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Pet Strollers and Bicycle Dog Trailers: The best eco friendly dog transport

Pet Strollers and Bicycle Dog Trailers: The best eco friendly dog transport

Dog strollers and bicycle pet trailers are not only good
for the environment they also keep you fit!

There are so many positive advantages about using a pet stroller or a bicycle dog trailer and this article is going to highlight what some of those qualities are. If you are thinking about getting a dog stroller or pet trailer for your bike, then you will be doing more good for the planet than you think. Not only that, you will be keeping yourself fit in the process.

Quality time with your dog

getting about with a pet stroller
Not only will you be solving a mobility issue for your pet, but you will be able to have more quality time with your dog. Many dog owners are faced with various dilemmas when thinking about taking their dog out on a trip or excursion. Will they be safe? Will they get too tired? What if they need to sleep? How do I feed and water them? How long will I be out for?
All these questions can build up and become a list of negative issues which can really put you off from taking your dog out with you. Then poor pooch is left at home, all alone and bored. He is not doing any exercise or exploring new surroundings and may even get frustrated and begin to chew your shoes or furniture! Not good for them or for you and your home.
With a stroller or trailer you can take your dog out with you and not have to worry about their welfare. Here you can keep an eye on them, let them feed, drink and exercise when they need to. They are also experiencing new things and new surroundings but most of all they are spending quality time with their owner, who they love dearly.

Zip through the traffic

you can speed through the traffic with a dog bicycle trailer
A bicycle dog stroller is an ideal way to transport your dog quickly and also in your own time. Not only will you be saving money on expensive fuel you will also be saving money on any expensive parking fees or toll costs.
While cars queue up at the red lights and might have to sit through a few light changes, cyclists can easily coast up to the front of the line and then don’t have to experience the boring torture of the stop-and-go traffic. There’s definitely a great feeling when you coast past dozens of cars stuck in traffic and then pedalling off as soon as the light turns green. Also using a cycle will save you time. Think about the times when you have had to stop the car fuel, waiting to fill up the tank and then queue up to the kiosk pay for it. Or the times when you have had to find the nearest car park only to find it full.
You will also be able to travel in any cycle lanes or cycle paths which will get you moving faster than being stuck in the traffic lanes. You will most probably save more time using a cycle dog trailer than a car in the rush hour. Many city road systems give more way to cyclists rather than to car motorists. There are more cycle paths in our towns and cities which can be a more calm and scenic route home. The cycle paths also offer a much safer journey than travelling on the busy roads in the rush hour.
bicycle dog trailers fold easily for easy storage
Even if you have to do part of the journey via car you can still take your stroller or bicycle dog trailer with you. Most models of stroller and trailer fold flat and can be stored in the boot of your car.
An ‘all in one’ dog stroller is a great investment for this type of mixed travel. These ‘3 in 1′ strollers act as a walking stroller, a pet carrier and a car seat for your dog. Simply detach the carrier section from the stroller frame and place it in your car, securing it with a safety belt. The stroller frame can be stored in the boot of your car.

Dog strollers and bike trailers are also very good for you

cycling with a dog trailer is great exercise and keeps you fit
Just like our little canine friends, we all need to exercise. Using a pet pram or bike dog trailer will not only get you fit but it will be getting your dog healthier too. Dog owners who use pet strollers and cycle trailers actually take their pets on many more trips than owners who don’t own them. With a stroller you can take your dog to a dog park or any other dog friendly recreation ground. Here they can run about and have good bout of exercise, more than they would get just trotting around at home or in the garden.
Pet strollers also get you walking more. You are less likely to use the car if you plan on taking your dog out in their stroller. You will travel the longer routes and also walk to the exercise ground for your dog to do their exercise. Many small dog owners have to use a stroller if they live in big cities as the nearest dog park can be sometimes a few miles away.
Bicycle dog trailers are also a great way for you to get out of the big city and explore the green amd pleasant countryside, taking your dog with you. When you reach your destination, you and your dog can then hike, ramble or trek the countryside before returning home, adding even more exercise to your day.
cycling with your dog can also reduce your stress levels
Cycling can also reduce your stress levels. They call it the ‘fight’ or ‘flight response’. When stress levels are heightened, our bodies produce over 30 hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol that need to be cleared out of the body via some kind of “flight” response. When we don’t do any physical activity to rid our bodies of these hormones, the stress chemicals sit in our systems and cause damage both physically and psychologically.
If you are new to cycling then we advise that you don’t over do it at first until you are more experienced at taking your dog and the bicycle trailer with you. But it shouldn’t take long and just think about the amount of calories you will burn alone by cycling AND pulling the dog trailer behind you. Depending on what speed you cycle at you can burn between 260 and over a 1000 calories per hour.
Read more in our article Fitness Facts About Cycling with a Dog Trailer
But a pet stroller or a bicycle dog trailer is not only healthier for you and your dog, it’s also healthier for the environment too.

