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Measuring your dog for a dog stroller.

Measuring your dog for a dog stroller.
Before you buy any dog stroller for your pet, make sure you do your homework and research. One of the key considerations is whether your dog will fit in your chosen stroller.

Room for Growth

If you are buying a dog stroller and your dog is still fairly young bear in mind it’s body growth and weight increase over the next year or so. If you are unsure of how high the breed will grow ask a professional breeder or search for this information on the internet. Or if you plan to use the stroller for a litter of puppies, make sure there is ample room for all of them to fit inside.

Height of the Dog

Consider the height of the stroller and the height of your dog. Don’t presume that your pooch will just lie down inside the stroller compartment. We all know that dogs can be unpredictable, especially when they are out and about. Make sure that you allow room for your dog to be standing inside the stroller or trailer. Otherwise it’s going to be cramped and uncomfortable for your dog.
We suggest that after you have taken the measurement from their head to the floor, you then add another 6 inches on top of that, to allow for lots of headroom.

Length of the Dog

Equally important is the length of your dog. Measure from their chest to the back of the hindquarters. The length of the stroller compartment should be at least a few inches longer than the length of your dog. We recommend adding several inches to your dogs length measurement which will allow them to rest very confortably inside the stroller or trailer.

Weight of the Dog

Take into account the weight of your dog and the weight limit of the stroller. Again allow for growth if your dog is still young. If your stroller or trailer has a suspended fabric floor and you have a heavy dog, you may want to consider having a piece of quarter-inch plywood cut to the size and shape of your trailer floor. This can help stop the ‘trampoline’ effect that happens with soft floored strollers. Your dog will also appreciate the extra stability that this new floor will provide, and it isn’t much extra weight.
If you are unsure about the weight of your dog, here is a great tip to measure their weight. First of all weigh yourself, making a note of it. Then pick up your dog and weigh yourself again. Now subtract your first weight measuremeant from the combined weight of you and your dog. You should then have a good weight measurement for your pooch. Otherwise it’s impossible to keep them still while making them stand still on the bathroom scales!
If you are unable to weigh your dog then take your dog to your vet, who will be happy to weigh them for you on their animal weighing scales.
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