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How to weigh your dog for a dog stroller

How to weigh your dog for a dog stroller
All dog strollers and bicycle pet trailers have been designed and manufactured with a weight capacity in mind. It’s very important that you adhere to that weight capacity so that the pet stroller or trailer remains a safe mode of transportation for you and your dog.
Even if you plan to carry more than one dog in a pet pram, the combined weight of your dogs should meet the strollers weight capacity limit. If this is not met and you overload the stroller, it could cause damage to the structure and deem the pushchair or trailer unsafe for use.
Getting your dog to stand still on a small set of bathroom scales is virtually impossible. But here is a simple and effective way on how to weigh your dog for a dog stroller.
All you need is your dog, a pen and paper and a set of bathroom scales! Using a set of digital bathroom scales is recommended as they do give more accurate results.
Photo Credit: Darren Estoril via cc
You will also need to measure your dogs body height and length so you are able to buy the correct size of stroller for them. Your dog should be able to stand, sit and turn around inside the stroller. To measure your dog read our article on Measuring your dog for a dog stroller..
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