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Dog Strollers – A Vet’s Opinion

Dog Strollers – A Vet’s Opinion
Dog strollers are a relatively new thing in the UK. In the States they seem to have taken off and are becoming very popular for dog owners and pets alike. But some dog and pet owners in the UK seem to be a bit unsure about whether a dog stroller is a good idea. Some like the idea of a dog stroller but feel a bit embarrassed. Some pet owners don’t even know that they even exist.
What would you think if you saw a dog being pushed around in a ‘pram’ or ‘pushchair’ designed for dogs, cats or even rabbits? Some would immediately think that it’s just crazy or that the owner has ‘more money than sense’. Some will think that it’s a good idea. But think about it. Why has someone actually designed that stroller for an animal? What do the animal professionals think?
Dr Vadim Chelom
Dr Vadim Chelom is a registered veterinarian, a writer and an educator. He also writes a very useful blog on the web where he offers a great deal of advice and tips on the care of your pet.
Here he provides us with some of the reasons why buying a dog stroller is actually a really good idea.

Leg problems

It’s a simple one but highly underrated. If your dog has problems with their legs, and I don’t mean paralysis. I just mean arthritis or hip displasia or just getting tired after a long walk: a doggy-stroller could be a sensible option. Unless your dog is over 40kg, obviously. But you can understand that yourself.

Contact issues

Maybe you want your dog to stay away from other dogs – perhaps you are worried about infection risks in that particular area. Or maybe your dog is on an immuno-suppressive medication (like cortisone or chemotherapy) and even a brief contact with another dog could cause life threatening infection. A dog stroller will give you control of where your dog goes (or doesn’t go).

Behaviour Issues

This one works both ways. Either your dog can be tempremental or aggressive and will tear others to bits or you are worried that another dog could tear your to bits instead. Either way a dog pram is a good security tool. It gives you peace of mind that your dog is out of another dog’s reach and cannot cause any fighting problems.


Even us humans can suffer when the weather turns bad. Ice, snow and wet weather can have an eefect on out feet and general health. Even the hot summer sun can cause us sunburn problems, It’s the same for dogs. They also need protection when facing adverse weather conditions. Using a stroller can at least get them outdoors, when otherwise they would be left at home. A stroller can give your pet protection and comfort anytime of the year.


A stroller is ideal for both very young dogs and senior dogs. A young puppy who has yet to have any booster shots or may be very vulnerable outside will enjoy the comfort and security of a dog stroller. Whereas a senior dog may only be able to walk short distances due to old age. Either way, your dog can accompany you with slowing you down, and they will be at ease as they are not seperated from their loving owner.
So if you fall into any of the categories above Dr Chelom advises that you don’t hesitate about buying a stroller. And what ever you do, don’t worry about what other people think – it’s their problem, not yours.
Dr Chelom’s stroller advice has been taken from his website,
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