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Dog Strollers: The all year round protection for your dog

Dog Strollers: The all year round protection for your dog

Don’t let extreme weather conditions put you off from taking your dog out.
A dog stroller or trailer is the perfect all year mobile home for your dog!

No matter what time of the year it is, a dog stroller can be of great use to your dog. These mobile pet homes on wheels are now becoming more popular with dog owners here in the UK. Sales are rising dramatically as people are realising just what these dog prams can do for their dog.
Pet strollers are extremely valuable to dogs who are small, disabled, senior or incapable of walking very far. Many would argue that a dog should be able to walk on all of their four legs and by putting them in a dog buggy is just being silly, a fad or a celebrity gimmick. But just like humans who suffer from mobility issues dogs can now live a new lease of life by being transported about on a doggy haven on wheels!

Hot summer weather

puppy strollers protect your puppy from harmful UV rays in hot sunny summer weather
Not only do these pet prams get a dog outdoors and about with their loving owners, but they also protect them from the elements that in some cases can do them some harm. Many dogs are confined to indoors when it’s the height of summer, mainly to protect them from the sun and the harmful UV rays which can burn them and cause heatstroke. But a dog stroller can enable a dog to travel during the heat of the day and provide them with plenty of cool shade and a resting place to snooze and relax.
The unique design of these pet strollers also include mesh panel windows that protect the dog (or cat) from buzzing insects that would only irritate them and cause them harm. The mesh windows will also allow cool air to circulate throughout the interior of the stroller giving the dog comfort on a hot day. When the sun is not too harsh some strollers can open up to give the dog a full view of the surroundings and also letting them get many admirers too. Safety tether clips are included on many dog strollers which can be attached to the dog’s collar to prevent them from suddenly leaping out.
Taking your dog out on a summer day trip can now be a breeze and you can even take all your dog’s essentials along with you. Their food, water, treats, blankets and bowls can be stored in the handy storage compartment situated underneath the stroller. This means that you can walk with your dog, ‘bag or backpack free’ preventing you from getting any arm and back strain.

Bleak Mid Winter

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But it’s not only summer that a pet stroller provides complete protection for your dog. Many dogs suffer from health issues when winter approaches and the temperatures drop. A dog stroller allows you to transport your dog quickly and safely to the dog park when it’s snowy, wet or icy. It also limits the amount of contact your dog has with the icy ground. Snow, ice and ice-melting pavement chemicals can cause irritation and damage to your dogs paws making them eventually sore and sometimes hard to walk on.
Not all dogs are bred to cope with winter and the dogs that aren’t so lucky have to cope with the snow and ice the best way they can. Small and short haired dogs can benefit from wearing a dog coat that will help them to keep their body temperature up. The coat also keeps them warm, helps their circulation and protects their inner organs. A pet stroller can also help keep your dog warm and dry especially if the weather turns bad.
A doggy pushchair will also enable your dog to be able to do their exercise in the appropriate environment like the dog park or dog friendly recreation ground. Sometimes when you walk your dog to the park through inches of snow and ice they can get very tired and be exhausted very quickly and are not up to exercising at all when you actually get to your destination. It can become a bit of a wasted journey! Then there’s the additional problem of putting them through the ordeal of making them walk all the way back home again. A dog stroller can get you and your dog to chosen locations quickly and efficiently and without any fuss.

Spring and Autumn Showers

a pet stroller or trailer can keep your dog or puppy dry and protected in wet rainy weather
The durable thick weatherproof coverings on dog strollers are also perfect for keeping your dog dry during the rainy season. Spring and Autumn can be pretty wet, especially before and after the New Year. British weather in March and April have been pretty wet in the past few years and heavy showers can descend upon us unannounced. British weather can be so unpredictable.
Even before late autumn the weather can make a walk in the park not such ‘a walk in the park’ but pretty miserable. The mixture of rain and rotting leaves can be pretty unpleasant to walk your dog through, not to mention the wet muddy paths to trudge on. This is when a dog stroller can help your dog get to their exercise park with very little fuss and less mess. And even if the park is muddy and wet for your dog to exercise in, they can be quickly cleaned, dried and placed back in the stroller for a warm, dry and snug journey home. Now that they are ‘exercised out’ your dog can snooze inside the warm and dry doggy stroller.

