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Animal Print Dog Strollers in Leopard, Zebra and Cheetah recommends animal print strollers from

Take a ‘walk on the wild side’ with these animal print dog strollers!

If you are a fan of animal prints then you are going to love these leopard and zebra print dog strollers. There is also a bit of Cheetah Chic! Take a ‘walk on the wild side’ with these beautiful eye catching dog pushchairs, certain to get you and your dog spotted!
Here are some examples of good quality dog strollers and carriers from They won’t break the bank and most definitely look more expensive than they really are. You can’t go wrong with a bit of animal print. These vintage, retro animal print styles will never go out of fashion!
There are a limited amount of animal print strollers available on Amazon UK, click on the links below for more information.

Classic Leopard Skin Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Bet Lynch would definitely be seen walking down Coronation Street with one of these! A pampered pet is sure to love this comfortable secure four wheeled stroller. This easy to fold stroller opens up in seconds and boasts a front and rear entry point for your little dog.
There is a large leopard printed storage basket underneath for all your accessories. And there is even a handy storage cup holder for your latte or cappuccino.
While you are getting all the admiration and attention from passers by, your little darling dog will be snug, safe and secure inside the stroller compartment. The stroller has front, rear and top ventilation with the strong and sturdy mesh windows. These mesh windows also gives your dog some privacy.
The beautiful leopard print covering is made from premium 600g oxford fabric, which is water resistant and will also not fade in the sunlight. Your dog can also stay safe in the hot sunny weather with the anti-ultraviolet sun canopy. The stroller also has four long lasting 6.5″ wheels for an easy push. There is also a thick ventilated mattress that will be a very comfortable base for your dog to relax on.
Classic Leopard Skin Four Wheel Pet Stroller on Amazon UK
The Classic Leopard Skin Four Wheel Pet Stroller is perfect for folding up and putting in the boot of your car. Unfortunately this stroller is only available on

Leopard Skin Posh Pet Stroller

Wow! This is a great little stroller and at a great price. This stroller is perfect for your cats or your little dog. It’s a great little comfy stroller with the added chic of the leopard print design.
The stroller container itself is quite rectangular box shaped, giving your dog a lot more room to stretch out in. The canopy is half shade and half net. This gives your pooch the option to shelter under the shade or basque in the sun, while the net roof keeps them safely inside and those pesky bugs out! The retractable bonnet keeps your pet cool in the sun, protecting it from harmful UV rays.
You can unzip the bonnet from the mesh, allowing you to completely open or close the bonnet. When zipped closed, the bonnet is then stretched tight and stands upright with “ribs” in the top part of the bonnet.
The stroller pushes on four sets of wheels, the two front sets are double wheels and swivel for great manoeuvrability. The whole stroller is a very sturdy and strong pushchair which means it’s perfect for any time of the year. Now there is no reason to leave your little four legged friend all alone at home!
Here area few measurements to give you an idea of it’s size. Handle to floor is 33 inches. Side to side wheel 19.5 inches. The compartment from front to back is 21.5 inches. the compartment from side to side is 15.5 inches and the height of the interior is 20 inches. There is also a great handle storage bar for your coffee or mobile phone.
This pet stroller looks more like a pram designed for a pet than a child’s pushchair. It’s sturdy, and gives your cat or dog a great deal of room. A lot of customers have actually bought this stroller to house a couple of pets as the weight allowance is approximately 25lbs.

Classic Zebra 3 Wheel Pet Stroller

If you thought leopard print was funky, wait until you take a look at this zebra print stroller. This stroller will offer your pet complete protection from the elements, whether it be rainy days or sunny spells. The stroller has ventilated net panels on the front and top of the stroller so the inner compartment is well ventilated with air flow. These panels are zippered. There is front and rear entry entry for your dog and the mesh netting also keeps bugs out. Your dog can then snooze in peace without any distractions.
The three wheel design is great for manoeuvrability and could even work as a jogging stroller. The large 6.5″ wheels glide easily over smooth or rough terrain.
This stroller folds easily and can be opened within seconds and can be stored easily in a cupboard or the boot of your car.
There is a great storage compartment at the bottom of the stroller which is perfect for storing all those doggie essentials like water, bowls and doggie treats. There is also a handy storage compartment on the handle of the stroller, perfect for holding a drink and your mobile phone.
Classic Zebra 3 Wheel Pet Stroller on Amazon UK
This a great way to transport your loving pet in pure style. The protective zebra covering is not only weatherproof but very stylish for those who want a little bit more than a standard stroller.

