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Burley Design Tail Wagon Bicycle Dog Trailer


A stylish high visibility bicycle dog trailer for a large dog or two smaller dogs!

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Burley Design Tail Wagon Bicycle Dog Trailer
Taking your dog on cycling trips is becoming more and more popular thanks to the great range of safe, secure and quality bicycle dog trailers now being designed and sold. The Burley Design Tail Wagon Bicycle Trailer is no exception, in fact it is one of the best bike dog trailers on the market.
Burley are well known for designing quality bicycle trailers for children. A great deal of research and care go into their products so that infants are safe, secure and well protected when out on the road in one of their trailers. And their dog and pet trailer is no exception.
Not only is it large enough to carry one large dog, it is also big enough to carry two small to medium dogs, making it a perfect bike trailer for owners with a ‘more than one dog family’.
Using this bike dog trailer will also keep you physically fit as you travel with your pet with this eco friendly pet transportation system. And with the cost of car fuel and cab fares nowadays, it will save you money in the long run, especially if your dog is attending vet appointments regularly.
This vibrant bike trailer has durable weatherproof tough 600 denier nylon covering that will keep your dog completely dry in the wet weather. The design also features numerous mesh panel windows which will keep the inside interior of the trailer well ventilated when cycling in the hot weather. Having the mesh windows on all sides of this trailer will allow the airflow to circulate much better than trailers with just side mesh screens.
The trailer structure itself is made from a anodized aluminum tubed frame. Even the hinges are anodized, which means they are extra strengthened, extra durable and non corrosive. Burley have thought of everything and have even included cargo pockets into the design which are handy to store treats or leads. Even the zippers on the mesh panels are durable and weatherproof.
There is also a roll up PVC window cover for the front panel which can help regulate the warmth inside, pulling it down will help keep the heat inside in the colder weather. It is also a good idea to keep the window flap down in the wet weather in case your rear bicycle wheel causes any splash back due to the wet road surfaces. Your dog will remain dry and comfortable inside. The PVC window flap is also UV protected, perfect for protecting your dog in the hot sunny weather.
Extra strength and security is provided by the inclusion of the side battens, which prevent the dog’s weight from shifting from side to side during the ride for maximum stability. The cycle trailer also has a flip down tailgate for easy loading and unloading with a very handy stabilising kickstand.
The inside of the trailer is also durable, waterproof and washable. There is a removable, breathable washable floor pad that can be taken out and cleaned if necessary. Toilet accidents do happen, especially when you are on the move. It’s always a good idea to let your dog go to the loo before a cycle trip and make a few stops on the journey too. You both can have a water break and it will be good for them to stretch their legs too.
The Burley Design Tail Wagon Bicycle Trailer also features large 16 inch alloy wheels, with pneumatic tyres that keep a firm grip on any road surface. There is also a suspended floor design with this trailer. Because the floor is situated above the axle, it will lessen road vibrations and greatly reduce the impact of any bumps in the road, giving your dog a smoother and gentler ride. The wheels are also ‘quick release’ which means they are easy to attach and detach when dismantling the trailer for storage.
This trailer is one of the best to choose from if you require a model that will fold-fast easily and quickly. It folds to a very compact shape and can be stored in a garage, shed, closet and even under your bed if space is tight.
Finally, the Burley Trailer Tail Wagon will keep you and your dog safer on the roads with its high-visibility bright yellow fabric, reflective material panels and the safety flag. When looking for a bike trailer to use for your dog, all safety measures have to be covered and the quality of this trailer will give you complete peace of mind. Read some of the reviews at the bottom of this page and you will see some excellent feedback.
The floor space area is 32.5 inches by 18 inches. It has an internal height of 23 inches. This trailer has a weight capacity of 75lbs (34kg) ideal for a large dog or two smaller dogs that have a combined weight of around 35 kg.
Take a look at the video below to see the Burley Design Tail Wagon Bicycle Dog Trailer in action. You will see that the trailer is able to cope with different road surfaces including a gravel terrain.
The Burley Design Tail Wagon Bicycle Trailer – at a glance
  • Trailer weight: 23.25 pounds, 10.5 kilograms
  • Capacity: 75 pounds, 34 kilograms
  • Heavy-duty mesh on four sides of cover
  • 2-in-1 all-weather cover
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Cargo pockets
  • Side battens
  • Tailgate flips down
  • Removable floor for easy cleaning
  • Floor is suspended above the axle
  • Kickstand
  • High-visibility fabric
  • Reflective material
  • Safety flag
  • 16-inch quick-release alloy wheels
  • New wheel guards
  • Fast-action folding system
  • Folded dimensions: 35 x 23 x 13 inches (89 x 58.5 x 33 centimeters)