Vets, Venues and Vacations

a dog stroller can keep your pet cool on a hot day
There may be other times throughout the year when a dog stroller can come in pretty handy. Visiting the vets can be a hassle especially if your dog is injured or too unwell to walk there. The veterinary waiting room can also be a distressing place for your dog, especially when they are surrounded by other ill dogs and cats. A dog stroller can provide them with comfort, peace and privacy at a time when they really need it.
Dog strollers are also great for taking your dog on vacation with you no matter what time of year it is. You can travel and house your dog in their stroller throughout the trip. Many dog friendly villas, hotels and guest houses do not provide you with a pet bed or dog bedding, so a stroller becomes their very own sleeping quarters for the duration of the holiday. Many bus, train and travel companies also prohibit dogs on board their services unless they are in a pet carrier or dog stroller, so at least you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe inside their stroller.
Taking your dog on holiday with you not only saves you money on kennel costs but it also means that your dog can enjoy some quality time with you and your family, after all they would rather be with you than in some strange place all caged up and surrounded by other noisy homesick animals.
A pet stroller also allows you to take your dog to outdoor venues like country shows, picnics, fairs and music festivals. Your dog can walk when they feel like it and rest when they don’t. And if you happen to travel by car a dog stroller easily folds flat to be stored in the boot of your car.

Fitness Fanatics

Fitness facts about cycling with a bicycle dog trailer
If you are a jogger or a keen cyclist then your dog can now accompany you with the aid of a jogging pet stroller or a bicycle pet trailer. Many dog owners like to keep fit by jogging or cycling or they just wish to venture out of the city and see some countryside. Unfortunately in the past the poor dog had to stay at home all alone and bored.
Jogging pet strollers are built with extra suspension and shock absorbers so your dog has a bump free ride as you jog along. There are always plenty of opportunities for them to hop out and run with you and then hop back in when they have had enough! You can now run at your own pace rather than theirs.
You can also attach a bicycle pet trailer to the rear of your bike and take your dog on road trips with you. With a little training beforehand, your dog can get quite a kick out of travelling along with you. They will also appreciate walking, hiking and exploring the countryside when you both get there. A bicycle dog trailer is also a great way to take your pet to vet appointments and other errands. With a cycle pet trailer can get there pretty quick, especially through rush hour. You can zip through the traffic much faster than if you went by car.
There may be times throughout the year when you and your dog may not need the use of the stroller. Most good strollers fold up and can be placed in a closet, cupboard, garage or shed.

Four Seasons

We have put together some useful dog care articles on various seasons of the year. Your dog is constantly being prepared for changes in the weather as the year rolls on. Take a look at our help, tips and advice for each season in turn so that your dog can be in tip top condition no matter what the weather throws at you!
All year round advice and tips on caring for your dog
  • Winter can become a struggle for small and vulnerable dogs, especially when it’s snowy, icy and very cold. Some dogs are bred to deal with the cold, but many are not. A pet stroller is an ideal way to still get your dog outdoors, even though the weather is wet and wintry. It’s a great and quick way to get them to the dog park so they can exercise. A dog stroller also keeps your dog warm and protected and it gives them an ideal place to rest.
  • After the harsh winter months it’s nice to see Spring finally arrive. But Spring can still be a wet and chilly season and a dog stroller can still be a protective haven for your dog, especially if the weather turns cold. Even February and March can have snow falls and unnanounced rain showers so here are some tips and advice on caring for your dog before the summer months.
  • The hot summer months can really take it’s toll on your dog. Keeping them cool and out of the harsh sun is vital. To avoid them from staying indoors all summer you can walk, stroll, cycle and even holiday with your dog using a pet stroller or a bicycle dog trailer. By keeping them hydrated and even their walks to the cooler parts of the day you and your dog can enjoy a wonderful summer together. Read our summer care tips for your dog.
  • After the hot summer days have faded and as autumn approaches there are some necessities that your dog will need to prepare them for the coming cold winter months. Autumn can be a combination of wet windy days and cold nights not to mention the condition of roads, paths and parks. So keeping your dog protected is vital, especially if they are small and vulnerable. Read our handy Autumn tips on caring for your dog which includes advice on preparing them for winter.
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