Pet trollers and bike dog trailers are very eco friendly

bicycle dog trailers are eco friendly
With the increase of cars and traffic on the roads a pet stroller and especially a bicycle dog trailer can be a very eco friendly way of transporting your dog to their vet appointments or on any other excursion. Not only will you be keeping fit but you will not be driving your car and burning expensive fuels in the process. The only fuel you will be burning will be your own calories!
Seeing how the hundreds of millions of cars on our roads are spewing out greenhouse gases with every inch they drive, cutting back on cars in favour of zero-emitting bicycles would be a tremendous improvement in the global-warming outlook. If everyone in the world who works less than 5 miles (8 kilometers) from their home cycled instead of driving to work JUST one day a week, it would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 5 million tons (4.5 metric tones) a year. That’s the equivalent of 1 million people getting rid of their cars. And that’s just using a cycle instead of a car, one day per week.
Strollers and bicycle dog trailers are also value for money. With one initial cost, you have a fully functional transport system for your dog which will last you many years to come.

Getting closer to nature and shrink the footprint

bike dog trailers get you out of the city and closer to nature
Having a bicycle and dog trailer will enable you and your dog to get out of the smog filled cities and explore the countryside. Scientists and experts have proved that getting out and being closer to nature and experiencing the beauty of the countryside can decrease our stress levels and give us more life satisfaction. Getting out in the countryside can also decrease our levels of depression and rage. And let’s face it, many motorists face road rage and stress on a daily basis when stuck in heavy traffic.
You will also be less likely to suffer from the air pollution around you if you cycle. You will spend less time in traffic jams and therefore will be inhaling less car pollution than you would if you were stuck in the traffic with your car window open. Also our trusty bikes do not emit any pollution do they? If do have to cycle through heavily polluting traffic on a regular basis, wear a safety mask. And if you have your pooch on board in their dog trailer, why not see if there is an alternative cycle route, so they can breathe better air than acrid car fumes.
Roads are also being widened to make more room for more and more cars, and some of our green spaces are suffering from it. The Americans now own 70 percent more cars than they did back in the 1950’s. Building more roads and parking lots has now become a necessity and many of our green spaces are being swallowed up by more developments. Many local councils are now trying to reduce the number of cars on the road. If enough people were to trade in their daily car ride use for a daily bicycling trip, they’d make a substantial dent in the traffic. Cycles also cause less road damage than cars do. Per mile, a pathway for cars costs 2,500 times more than a pathway for bikes.
Someone riding a bike can go 960 miles (1,600 kilometres) on the amount of energy that goes into moving a car about 20 miles (32 kilometres). Overall, a commuting cyclist has about one-tenth the ecological footprint of a commuting driver.

Public Transport

Dog stroller on the subway
Another inexpensive way to transport your pet without using the car is using the local bus or train. The only problem here may be that the bus or train company may not allow dogs to travel, especially bigger breeds.
Subways and some underground travel networks do not allow dogs that are simply walking on a leash. But they do allow your pet on board if they are enclosed in a pet carrier or dog stroller. This will then fall within their health and safety guidelines because your pet is secure inside their own stroller and will not be a trip or health hazard to any of the other passengers.
Even if you have a bicycle dog trailer, you can add the stroller attachments onto the trailer and transform it into a walking stroller. A dog stroller is a great way to get your dog across the big city, saving you time instead of doing the trip on foot or even in the busy traffic if you were to use your car.

Saves you money

saving you money
Did you know that the average American spends about $8,758 (nearly £6,000) or 15% of their income a year on transportation, largely on automobiles. If you also add in the costs of car parking fees, road tolls and car washing the costs go even higher. British motorists pay even more as the average spend on a car per year is around £6,689. And that will only get higher in the next few years.
You will no doubt be aware that the cost of a good bicycle will only be a fraction of the cost of a car. A strong and sturdy bike dog trailer to attach onto your cycle will be even less. They will both last you for many years if properly maintained. A Bicycle and trailer also incur minimal costs of upkeep, saving you thousands of pounds in the long run.
Even if you do need to use a car, you will most probably use it less if you use a dog stroller or bicycle dog trailer on various occaisions. And dog owners are more likely to use their cycle and trailers more in the warm summer months, which can be around 6 months of the year.

Most of all cycling is fun!

cycling with your dog is fun and keeps you fit
Getting out of the city on your bike is fun! And now it’s even better to take your dog with you. Spending time with your dog is a great way to relax and unwind. Whatsmore you can cycle at your own pace, stop when you wish to and you don’t need the use of any timetables or public transport. Your cycle ride can be casual or a quick pace, whatever you seem fit.
As long as you have your route planned nothing should stop you from having a great trip. And what makes the trip even more enjoyable is that your dog can also experience new sights, sounds and experiences with you. There is nothing better than a cycle trip out into the wide open countryside, taking in a picturesque town or pretty village, where you can lock up your bike and take your dog for a stroll to admire the views.
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