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Fitness facts about walking with a dog stroller

Fitness facts and tips about walking with a dog stroller

Walking with a dog stroller is a great way to keep in good shape

Eating a healthy balanced diet and walking is an excellent way to get in shape and keep fit. Many dog owners can also keep fit by walking and pushing their dog in a stroller and also enjoy having quality time with their pet. And becasue walking your dog is a regular daily routine you can burn off calories slowly and at a more regular pace.
Most dog owners who use pet strollers get outdoors on a daily basis, but few of these pushers realise that what they are already doing is a great healthy workout. Did you know that by increasing your stroll pace into a stride, you’ll even get a cardio workout?

You can burn 20% more calories walking with a dog stroller

The American Council on Exercise oragnised a study to determine whether walking with a stroller was a better exercise workout routine than walking without one. At the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse exercise scientists studied female walkers; some of them were pushing strollers, while some others did not. What the researchers actually found out was that the women who pushed the strollers reached an optimal heart rate for cardiovascular benefits and burned 20 percent more calories than those who didn’t.
you can burn more calories pushing a dog stroller
Simply by pushing your dog in a stroller you can burn around 170 calories per hour (if you weigh around 155 lbs). And don’t forget that if you push a stroller daily for one hour each day you will burn 1190 calories per week and 5100 calories per month. Obviously the smaller or bigger you are the calories will differ. If you happen to be bigger than 155lbs then you will burn even more calories.
If you speed up your pace or even walk up hills you can burn considerably more calories. By increasing from a slow pace of 2 miles per hour to a moderate pace of 3 mph, you can burn around 232 calories if you weigh 155 pounds. That’s 1624 calories per week and 6960 per month. To walk up hills at a fast pace you will burn around 422 calories per hour.
Here is a rough guide to how many calories you can approximately burn by pushing a dog stroller:
Normal stroller pushing 1-2 miles per hour:
  • 130lbs – 147 calories
  • 155lbs – 176 calories
  • 180lbs – 204 calories
  • 205lbs – 232 calories
Brisk stroller walking around 3 miles per hour:
  • 130lbs – 195 calories
  • 155lbs – 232 calories
  • 180lbs – 270 calories
  • 205lbs – 307 calories
Fast pace stroller walking uphill per hour:
  • 130lbs – 354 calories
  • 155lbs – 422 calories
  • 180lbs – 490 calories
  • 205lbs – 554 calories
exercising with your dog
This doesn’t even include any extra exercise or activity you do with your dog. You can do a great deal more with your dog when they are out of their stroller like playing chase, fetch or running with them around the park.
Walking the stroller to the local beach and then letting your dog have a run around with lots of play is just another perfect activity, especially in the warmer months. There are also the errands you partake in on a daily basis like doing the shopping, lifting and carrying. All these extra jobs burn a few more calories. Pushing a stroller is a perfect daily, routine activity that will burn calories every day, and help you to achieve any weight loss goals gradually, instead of all at once.
If you do wish to use fast pace walking with your dog stroller as a daily exercise, then you also need to think about your posture. You want to be exercising the right muscles without doing any harm to the others.
Below are tips on getting the right posture for pet stroller walking and a few other nuggets of advice to make your exercise routine ‘ a walk in the park!’
But if you want to take it a step further, there are some exercises you can do while your dog is running around the doggy park doing theirs. You can do exercises like stroller squats and lunges as you hold onto the pram handle.
Read our article on ‘Exercising with your Dog Stroller’. There you will find an exercise routine which was originally designed by a fitness instructor for mums with infant strollers. The exact same routine can be used by dog stroller owners too, so while your dog is exercsing in the doggy park, you can too!
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