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Multifunctional travel trollies for small dogs

multifunctional dog trolley for easy pet transportation

Multifunctional pet trollies are a perfect way to travel with your small dog.
Ideal for short and long journeys and even for visits to the vet

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Pet trollies are a very convenient way to travel with your small dog, puppy or cat. Not only are they secure, portable, strong and roomy, but they can also offer your dog or puppy the privacy required when travelling short or long distances. The familiarity and comfort of a trolley can provide your dog with peace and tranquility and prevent them from becoming stressed, which they would if they were travelling on foot.
Dog trollies are especially useful when travelling on public transport, as they can be easily wheeled along and are a lot smaller and less cumbersome than a folding stroller. They are also designed to be lightweight, so you can pull and carry them with the additional weight of your dog.
Most dog travel trollies feature an extendable handle, very similar to those found on luggage cases. This will help your posture as you wheel the trolly along for convenience. There are even some pet trollies which also include back pack style straps which can then be worn over your back.
Many trollies of this nature are extremely useful when travelling on any major city underground system as your dog will not be at foot level and being bashed about during the rush hour. They are also a good way for your pet to travel on buses, coaches and trains. Your dog is able to be near you as you travel and you are able to get easy access to them using the strong and sturdy zippable flaps and openings.
dog trolley with telescopic handle
All travel trollies for dogs and cats will also feature breathable mesh panels which will keep the interior of the trolly nice and cool and well ventilated. This mesh also provides your pet with some much needed privacy so they can rest and snooze with very little disturbance.
Also look out for trollies that have extra storage pockets fitted. These handy storage sections can hold your dog’s leash and any other accessory, so you dog can get out of the trolly and stretch their legs during a long journey. Most pet trollies will also feature an internal leash clip which will prevent your pet from leaping out of the trolley.
When travelling, you may also need your dog trolley to be car friendly. Look out for the multifunctional pet trolley which also acts as car seat. The enclosure of the trolley will enable your dog to travel securely and safely and therefore will not be able to leap about the car and become distracting to the driver.
There are even transport trollies designed for pets who have to be transported using an airline. These types of dog trollies have to follow certain airline guidelines, so you must make sure you obtain the right pet trolley before you fly. The Europet Bernina International Pet Mobile trolley is an ideal choice for air travel.
Dog transport trollies are perfect for small dogs on the move and are extremely valuable when travelling or even taking your pet to see the vet. Below is a list of recommended pet transport trollies ideal for your small dog, puppy or cat.