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Which dog stroller is best for me?

Which dog stroller is best for me?
Before even parting with your money for a dog stroller, you need to think about which model is right for you and your dog. Over the past few years more models of dog stroller have been created and there are now so many to choose from. Some are very multifunctional, some are dual purpose and some are just plain strollers.
It’s a good idea to have a think about what sort of stroller you need for you and your dog’s lifestyle. Then there is the question of budget. How much have you got to spend? And can you find a stroller for that price on the market?
And always make sure you take into account your dogs weight, and especially their future adult weight as some stroller weight limits vary. Their size is alo a factor to think about, you may have a small puppy that will grow into a large dog, so make sure the stroller will house them comfortably.
Most strollers are designed for small to medium dogs. There are a few designed for larger dogs, but as we all know pushing a large dog around in a stroller would take some effort. Most strollers are designed for dogs upto 30 to 40 kilos.
So what sort of stroller is right for you? Well, we are here to help. Here is a quick guide to the types of strollers that are out there and hopefully, by the end of reading this article, you should have a better idea of what you and your dog need.

Just strolling along!

Pink 4 Wheel Easy Fold Dog Stroller
If you require just a standard stroller then there are various options out there on the market. If you are looking for a ‘run of the mill’ type of stroller for walking to the shops, vets or park then you will need a four wheeled stroller. These type of strollers tend to have just one purpose. Getting you and your dog from ‘A to B’ with as much safety and comfort as possible.
These sort of dog prams will always come with a very weatherproof protective covering, plenty of room inside for your dog and some storage space for your dog’s things or a little shopping. The four wheeled strollers will be very sturdy and stable, especially when you have to park the dog pushchair and apply the brake. There is very little chance of the stroller toppling or falling over even if the dog gets restless inside.
Most strollers will fold very easily and not take up much space when stored. Some dog owners may only use their stroller periodically, especially if the weather turns bad or the dog suffers from a temporary ailment. These strollers are perfect for very young dogs and senior ones too, as moving about can become troublesome. Some dog breeders will also use a stroller for taking a small litter of pups out and about, that way they are enjoying being outside with out any danger of other dogs getting to them. It’s also a good idea to use a stroller before a dog has it’s first course of booster injections.

Running, joggging or walking with your dog

Surprisingly, there are now dog strollers designed so that you can now go walking, jogging and running with your dog. The idea came from the baby strollers that mums wanted so that they could take baby out for a jog and keep fit at the same time!
These models tend to be designed with three wheels. This design with a swivel front wheel is great for trotting over uneven landscape and some rough terrain. Some models come equipped with a handle that can house your mobile or water bottle, which is perfect for anyone on the go.
Jogging strollers are also designed to easily fold up and will be extremely weatherproof incase the weather suddenly changes. There are even some jogging strollers that convert into a cycle trailer and vice versa, so take a look at those if you happen to have an active lifestyle and wish to take your pooch with you.

Cycling and getting about with your dog

Doggyhut Bicycle Trailer
As mentioned in the above section, there are now strollers that are designed to attach to your cycle. No need to leave your dog at home if you wish to go out on a long bike ride. These sturdy, durable strollers come with all the necessary attachments and are usually designed to fix to your bike in only a couple of minutes.
Most dog trailers can also be turned into jogging or standard strollers by adding a front wheel. Some models include this stroller kit, and some you will have to buy the additional parts. All these cycle trailers are designed with your dogs safety in mind. They usually come with an internal leash clip, so your dog can remain securely fastened inside. All models are also fitted with a removable mat that is easy to clean in case of any mishaps on route.
If you are worried about taking your dog out onto the road, fear not. All cycle trailers are designed to be strong and sturdy and will usually be designed with reflector strips on the covering and reflectors on the wheels. Obviously you will have to allow your dog to familiarise itself to the trailer before using for the first time.

Planes, trains and automobiles.

3 in 1 Dog Stroller. in Red
If you are constantly travelling with your pet, a standard stroller will not always be sufficient. You will need a multifunctional dog stroller kit that will adapt to all your travelling needs. There are some great multifunctional ‘3 in 1′ strollers on the market. One mode will be the stroller itself, you can then detach the stroller from the wheeled frame base and it becomes a very useful dog carrier, perfect to take on planes, buses, trains and any mode of transport. The carrier can also become a car seat, so that your pooch remains secure and stable in the back seat, or front seat of your car, by just feeding the seat belt through the loop.
These type of models are designed to take apart very quickly, which is so useful if you have so many interchanges to do in one day. The frame itself is easy to fold and can be stored in any luggage compartment or the boot of your car.
A multifunctional stroller is ideal for any dog owner, because you just don’t know when you will need it. A dog carrier itself is useful for visits to the vet or travelling by car.
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