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Bicycle Pet Baskets and Carriers for small dogs

Bicycle Pet Baskets and Carriers for small dogs
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If you have a small dog and a bicycle pet trailer trailer would be too large for them, then have you considered using a small pet carrier or basket on your bike instead?
These are the perfect answer if you wish to travel on your cycle with your small dog. Not only are they comfortable, small and lightweight, but with front bicycle carriers you can keep an eye on your pet at all times, while you pedal! It also means that you won’t have large trailer attached to the rear of your bike.
Many bicycle pet carriers and baskets come with a protective mesh covering and may feature an internal safety leash clip which will prevent your dog from suddenly leaping out. Though dogs are pretty intelligent and will realise that leapong out would be a silly thing to do!
Taking your dog with you on cycle rides is not only good for your pooch, but it’s also good for you. No longer do you have to leave your small dog at home when you want to get out and enjoy the nice weather. You can now take longer cycle trips and enjoy spending time with your dog at the same time. And you will be keeping fit in the process!
There will also be plenty of opportunities to stop and exercise your small dog on the way, especially if they need a toilet break. Some of the carriers are also great for taking off the bicycle and using as a pet carry case, so look out for some of those on our list of recommended carriers below.
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