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Why a dog stroller is the perfect gift for Christmas.

A Dog Stroller is an ideal Christmas gift

A dog stroller is a unique Christmas gift that will bring comfort to any dog.
An all weather pushchair that will last for years to come.

A dog stroller is not only for Christmas, it can be for life. Having a doggy pram can also be useful all year round. If you or a loved one has a dog who needs a bit of help with their mobility, and can’t keep up as much as they used to, then a dog stroller would be an ideal Christmas gift. It would give the owner and their dog so much happiness, as they can then spend more quality time together.
Many dog owners who have bought dog strollers have been amazed how much it has changed their dogs life and indeed their own. Any dog hates to be left at home, to them it’s being separated from their ‘pack’, their loved ones. Sometimes when a dog gets old or suffers from an ailment, leaving them at home is sometimes the only option. But giving them the chance to accompany you in their very own dog stroller is like heaven to them. Not only are they with you, but they can also look after their ‘pack’ and enjoy the scenery too. It’s a better quality of life for them. And a stop off at the park for a quick run around will always be welcome.
Even if your dog is fit and healthy, a dog stroller can sometimes be a good idea. A trip to the vets when they are ill, check ups, or recovering from an operation is an ideal opportunity to keep them safe and secure in a dog stroller. They can still get out and about while they are recovering and you can also choose the best place for them to stretch their legs. A relaxing stroller journey to the nearest park and then letting them out for a while in safe surroundings.
The winter weather is also another good reason to buy a pet stroller as a Christmas gift. The British winters have been pretty bad recently and there is nothing more depressing to a dog than going outside to be faced with freezing conditions. No dog enjoys having to walk their sensitive paws through wet slush dirty snow, or through freezing hail or rain. With a dog stroller they are protected from all the bad weather. Dog strollers are designed with a protective weatherproof covering which will keep the occupant nice and dry. They can hop out for a bit, do what they have to do, then hop right back in! Put their favourite blanket inside for extra snuggly comfort.
Believe it or not but dog strollers are also designed for the warm hot sunny months too. Most designs have mesh windows and openings. These keep the stroller well ventilated as the air flow travels through the inner compartment, keeping your dog nice and cool. It also acts as a mesh to keep all the nasty buzzing bugs out, so you little dog can relax in peace. Like humans, dogs don’t like to be in the direct sun and it can do them damage if unprotected. With a stroller you can now take your dog to the beach or to the sunny park, they can play and then cool off in the shade of their stroller.
There are many strollers on the market all with different functions. Some can be attached to a cycle so the dog can accompany their owner out on a bike ride. There are ‘jogger strollers’ which are designed with three wheels so you can actually run or jog with a stroller too. You can always keep active, even if your dog cannot.
Petmobil Strollers
Some strollers are also perfect for the elderly who happen to be dog owners. Time and time again you see old folk struggling with a dog on a leash, who wants to chase a cat or wants to pull the owner along. This is not only dangerous for the dog, but can cause the elderly person to be pulled over and have a nasty fall. There are some great pet strollers from Sholley Trollies, which resemble shopping trollies but are actually designed to house your dog. These are perfect for old folk to get out and about with their dog. Not only does the stroller keep them upright and out of harms way, but also keeps their dog safe and secure too.
Dog strollers can also be used for a very young litter of puppies also. Try taking five or six puppies out on a leash walk! They will be all over the place, not to mention the attention they will get from larger dogs. Taking them out in a stroller is ideal. They can enjoy the trip and snooze when they want. You also have peace of mind, knowing that they are safe with you and out of harms way at home. It also gives the tired mummy dog some quality time alone from her pups.
Pet pushchairs are also perfect for family holidays and outings. They are a safe way to transport your dog over long distances, especially if you have a combination of trains and car travel. A ‘3 in 1′ stroller would be perfect. These ‘3 in 1′ strollers are multifunctional and act as dog carrier, car seat and stroller, making you and your dogs journey as relaxed as possible. No more having to struggle with a boisterous and nervous dog in the back seat of your car.
The other great thing about pet strollers is that you don’t always need them. They can be used only on the odd occasion or when necessary, especially if you have a fit and active dog. Most strollers fold way and can be stored away in a shed, cupboard and even in the boot of a car.
There are some expensive strollers out there but there are also many good value ones. A good stroller can cost between £60 and £140. This isn’t a great deal when you come to think of the years usage you or any dog owner will get out of it and the amount of comfort it will bring to that little dog, and there will be times in their life that they will really need it.
So make someones Christmas this year. A dog stroller is a totally unique gift for a friend, or even yourself and especially to a dog, it will bring so much comfort and joy to that little dogs life.

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