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Happypet BTP03 Bicycle Dog Trailer in Orange


A large roomy all weather dog trailer that is suitable for all bicycles

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Happypet Bicycle Dog Trailer in Orange
If you are looking for a good quality, spacious bicycle dog trailer then the Happypet BTP03 bicycle trailer is the one for you. This model comes in a lovely shade of bright orange with complimentary grey panels.
The first thing you will notice is the weatherproof durable polyester covering. Not only is it in a rare colour scheme for a bicycle trailer but it will certainly get you noticed on the road. Pretty useful as it will let other road users know that you have some special cargo on board!
The Happypet bike dog trailer is also foldable, easy to assemble and disassemble without the need of any additional tools. This makes it perfect for placing in the boot of your car if you plan on taking your dog with you on a cycling holiday. With your bike on the roof rack, your dog trailer in the boot of the car you and your can be ready for the off in no time at all. When you get to your destination you can reassemble the trailer easily and quickly. The trailer is also easy to store when not in use. It can be stored conveniently in your garage, garden shed, under a bed or even in a storage cupboard under the stairs.
Your dog will be well protected by the durable, bright and weatherproof covering which will keep your dog dry in the wet weather and cool and well ventilated in the hot summer months. It is made from 100% strong polyester fabric and it will last years to come. There are some large mesh panel windows on each side of the trailer to allow the air to fully circulate throughout the trailer. This useful ventilation system will keep your dog cool inside the trailer when the weather is hot and sunny outside. The mesh will also prevent buzzy insects from entering the stroller which would only cause irritation to your dog. Your dog will have a pleasant ride whatever the weather may be.
The front mesh panel window also has an additional plastic window cover which will protect your dog from wet road splash backs in the rainy weather. This can be simply pulled down and rolled up when necessary. The plastic window also has UV protection too, perfect for those summer days when your dog needs to be protected from the sun whilst travelling in the trailer.
The Happypet bicycle trailer is made from a very stable, powder-coated steel frame with roll bar. The trailer is suitable for all types of bicycles and also comes with a ‘safety coupling’ which will keep the trailer upright if your cycle should ever fall over. This is a great safety feature as your dog will come to no harm if your bike should topple over if it’s either parked on the pavement or in motion whilst on the road. The trailer also comes with a trailer hitch and towing bar that gets it attached to your cycle easily and quickly.
Another impressive feature on this trailer is the large wheels with pneumatic tyres that will ensure your dog has a smooth bump free ride. They will cope with all kinds of road and in all types of weather. These pneumatic wheels have a quick release mechanism which means the trailer can be assembled and disassembled quickly without the need for tools.
The wheels also include large reflectors fitted to the spokes which are perfect for being seen in low light conditions like when you are cycling in the early evening or during the winter months. With the reflectors, warning flag and bright orange colour combinations your bicycle trailer will certainly be visible to the other traffic users.
The Happypet bicycle trailer also come in other colour choices. It not only comes in orange but it also comes in a red and grey combination but also in a vibrant blue and yellow sporty theme too.
happypet bicycle trailers in blue and yellow, orange and grey, red and grey
As regards to measurements of the stroller we are still waiting to hear back from the suppliers about what the correct measurements are. But this trailer is of a large size with increased leg room. It’s perfect for a medium sized dog and will also house two smaller dogs. It has a generous weight capacity of approximately 30kg (66lbs), which should give you some idea of the generous amount of room it can offer your dog.
The measurements of the Orange and Grey Happypet BTP03 bicycle dog trailer are approx 58cm length with a width of 60cm and a height of 60cm.
There is a jogger conversion kit for this bicycle trailer model but you have to purchase this separately. Unfortunately the jogging conversion kit is not available on Amazon UK at present.
Other colour choices in Happypet BTP03 bike pet trailer range
Happypet BTP03 Orange and Grey bicycle dog trailer – at a glance
  • Very stable, powder-coated steel frame with roll bar
  • Including trailer hitch and towing bar
  • Also includes shaft, coupling and safety flag
  • Easy and quick to assemble without tools
  • Perfect for small to medium dogs
  • Also room for two dogs
  • Quality workmanship
  • Stylish Orange and Grey colourscheme
  • Stylish, water resistant fabric and nylon construction
  • 2-in-1 all-weather hood for optimal climate control
  • Durable rain cover guards against splashes from your rear wheel
  • Clear window with UV protection
  • 30kg load weight capacity
  • Interior dimensions: approx 58 x 60 x 60 cm (LxWxH)
  • Increased leg room
  • Suitable for all types of bicycles
  • Pneumatic tires with quick release
  • Mesh windows keeps bugs and insects out and your pet in
  • Durable mesh provides airflow, visibility
  • Fold down flat design convenient for storage & travel
  • Trailer can be converted to a jogger (jogger conversion kit is sold separately and NOT included)
  • Also comes with multi-lingual assembly instructions

Other Customer Reviews

Trailer at a great price. My work colleauges clubbed together and bought me this trailer for my retirement. Now me and my faithful companion, DeeDee go on great outings. Been far afield and I have had no problems at all. Would recommend.
Mr Kipsta, Dog Owner
Nice waterproof trailer with a handy plastic window to stop any water splashing back into the trailer from my back wheel. Great on the road and on cycle paths. Lots of room and very sturdy.
Brendan, Dog Owner
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