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Dog Walking Guide Books

Dog Walking Guide Books
There is no better exercise than getting out and about on fun walks with your family and especially your dog. Many dog owners are tempted to leave their beloved pets at home mainly becuase they are unsure of the route that they are going to take. We all worry about getting ourselves stranded, and we don’t want the dog in danger too. Well fear not! You can now buy handy local dog walking guide books that will ensure that you will all have a great day out.
These Dog Walker Guides make excellent gifts for anyone who loves being outdoors with their beloved dog.
Each informative guide offers around twenty different routes, which are circular enabling you to return back to the car and set off back home. Each walk differs from between 2 to 6 miles distance which gives you a great choice depending on the amount of time you have.
Each guided walk has information included about the distance and terrain so you can prepare yourselves for the trek ahead. They even include information about any livestock that you may encounter, great if you don’t want a spontaneous round of sheep herding! Most of the walks are away from the busy roads and include minimal road walking, so that you and your dog will have a lot of freedom when walking.
You will also be informed of how many stiles you may encounter and the local pubs to visit. Many of the walks begina nd end near a cafe or pub which is ideal for you to take refreshments before and after your walk. And because you have your canine friend with you, a local veterinary surgery contact is included. They think of everything!
These walks have been designed with maximum off-lead time and minimum exposure to roads.
Even if your dog is still quite young or even getting on in years, these walks can still be enjoyed with the help of a dog stroller. There are some very good foldable lightweight dog pushchairs that can deal with rough terrain and help keep your dog nice and dry if the heavens open with rain. A dog loves walking, no matter how old they are, so a dog pram is a good idea for long walks. The dog can then hop in and out whenver they feel like it. This way the stroller stops your dog getting too over tired, without it, they may have to stay at home and miss out on the fun.
You don’t even need a dog to enjoy these walks as the whole family can trek about visiting some beautiful local natural hot spots that time has forgot. It’s a great series of books and they also make an ideal gift for any dog lover who likes to get out into the countryside.
Nearly every county is covered in this range of handy books. Just click on the links below and get yourselves out and about this summer…and you can now take your dog with you instead of leaving them all alone at home. No more missing out on all the family fun!
What a lovely book for the Dog Walker, all the work is done for you and you know the walk is safe for you and your dog. A must if you are visiting or living in Notts with your dog. Loved the pictures and the Labradors especially.
A Carter, Dog Owner
A useful and practical guide. A good size to easily carry with you. Would recommend to dog walkers and non-dog walkers alike
Mellie, Amazon Customer
I bought this as a present for two of my friends and then ending up buying it for myself and I don’t even have a dog! You don’t need a dog to do these walks, and they explore some World Class places like Dovedale and the Tissington Trail. It’s true that some of the walks encounter sheep, but you can’t get to the best places in Derbyshire without seeing a sheep or two! Overall, a great collection of walks with some fine pictures in. I’ve done 5 of the walks so far and especially like the pubs suggested.
Fanatical Rambler, Peak District
I was stumped as to what to buy my brother for his birthday. He loves his dog and came across these books. I have bought him about four of them so far. They are an ideal gift. They both enjoy their long walks and love having quality time together.
C Beamish, Amazon Customer
This is a wonderful little book for anybody who has a dog and travels in this country. It details suitable walking places where dogs are welcomed all close to the motorway exits. The book has clear driving instructions about how to get from the exit to the walk, what to expect when walking , where to park and walk and then how to get back to the motorway again. Information about places to eat near the walk are also included. An absolute gem and at a very reasonable price. I have already bought more for friends who have dogs.
Mrs Margaret Renshaw, Amazon Customer
I really liked this book and have done 6 of the walks so far and not got lost! (and with a lot of walking books I have used previously this has not been the case). The directions are clear and easy to follow and the walks I went on were beautiful. I liked the fact that I could find a dog friendly pub for after the walk (very important!) and this made my dog happy too. You do not need a dog to enjoy these walks or find this book useful. Highly recommended.
Janet Planet, Amazon Customer
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