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Losing weight and getting fit with your dog!

Losing weight and getting fit with your dog!
We all feel a bit bloated and overweight just after Christmas and most of us want to do something about it come the new year. Some of us may even want to lose more weight, especially if we have made that new years resolution to do so.
There is no better way to shift those pounds than walking and exercising with your dog. You will be surprised how much weight you can lose by regularly walking your dog on a daily basis. But even if your dog is not up to speed walking, jogging or running at your speed, there is good news for them. You can exercise to your hearts content while they relax in the comfort of their own dog stroller.
There are some great dog strollers out on the market for the wanna be exercise fanatic who want to keep fit and at the same time keep your dog warm, secure and comfortable.

Dog Walking

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Did you know that walking your dog can burn around 204 calories per hour?
There are some well designed dog strollers which are perfect for you to walk or power walk while your dog doesn’t have to. These strong sturdy dog prams are ideal for your dog to keep warm and secure as you walk off those calories in all kinds of weather. The great thing about a dog pushchair is that your dog can still accompany you on your exercise walks and can even walk some of the way with you and relax inside the stroller when they are out of puff.
All dog strollers are well designed for the wintry British weather we are going to get in the new year. Your dog can still come for walkies, even in the bad wet weather. Most strollers have strong sturdy wheels that will travel on most rough and deal with snow and slush.
The four wheeled strollers are best for just walking your dog to the park or to the shops. Your dog can do their exercise too as they can pop in and out of the stroller to their hearts content. Like most four legged pets, they are not too keen on the wet weather, but at least a stroller gets them out and about when it’s bad outside.
You will also burn extra calories pushing your dog around in the stroller, depending on how big they are. Keep fit while spending quality time with your dog!


Jogging Dog Strollers
Running and jogging can burn over 500 calories an hour, it could be more, depending on how fast you jog.
There are even dog strollers designed for the jogger! You can jog along as your dog relaxes within the stroller. These type of dog prams tend to have three wheels. Two at the back and one swivel wheel at the front. This design of stroller offers more manoeuvrability than the four wheeled pushchairs and can deal with bumps in the ground due tho the added suspension in the wheels.
Jogging strollers also have some useful storage for water bottles, mobile phones and treats for your dog. Your dog will remain secure inside the stroller as they include leash clip attachments, so you dog can’t suddenly jump out.
If you are a fan of cycling too, look out for the jogging strollers that can be attached to your cycle and become a safe and secure cycle trailer for your dog.


Dog cycle trailer strollers
Cycling, with your dog inside a dog trailer can burn around 600 calories per hour. Perfect for getting rid of those extra pounds.
There have been more and more cycle trailers being added to the dog stroller market over the past couple of years. You can now take your best four legged friend out on long bike rides with you. Whether it be solely for exercise purposes or for long a day out exploring the countryside, a cycle dog trailer is perfect for you!
Cycle trailers for dogs actually come in various sizes, so check the weight and size of your dog and make sure they have plenty of room inside. All cycle dog trailers come with secure bases and leash attachment clips so your dog is safe and secure inside.
Look out for the models that have reflectors fitted to the wheels and reflector strips added to the waterproof coverings. Some even come with a flag attachment so motorists can see you have a doggie on board.
The best cycle dog trailers are ones that come with an added wheel attachment, so you can quickly turn the trailer into a jogging stroller. You can burn calories while running along, so you can leave the cycle at home. These are great multifunctional strollers that are excellent value for money. Either way your dog can spend time with you and can relax inside the stroller until it’s their turn to run around for a bit…..more exercise for you too…playing chase the ball!
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