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Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps for Dogs: Reduce your dog’s fears and anxieties

anxiety wraps and thundershirts are great to calm down your pet

Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps prevent thunderstorm fear, fireworks fear, separation anxiety and much more!

There are many things that can make your dog anxious and an anxious and nervous dog is not a happy dog! Fireworks, thunder, noise from builders, car journeys, heavy traffic and people knocking at the door can put fear into your dog and make them extremely anxious and uncomfortable. It may be because your dog wants to guard you and your family and your home (also their domain), so the pressure is on them to deal with any intruders that come and disrupt things. Or it maybe just plain fear.
These disruptive noisy events can become ‘triggers’ that will cause your dog problems in the future, each time they hear them. These fears and anxieties can become serious behaviour problem for pets and their owners. Anxieties can also cause your dog to bark, whine, howl, urinate, defecate, become aggressive and it can even make them destructive.
Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps can calm your dog during fireworks, thunderstorms, house callers and car journeys
Some dog owners have use intense behaviour training and in some cases even resort to giving their dog medications in order to sedate them, helping them to deal with these anxieties and fears. But many pet owners have started to use alternative therapies like massage and pressure wraps and Thundershirts.
The Anxiety Wrap, Thundershirt or thunder jacket is a great way to relieve your dogs stress and fear. Pressure Anxiety Wraps or Thundershirts have actually been around for over 10 years and many dog owners are unaware of their existence and unfamiliar about what these pet garments can actually do.
Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps have the look of a normal dog coat but use ‘acupressure’ and a gentle constant pressure called ‘Maintained Pressure’ to relieve stress and lessen (and even end) fears in your dog.

Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps can alleviate and lessen five major conditions in fearful dogs:

an anxious dog can become a destructive dog
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Insecurity
  • Shyness

It’s these conditions that cause many forms of undesirable behaviours in dogs which can include:

  • Thunderstorm fear
  • Leash pulling
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear of other dogs
  • Constant barking
  • Fear of people
  • Unwanted jumping
  • Travel anxiety
  • Other noise phobias
  • Fireworks fear
  • Whining
  • Hyperactivity
  • Nervousness
  • Car sickness
  • Destructive chewing
  • Fear biting
  • Dog and Cat aggression

What is the difference between a Thundershirt and Anxiety Wrap?

What is the difference between a Thundershirt and Anxiety Wrap?
Thundershirts are designed just like a dog coat which wraps around your dog’s body and torso. The Thundershirt covers the dogs shoulders, back and chest. Pressure is gently applied to all these areas. Thundershirts are made of a thicker fabric than Anxiety Wraps, with velcro closures on the front of the garment over the dog’s chest as well as around the girth.
dog anxiety wrap has rear butt and leg straps
The Anxiety Wrap is very much the same as a Thundershirt but has additional butt straps that fit under your dogs tail. These butt straps come into contact with sensitive pressure points on the back legs of your dog adding a little more pressure and helps calm and release tension. It covers your dogs back right up to the tail.
The Anxiety Wrap is made from a stretchy, thin, breathable fabric. It contains elasticated elements which apply pressure to acupressure points and allow the fit to be customised to each individual dog. Velcro closures are located on the aspect of the garment that lies over the dog’s back.

How a Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap can help your dog

How a Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap can help your dog
A Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap can help any fearful, hyperactive, nervous or anxious dog become much more calmer and relaxed. Dogs that suffer from shyness can become much more confident and feel much more secure when wearing the jacket. It can also help keep your dog keep more focused whilst training them, therefore allowing them to learn faster.
The anxiety wrap or thunder-jacket will help lessen and resolve many unwanted behaviours in your dog. For other serious issues, such as aggressive or severe cases of separation anxiety, we suggest you consult a dog trainer who uses gentler methods. But for the duration of this training, we suggest they wear a Thunder Shirt or Anxiety Wrap.

How to fit a Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap

Thunder Shirts come in various sizes, mainly small, medium and large. They are designed just like a dog jacket or coat and are just as easy to fit onto your dog or cat. Just simply lay the coat over your dog’s back and secure with the chest and torso straps. The fasteners are adjustable so they will fit many different body shapes.
how to fit a thundershirt on your dog
The ‘butt straps’ on the Anxiety Wrap are elasticated and easily fitted over your dogs hind legs. These straps can be used in a variety of ways. You can crisscross them, use only one strap and can be used to hold the tail down.
Before putting a ThunderShirt or Anxiety Wrap on your dog for the first time, we recommend offering them a small amount of food, using the actual ThunderShirt or Anxiety Wrap as a ‘serving plate’. Dogs become more comfortable and trusting of something that is associated with food or anything that ‘brings’ them food. They will then associate the new coat with good things. This is an easy little trick to quickly create a positive association between your dog and their Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap.

