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Think Pink! Pink Dog Strollers.

Have you been looking for that bubblegum coloured dog buggy or that pretty pink princess pushchair for your dog? Pink will never go out of fashion and is one of the most favoured colours of dog strollers. Pink looks not only girly but also has a vibrant sporty feel to it. Did you also know that the colour pink represents compassion, nurturing and love? These are a few qualities of any dog loving owner. Pink can also be feminine and romantic, affectionate and intimate, thoughtful and caring. Even on the dullest of wintry days the colour pink will make you feel uplifted and full of energy! Pink is also calming and will be a lovely colour for your dog to relax in.
You and your dog will be tickled pink with these funky girly pink pet strollers. Not only do they look modern, sporty and funky, but will brighten up any sidewalk, high street or doggy park!

Pet Gear Trails Pink Pet Stroller

Pet Gear Trails pink pet stroller
You and your little dog princess can stroll along with the Pet Gear Trails pink pet stroller. Pink has always been popular with little girly dog outfits and accessories, so you can top the whole lot off with her very own dog stroller.
If your little dog tires easily, and they do when they are out and about all day, they can relax in this bubblegum pink dog buggy. It has 6.5 inch wheels with secure locking brakes so you can park the stroller at the park or at the shops. Your little dog can then leap out and have a play before returning home in the stroller, perhaps to have a snooze!
There is ample room inside this stroller for your dog to relax in, lie, curl up and even sit upright so they can enjoy the view.
Happy Trails Pink Pet Stroller folded
This stroller folds flat to approximately 15 inches, so it can be stored easily in the boot of a car or at home. It only weighs around 17lbs so it’s easy to transport. It also features water repellent 600 denier nylon so your lovable pooch will stay nice and dry if the heavens open with rain. The frame of the stroller is also water resistant so you won’t have to worry about rust.
Your pet can enter the pink stroller by using either the front or back openings which are both zippered. Inside the stroller is a pet tray and removable comfy pad, which is easy to clean in case the little one has a little accident. The stroller also comes with a storage basket for those essential pink toys, treats, a water bottle and perhaps even some of your shopping.
Pet Gear Trails pink pet stroller features
This fun pink stroller has measurements of 28 inches in length, 19 inches in width with a height of 40 inches. Perfect if your little dog wants to sit up or curl up for a little sleep. It’s just perfect for taking your little princess pooch out and about whatever the weather may be.
Pet Gear Trails Pink Dog Stroller on Amazon UK

The Sholley Petmobil Princess

Sholley Petmobil Princess
Or how about the The Sholley Petmobil Princess? The Sholley Petmobil is a safe way to take your dog, cat or any other pet anywhere. The unique thing about this stroller is that it’s very safe to walk with. The Petmobil is available in two sizes – standard and large designed to suit all small to medium sized dogs.
The standard size will carry a dog of up to 40ibs (18kg) and has an internal capacity of 20 inches in height, 14 inches width and 14 inches in depth. When folded the meaurements are 43″(h)x20″(w)x 9″(d). It weighs approximately just over 5 kilograms.
The larger size will carry a dog of up to 75ibs (34kg). It has an internal height of 24 inches with a width of 20 inches and a 19 inch depth. The folded dimensions are 53″(h) x 24″(w) x 10″(d). It weighs approximately just over 9 kilograms.
Sholley Petmobil Princess large model
The great thing about this stroller is the dog will remain safe and dry as it is pushed around on safe, stable swivel wheels. It also features durable mesh to keep the stroller well ventilated and to keep the buzzing bugs out!
Many older dog owners can feel safe as they walk with this particular stroller as it may help keep them upright too! It’s very similar to some shopping trolleys but contains a very much loved cargo! It’s great for walking on various terrains and folds up easily for storage purposes.
The Petmobil Princess also features some cute decorative leopard print bows to let everyone know that there is someone very special on board! This safe to walk stroller is perfect for your dog, cat or even puppies or kittens.
The Sholley Petmobil Princess on Amazon UK