Classic Zebra 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Here is another great stylish zebra print dog stroller perfect for any dog loving fashionista! This easy to fold, easy to open dog stroller opens and folds in seconds. You dog or cat can enter through either the front or rear opening. Inside there is a comfy padded ventilated mattress so you dog can relax in comfort.
This zebra printed stroller also features top, front and rear ventilation which will keep the air flowing on those warm sunny days. The weatherproof premium 600g oxford fabric covering will keep your pet protected from the elements and the sun canopy will protect them form harmful UV rays making it the perfect all year round stroller.
The four 6.5 inch wheels are well designed for an easy push on various types of terrain and the front swivel wheels offers more manoeuvrability.
There are also some great storage facilities added to this stroller. There is the handle storage bar which includes a cup holder and room for your mobile phone. Underneath the stroller is a large storage compartment for all those dog essentials like water and extra bedding.
This is a great sturdy, all year round fashionable stroller, with a great deal of storage at an excellent value price.

Leopard Print Pet Roller Carrier and Backpack for Dogs and Cats

If you want something a little bit more mobile than a stroller than this pet carrier is ideal. It’s great for travelling great distances as it acts as a carrier and a back pack for when the pavements run out. Imagine trekking across the city and then having to use a train, the tube or the subway, simply pop the carrier on your back and away you go.
This pet roller is a bit like a roller suitcase and will hold a dog of up to 20lbs. But this is no ordinary luggage! The chic style is embellished with leopard print sections that makes this pet carrier look more expensive than it is. The carrier has multiple mesh panels so your dog can stay cool and well ventilated.
As well as being warm and safe inside a leash attachment is also included to give you the peace of mind that your dog is securely attached inside the compartment. The width of the carrier is 14 inches, the depth is 10 inches and the height is 19 inches, which is a lot of room for a dog on the move.
This very handy pet carrier also meets airline approved requirements.

Cheetah print Casual Canine Animal Print Small Pet Back Pack on Wheels

This cheetah print dog carrier is very chic indeed. This stylish carrier can be carried like a backpack or rolled along with luggage-style wheels and telescoping handle. The back pack feature is perfect for when you have to transport your pet up steps or stairways. This is ideal for the city as it can easily be strapped to your back when taking public transport.
The cheetah print is actually 100% nylon canvas which is very durable and long lasting. The mesh windows enable the carrier to be very well ventilated as well as keeping insects out. The carrier also features a front zippered pocket, perfect for that doggie passport.
Inside the carrier is a padded comfortable polyester mat and a collar clip to keep your pooch safe and secure inside. The width of the compartment is 12 inches, the depth is 9.5 inches and has a height of 18.5 inches.
The carrier roller can be pulled along on smooth running wheels and features a 100% polyurethane handles. It’s very practical, multifunctional as well as being very fashionable. This is no ordinary pet carrier but a comfy pet backpack with a difference.

Cheetah Print Casual Canine Nylon Small Pet Duffle Bag

If you are looking for a smaller way to carry your small dog then the cheetah print duffle bag carrier is the one for you. It’s perfect for transporting your small dog to the vets or for travel. The bag features top and front zippered openings.
There are even roll up privacy flaps so your dog can snuggle in peace without being distracted or made to feel anxious from the travelling. The privacy flaps cover the mesh windows which help keep the carrier well ventilated. There is also a zippered storage pocket and a removable berber mat included.
There are two ways of carrying this carrier. One way is to snap fasten the two straps together and carry by hand or the straps can be carried over the shoulder.
The dimensions of the carrier bag are quite roomy. The carrier is 17.5 inches in length, 9.5 inches in width and a height of 18.5 inches. The bag will hold a dog of up to 22lbs in weight, which is just under 10 kilos.
This is yet another way to carry your lovable dog in style! Cheetah style!
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