain to the harmful UV rays from the summer sun.
Red and black dog bicycle trailer with stroller and jogger - measurements
It will allow you to spend more quality time with your dog instead of leaving them all alone at home. Cycling trips, afternoon jogs, walks to the park, trips to festivals, cycling holidays…well the list is endless. There is also ample opportunity for your dog to exercise too, especially when you reach your destination. They can exercise, walk and hike and tire themselves out in readiness for a nice snooze in the trailer stroller on the way back home.
This trailer, especially in the ‘stroller mode’ is perfect for a puppy too. It will give your little dog some room to play or snuggle up. By adding a warm dog blanket you will provide your puppy with a bump free haven for them to rest in. The trailer, if properly maintained, will last for the duration of your dog’s lifetime providing them (and you) with many adventures in the great outdoors and on the open road.
The dimensions of the trailer are 59cm in length, 43cm in depth and a height of 52cm. this will offer any small to medium dog plenty of room to move around inside. The weight capacity is approx 40 kgs which is perfect for one medium sized dog or even two smaller dogs.
This jogger, stroller and trailer model is also available in Blue and Black.

Other Customer Reviews

Nice large roomy trailer which can also become a walking stroller/puschair. Great functionality when you want to either cycle or walk.
Ozzie, Dog Owner
Perfect trailer and pram combo for my two small pugs, Cleo and Cassie. Lots of room and they snuggle up when I’m on the move. Haven’t ‘strolled’ as yet, but the kit is ready for when I do!
Jay74, Dog Owner
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