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How to massage your dog

How to massage your dog
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How to massage your dog in just a few easy steps.

Dog massage is great for dogs who suffer from arthritis, tension and joint stiffness. And it’s the perfect ‘warm up’ before exercise!

Just like strollers for dogs, many think that massage for canines is just a silly fad. But they would be wrong. Many dogs, just like humans, love human contact and touch and sometimes need some massage to relieve built up tension and stress.
Massage for dogs (and humans) actually lowers blood pressure and reduces stress for both the giver and receiver and it only takes a few minutes a day. Better still, learning how to give your dog a massage is easy and it gives you some great quality time with your dog. Dog massage can be carried out on any size of dog, and more often than not, they will absolutely love it.
Massaging your dog can be a daily procedure that will not only relieve any built up tension, but it’s a great way of calming them. Dog massage is also a perfect solution for any nervous or distraught dog, who have a fear of fireworks or any other phobia.
Giving your dog a daily massage will also ‘warm up’ their body, legs and joints before a good bout of exercise. This may also prevent them from pulling any muscles when doing any vigorous running or leaping.
If your dog is also suffering from any joint stiffness or soreness, a daily gently massage will be of great benefit for them. Any recent exertion, ageing, or inactivity can lead to soreness and stiffness in joints and muscles, especially in older dogs.
Massage can also give some comfort to any dog suffering from arthritis. Just take the dog massage gently, so as to not cause them any pain in their arthritic areas.
When a dog massage is carried out regularly, you will notice that your pooch will begin to look forward to this special ‘one on one’ time. Get some family members to learn the dog massage technique too, just in case you are unavailable.
Below are some easy steps to follow when giving your dog a massage.
How to massage your dog in just a few easy steps
  • Begin by taking off your dog’s collar, so you can massage them around the neck area.
  • Start on your dog’s neck with the tips of your fingers. Gently massage your dog a circular motion.
  • Then slowly work your way down the neck and to in between their shoulders. This is the spot where dogs cannot reach. It’s usually the dog’s favourite spot. Spend some extra time there.
  • Still using the circular motion with your fingertips, move slowly to the dog’s shoulders. If you find that the muscles are a little tight in this area, spend a little extra time.
  • After that, work your way down your dog’s front legs and also massage their front chest.
  • Then work back up their legs across their chest and then begin to massage down their spine.
  • Work your way down the spine towards the base of their tail.
  • Then work down both the back legs.
  • Your dog will really enjoy this massage, even if you only do this once a day, but you can keep repeating the whole process until your dog has had enough.
  • Your dog may also enjoy having their ears massaged, so give them a gentle rub and include the back of their head.
  • You can also gently massage their paws, gently rubbing their toes and working in between them.
  • And don’t forget their tummies. Many dogs like a good tummy rub.
  • Massage time can also coincide with their grooming too.
If you are looking to give your dog a more slower and thorough massage then take a look at the video below from eHowPets. Victoria Stilwell meets Melanie Phillips, who is a dog trainer and masseur, together they will show you how to massage your dog.
How to massage your dog
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