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Dog Strollers and Bicycle Dog Trailers for large dogs

Dog Strollers and Bicycle Dog Trailers for large dogs

Pet strollers and cycle pet trailers are
a great way to travel with your large dog

The majority of pet strollers and bicycle pet trailers are designed for small to medium sized dogs. But what about the larger breed of dog that needs help with mobility? Many people presume that dog strollers are designed for small to medium sized dogs who cannot walk to the pace of their owners. They don’t imagine that a large dog would ever need to be in a pet pram or doggy pushchair.
But there are some larger breed of dogs that may need the help and support of a pet stroller, especially if they are disabled, recovering from an injury or getting on in years. Read our article on ‘Reasons why a large breed of dog may need a dog stroller’. The amount of dog strollers and bicycle dog trailers for large dogs are limited here in the UK, but there are some out there.

Large Dog Strollers

Dog Strollers and Bicycle Dog Trailers recommended for large dogs
The great thing about dog strollers for large dogs is that they are designed with a low entry point. This means that they can enter the stroller themselves, where as smaller dogs are picked up and placed inside by the owner. Large dogs prefer to be nearer the ground because of the strong centre of gravity. It can also be dangerous for the dog owner to pick up their large dogs due to their weight. Any dog owner who has a large breed will know this, especially when they have to pick them up to place them on a vet’s table.
Larger dog strollers also have a more strengthened and solid suspension in their design, mainly to keep the stroller more stable when it’s on the move. They also have a more robust base that can hold the weight dog and this will also prevent a trampoline effect when the dog is moving around inside.
Like all other dog strollers larger models also have mesh panel windows that keep the interior of the compartment cool and well ventilated. The tend to have these mesh windows on three or four sides of the dog stroller which helps the air flow circulate much better. The mesh panel windows also give your large dog maximum visibility of the outside world so they can enjoy the view as they are pushed along. The darkened durable mesh also gives them some privacy as the dog is not clearly visible from the outside.
Dog Strollers and Bicycle Dog Trailers recommended for large dogs
Dog strollers for larger dogs are also covered in an all weather durable fabric. This will keep them warm and dry in the cold wet weather and also keep them protected from the sun and it’s harmful UV rays in the summer. This can be such a bonus as it prevents your dog from getting all wet and cold from the rain and also stops them getting over heated in the hot weather. Many large dogs who walk for long periods of time in the hot sun can suffer from heatstroke, which can be not only difficult to treat but can also be fatal.
Pet Gear AT3 Roadster Dog Stroller - large wheels for tough terrains
The wheels on a pet stroller for larger dogs tend to be of a larger size and the front wheels usually a swivel to provide you with better maneuverability. Some large pet strollers have pneumatic tyres which help give you and your dog a more smoother ride.
Due to the weight of the large dog plus the stroller, these wheels will be able to move along smoothly, even on gravel and rough terrain. Bicycle dog trailers that convert into a walking strollers tend to have pneumatic tyred wheels for travelling on road surfaces.
When choosing a dog stroller for your large dog you will need to measure your dog correctly so you can obtain the right sized stroller. Read our article on ‘Measuring your dog for a dog stroller’. Your dog must be able to move around comfortably inside the stroller. There needs to be enough room for them to stand, sit and turn around. All stockist should give you the stroller measurements in the product specification.
If you are buying a dog stroller for a large breed puppy you will have to do some research into how big that particular breed will grow to. This will have to be taken into account when choosing the correct size.
The other great thing about large dog strollers is they all fold up easily when not in use. They can be stored in a storage cupboard, closet, garage and even in the boot of your car.

Large Bicycle Dog Trailers

Croozer Bicycle Dog Trailer - enough room for a larger dog
If you like cycling and up for taking your large dog with you on cycle trips then you can buy large bicycle pet trailers. Just like the dog strollers these trailers are weatherproof and come with mesh windows. Some even come with PVC window flaps that can be rolled down in the wet weather.
These PVC windows tend to be at the front of the stroller to avoid any splash back from your rear wheel. Most bicycle dog trailers come with hitches and couplings which are easy to attach to your cycle. Couplings are very useful and will stop the trailer from tipping over if your cycle should. The hitch fittings do vary, but the majority all are designed to remain on your cycle when the trailer is removed and not in use.
We also recommend that you buy a bicycle dog trailer that can be converted into a walking stroller. Some models come with the attachments but some come at an extra charge. These simple stroller conversion kits include a front wheel attachment and a push handle that can be altered depending on the height of the pusher.
Turn your Trixie bicycle dog trailer into a pet stroller with the Trixie conversion kits
Always make sure that you buy a trailer that your dog can move around in. They need to sit, stand and turn around inside the pet trailer so measure your dog and research the various sizes of pet trailers. All stockist will provide you with measurements. All models will also have a weight capacity which should be met.
If you are looking for a bicycle dog trailer for your large breed puppy make sure you are aware of the adult breed size. You can find this information from any dog breeder or animal welfare website. You can also check out our large dog breed chart below, where we advise you of large breeds and their maximum weight and height. Doing your research now will enable you to buy the correct pet trailer for your dog which should last their lifetime.
Both you and your dog need to be safe on the road so make sure that you have all the correct safety clothing and head gear. You must also make sure that your cycle is in great condition before you add a pet trailer to it. You will also need to trailer train your dog before you venture on the road together for the first time.

Dog Strollers and Bicycle Dog Trailers for more than one dog

two dogs in large pet stroller
Many large pet strollers and bicycle dog trailers are bought by dog owners to house more than one dog. Larger pet prams are great for two or even three small dogs. They are also perfect for a litter of puppies.
A large pet stroller can also be of great use if you happen to walk multiple dogs at the same time and all walking at a different pace. The stroller will provide any of your dogs with a resting place if they should tire or need a little time out. If you rae buying a pet stroller for more than one dog just make sure that all the combined weight of your dogs meet the weight capacity of the stroller.

Large dog breeds: weight and height chart

Below is a handy list of some of the most common large breeds of dog. We have also listed their fully grown adult approximate weight (in pounds) and their height (in inches). These measurements may help you when it comes to choosing the right dog stroller and bicycle dog trailer. Remember, your dog should be able to stand up, sit, curl up, and turn around inside the stroller or trailer.
BreedWeight in poundsHeight in inches
Golden Retriever7524
Labrador Retriever7928
German Shepherd8826
English Mastiff25037
American Mastiff20036
Doberman Pinscher10027.5
Great Dane18043
Old English Sheepdog10024
Scottish Collie7526
Irish Red and White Setter7026
English Setter8027
Giant Schnauzer10027.5
Saint Bernard22035.5
Afghan Hound6029
American Alsatian12028
Airedale Terrier6624
American Foxhound7525
English Foxhound7525
Large Poodle7024
Scottish Deerhound10032
Bernese Mountain Dog12027.5
Bull Terrier8524
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