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Our top tips on paw care for dogs

Our top tips on paw care for dogs
Photo Credit: Shannon Smith via cc
Throughout our lives we humans walk in a variety of shoes which not only look good, but the main purpose of them is that they are designed to protect our feet. Even though you can buy protective dog shoes and boots, a dogs feet are designed for walking without protection. Dogs feet have strong pads which provide extra cushioning to help protect their bones and joints from shock when walking and jumping down from a height. The pads also help them in the harshest of weathers as they can provide some insulation and protection to the inner paw.
For most dogs and especially smaller dogs, walking in snow, ice and even on hot pavements can take it’s toll on their feet. Dog owners also forget what sort of dangers hide in snow grit, on gravel paths, grassy verges or even on chemical treated park lawns.
So now you can look after your dog’s feet with our top pawdi-cur (paw care) tips:
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