How does the Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap work?

How does the Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap work?
The Thunder Shirt is very much like a dog coat and is placed around the dog’s body. The garment applies gentle pressure over as much of your dog’s body as possible. It activates key acupressure points and is extremely comfortable for them to wear. The thunder coat will flex and stretch with your dog’s body movements making it very comfortable for them to run, walk and play in.
The design of the Thunder Shirt allows your dog to urinate and defecate freely and it is also safe to leave on your dog when you’re not at home or you wish your dog to wear it overnight.
What the Thunder Shirt is designed to do:
(items) It targets various acupressure points on your dog’s body and aids in the calming effect from the light pressure of the garment. It’s like a big gentle hug for your dog!(item) It comes in contact with sensitive pressure points on the back legs with the “butt straps” to help calm and release tension in your dog.(item) The Thunder Shirt will provide minimal disruption and discomfort to your dog while still providing just the right amount of pressure to affect the nervous system.(item) The design of the anxiety coat allows your dog to freely urinate and defecate.(item) You can vary the amount of gentle, constant pressure through the various elastic bands. The thunder coat and it’s pressure can be customised to meet your dog’s individual needs. [/fcsblock]
A Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap can help calm your dog during a thunderstorm
These type of dog garments and their function have also even been studied by experts. Nicole Cottam and Dr. Nicholas Dodman of the prestigious Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine recently conducted a Clinical Research Study with dogs who suffered from thunderstorm fear.
The Anxiety Wrap was found to be 89% effective and deemed a “safe and effective treatment for canine thunderstorm phobia.”

So why do Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps work?

Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps are like giving your dog a gentle hug
When a baby cries it gets swaddled. When a toddler cries they get hugged. In fact all humans feel very secure being held in another persons arms and given a cuddle. For humans a hug releases endorphins that promotes relief from pain and a sense of calm and well-being.
It acts pretty much the same for dogs. These Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps apply a gentle hugging, a constant gentle pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for dogs and cats if they are anxious, fearful or over excited.
Based on surveys completed by over two thousand customers, over 80% of dogs and cats show significant improvement in symptoms when using Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps. Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps are already helping hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats around the world and are recommended by thousands of veterinarians and trainers world wide.
Thundershirts are for all sizes of dogs
This type of anxiety therapy is also instant and doesn’t need any intensive training or medication. There are no side effects and no frequent visits to the vets. You simply fit them with the Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap and remove it when the noisy event has passed.
These garments help dogs and their families improve their quality of life for many different anxiety, fear and over-excitement issues. Whether you have a rescue dog, a shelter dog, a senior dog or even a new puppy, Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps can really work to improve your dog’s life and yours.
Take a look at the video below and see the difference in Tess before and after she is wearing the Anxiety Wrap.

Thundershirts, Anxiety Wraps and dog strollers and bicycle dog trailers

Thundershirts, Anxiety Wraps and dog strollers and bicycle dog trailers
These stress busting Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps are great for when your dog is travelling in a dog stroller or bicycle trailer. They will help your dog feel much more calm and relaxed when they may encounter strange noises like other dogs or obtrusive traffic noises.
Your dog may become over excited when you take them out in their stroller or trailer so these calming coats can help them to relax them more. Nobody wants an over zealous bundle of energy frolicking around inside the stroller!
Your dog should always be trailer or stroller trained before you venture outside for the first time. Read our article on ‘How to train your dog to use a pet stroller, carrier or cycle trailer’.
small dog asleep in thundershirt
You may find that a Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap is a useful garment for them to wear inside a dog stroller particularly if they are shy, nervous or jumpy at the unusual sounds around them. You may find that they relax more and have a restful ride rather than being anxious or over excited.
The great thing about these coats is that they can be removed as easily as they are fitted on to your dog. You can keep it stored in the pet stroller compartment if ever you should need it. It will always be at hand if your dog needs some help getting some peace, calm and relaxation. It’s a great dog accessory to take with you if you plan of travelling long distances or taking your dog on vacation.

How To Select A Size:

how to measure your dog for a thundershirt or anxiety wrap
  • Use a cloth or vinyl sewing tape measure.
  • Have your dog stand while you measure the circumference of the fullest part of the dogs ribcage (normally the girth).
  • Pull tape measure slightly snug and make a note of the measurement.
  • Refer to the individual product sizing chart to see what size to order.

Can Thundershirts and anxiety wraps work for cats too?

Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps are perfect for cats too
Yes, even cats can benefit from wearing a Thundershirt or anxiety wrap. Cats also suffer from fears of thunderstorms, fireworks, calling visitors and other loud noises. Both the Thundershirts and anxiety wraps come in smaller sizes so they will fit your cat perfectly.
Cats can also benefit from wearing a thundercoat or anxiety wrap when they are attending vet visits. Many cats get extremely nervous when they are suddenly transported inside a cat carrier and find themselves at the vets being prodded and poked.
You will be turning your cat into a calm brave ‘Thundercat!’ – (Sorry about that! Just had to get it out at some point!)

Thundershirts and anxiety wraps are a small investment that lasts a lifetime

Thundershirts and anxiety wraps are a great investment for your dog or cat
Obtaining a Thundershirt or anxiety wrap for your pet is a really good and practical idea. All dogs and cats suffer from anxieties and fears many times during their lives, some even encounter anxiety on a daily basis. A Thundershirt or anxiety wrap will not only last you a lifetime but will help your dog acclimatise to their fears and hopefully eradicate them in time.
Some fears and anxieties actually become more fequent when a dog becomes much older. As their senses become less reliable, they may become disorientated and worried more, especially when left alone or confronted with loud bangs like fireworks and storms.
A survey was done in the States of dogs who sufferred from various anxiety attacks. A tenth of owners with dogs suffering from anxiety issues have spent an average of $1,170 (around £800) on those issues. Over $560 (around £364) on damaged property. Over $675 (around £430) on veterinarian visits and over $275 (around £179) on medications. That’s a lot of money when a small coat, costing around £40 could do the trick!

Feedback from dog and cat owners about Thundershirts and Anxiety Wraps

It’s always good idea to check out what other pet owners have discovered when their pets have been fitted with a Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap. The following reviews are from dog and cat owners who have breeds of all shapes and sizes.
I have been using my Anxiety Wrap now for several years. I’ve used it on my own dogs, on foster dogs and rescues. I have Anxiety Wraps in several sizes always on hand. I can’t imagine how anyone could find fault with this excellent product. I use it for helping calm and relax a dog during nail clipping, vacuuming, applying medications, grooming, walking in new environments, during thunderstorms and on extremely windy days.
Debi Davies, Amazon Customer
A friend recommended the Thundershirt for the family dog, a rescue Terrier who is terrified of storms, fireworks and goes crazy when people come to the door. I wasn’t sure whether something so simple would work but it has made a huge difference and she now vaguely looks up when people knock on the door but doesn’t get agitated or throw herself at the door, barking. She is such a relaxed dog when wearing the shirt. There are no side effects and I’m about to buy another one for the winter when the original one’s in the wash. It’s easy to put on, she gets excited when she sees it – and doesn’t associate it with anyone going out, one of my concerns. It’s a great idea and has worked, not just for this dog but also friends’ dogs. I’d definitely recommend it.
Dog Lover, Amazon Customer
I purchased the Anxiety Wrap for my Chow who is fearful during thunderstoms. I tried it on my Chow during a storm and it seemed to help her. The Anxiety Wrap helped her immediately! Now when it storms, she looks to me to put her wrap on. I’m going to purchase one through this company for my Lab. As a side note, it really does help to acclimate your dog to the wrap. Follow the directions and put the wrap on them for short periods of time during non-stressful situations to allow them to get used to the process of putting it on and the feel of the wrap itself.
Martha Lohan, Amazon Customer
I must be honest, I couldn’t see how this would work on a hyper noisy west highland terrier who could and does bark forever at anything, but I was at the stage where it was this or medication. It is brilliant, it works, I don’t know how, the first time I put it on Harry he was around 80% calmer, the second day 90% calmer, He still has some barking but it is much better. Can’t recommend enough.
Heather, Amazon Customer
We bought the anxiety wrap for our dog after she became scared of random noises and the wind. At first, the wrap didn’t do much for her. Then, I spoke with a friend that had purchased the wrap for their dog. She told us to just keep using it and it’ll work. She was right. Now, we put the wrap on our dog when she becomes anxious and scared and she settles down and falls asleep!
Janice Walker, Amazon Customer
Firstly let me say I have heard of dogs who these don’t work for however I’ve heard of far more for whom it does. It certainly works for our Hungarian Puli who was terrified of fireworks or thunderstorms before we got this. Now she is absolutely fine and she loves having it on. Would thoroughly recommend this to anyone with a dog (or puli) who gets anxious with loud noises
Neil C, Amazon Customer
I purchased the Anxiety Wrap earlier this spring for my mixed breed dog that has developed some fear issues. I was very impressed that immediately after putting the wrap on, a distinct calm came over her. I did not expect this result, even though I am familiar with the work of Temple Grandin and the theory of how the wrap works. I wholeheartedly believe the Anxiety Wrap is a valid and useful adjunct in the treatment of anxiety and fear in dogs and recommend the product to my clients with anxious or fearful dogs.
L M Ludwig, Amazon Customer
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