Other Customer Reviews

My wife and I have a 35lb Corgi/Heeler mix that we wanted to bring with on our longer (20+ miles) bike rides. The longer rides are just too much for the poor dog to keep up with us. So, we decided that the best solution would be some sort of a trailer that we can pull behind out bikes. We looked at the much less expensive Solvit trailers…. but wanted something solidly built that would last us preferably through this dog and the next one. The Burley Tail Wagon fits the bill perfectly. The construction quality is top-notch, and it looks much better than the other cheaper trailers as well. I am extremely satisfied with our purchase, and I think that spending the extra money on the more expensive but better built Burley trailer was well worth it.
Irchriscdk, Amazon Customer
My dogs really love riding in it and it was super easy to put together. I have 2 bigger French Bulldogs and they have plenty of room to ride comfortably.
Landy, Amazon Customer
My elderly dog still needs to go to the vet. We no longer have a car. No big dogs on buses or cabs, so this is her transportation. We were worried about fitting a 72 lb dog in here. But with both front and back flaps open she climbed right in. Her tail hung out but we were able to put it inside before closing the flap. She sat quietly while we took a test ride, then jumped out the front window when we opened it. All as we had hoped. Next step a real vet visit.
Zia, Amazon Customer
I first went to Burley’s product line because I had previously owned their Nomad cargo trailer. I was impressed by the design and quality of that trailer, so I knew this Tail Wagon would be no different. Burley’s aren’t cheap, but in my experience, you always get what you pay for with their products. The construction is characteristically top-notch Burley. Mine was already on my bike within 20 minutes of first opening the box. There is ample ventilation for your dog, and the bottom floor is rigid and removable for cleaning. As for size, we have a 25 lb. mini Aussie and the trailer interior is perfect for him.
Brian, Amazon Customer
I have a 35lb French bulldog that fits perfectly inside. I added a crate cushion, since the floor doesn’t have padding. We ride with the front cover rolled back and he sticks his head out like a car window. Plenty of ventilation even with cover on completely. It is extremely stable. I am cautious around corners and sharp turns. Easy to fold down for storage and super easily to connect to the bike. Don’t really notice the extra weight unless going uphill. Would definitely recommend for those that don’t like to leave the fur kids behind.
Mtnlvr, Amazon Customer
Easy to load the dog from the back. Good airflow for the dog. Comes with D rings to attach leash to. Floating trailer hitch is well thought out and performs well. Folds up easily. I love this trailer and my dog gets to go with me on almost every ride now. I did the Oklahoma freewheel ride and managed to pull my dog over 400 miles in 6 days with no problems from this trailer.
yoyoman, Amazon Customer
We purchased this trailer for our mini dachshund and toy poodle; item is high quality and went together easily (instructions are somewhat vague, however). The dogs were not afraid of being placed inside the trailer, and we went for our first outing immediately. The appeared very comfortable in the trailer, plenty of room for them inside as well. Husband pulls trailer with his Trek and had no difficulty with towing. Highly recommended for pet owners!!! We even took one of our cats for a short ride and he enjoyed the trip. Trailer is very well constructed and designed for safety for both pets and people.
Shannon, Amazon Customer
Considering the price of fuel, I purchased one of the Burley Tail Wagon’s to use for transporting my dogs to the local park 6 miles away for their daily walks. It is a well built trailer and seems to be sturdy and the material of the cover it is made out of, appears to be durable. The floor is raised slightly above the axle so it makes the ride smoother for the animals.
Jaysn, Amazon Customer
I have an Australian Cattle Dog (about 50 lb) and I take her everywhere. Usually she would just run along side when I went on a bike ride, but she recently she tore a ligament in her knee so now her bike side running days are over. I bike everywhere I go and I didn’t want to leave her behind so I bought the Tail Wagon and we both love it. This thing is really well made, very light (about 10 lbs lighter than competing brands), folds up easily. Also, cars tend to give you a wider berth on the road. I highly recommend this trailer. It may be a bit pricey but I use it every day and I think it’s durability will make it well worth the cost. Enjoy.
Peter F, Amazon Customer
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