The Valentina Valentti Pink 3 in 1 Dog Stroller, Carrier and Car Seat

Valentina Valentti 3-in1 pink dog stroller
Valentina Valentti strollers are a great way to take your pet with you on a long walk through the park, a walk around the shops, or maybe even to the beach. This fantastic pink dog stroller has an 3-in-1 design, consisting of a pet stroller, a pet carrier and a dog car seat. All three functions will safely contain and protect your pet wherever you go.
This stroller comes in a lovely shade of pink with some black detail. It is made of a durable 600 denier polyester material and boasts a light weight yet durable frame. The frame is rust resistant and folds down in seconds for easy storage in the boot of the car or at home. It has rear lockable brakes which will securely park your stroller.
Valentina Valentti 3-in1 pink dog stroller - dog carrier section
The pet carrier section contains four uselful pockets plus a removable and washable pad. There are also adjustable shoulder straps which can also secure the carrier to the seat of your car. The compartment also contains a front and rear mesh window for good air ventilation for your little pet.
The carrier can be used with it’s top open for those lovely warm sunny days or can be closed if the weather turns bad or if little doggy wants some snooze time. There is also a leash attachment inside the carrier so your dog can be secured safely inside.
Valentina Valentti 3-in1 pink dog stroller – dog car seat
When driving the car the carrier has two rear loops which allows the seat belt to pass through them for your dogs safety. This is a very useful dog stroller and pet carrier for anyone who is on the go. Your dog will be warm, dry and very secure when out about on the streets or in your car. Great for holidays and trips to the vet.
Valentina Valentti Pink 3 in 1 Dog Stroller on Amazon UK

Pink 4 Wheel Easy Fold Dog Stroller or Foldable Pet Buggy

Pink 4 Wheel Easy Fold Dog Stroller
This is a perfectly pink fold flat four large wheeled dog stroller with a heavy duty yet lightweight steel frame. This blossom coloured pink stroller is manufactured with high quality water resistant 600 denier polyester fabric which will help keep your little pooch nice and dry.
This great little pink dog pushchair has a superior four wheel mobility which helps keep the doggies ride safe and smooth without stressing them whatsoever. Furthermore. These four sturdy wheels will not get bogged down in muddy ground which makes this pet stroller ideal for wet and wintry weather. The wheels are extra large and are aprrox 8 inches in diameter rather than the standard size of 5 inch wheels which are on some other strollers.
Pink 4 Wheel Easy Fold Dog Stroller
The rear wheels also include locking brakes to ensure your pet stays safe when you decide to stop and shop. This beautiful pink pet pram is definitely the most stylish and practical way of getting your pet and your dog accessories out and about on those long enjoyable walks to the park, beach or dog show.
On hot summer days your dog will will stay cool in the shade of the pet stroller and the mesh windows will allow fresh air circulate for maximum breathability. Your dog will be able to stay cool whilst still being able to enjoy the view.
This pretty pink pet stroller is of lightweight design and only weighs around 6.5kg, so it can be easily lifted in and out of your car boot. It folds flat in seconds and boasts an accessories tray and storage basket for your dogs treats and toys. It’s a perfect size for small to medium dogs and has a length of 22 inches, a width of 13 inches and height of 23 inches.
Pink 4 Wheel Easy Fold Dog Stroller on Amazon UK
These perfectly pink dog strollers are a great way for very young and older dogs who like to enjoy the fresh air, whilst not having to do large amounts of walking. Senior dogs who have have hip problems, arthritis or even visual impairment can still get out and about, keep safe and secure until they get to the park for their daily walkabout. Most of these pet strollers come complete with a dog lead safety clip, allowing you to secure your dog in your dog stroller. And they are all pink! Your little dog will look very pretty in pink when she is out and about looking very chic!
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