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Twin or Double Deck Dog Strollers and Twin Pet Carriers

Perfect for the multi-pet family.

These easy to handle strollers give you double the space of any standar single pet stroller. For whatever reason, this gives you two separate compartments which will give each pet their own privacy and comfortable space. Whether you want to transport a cat and a dog, a litter of pups or a pair of dogs who like their own space this double twin pet stroller is the ideal solution. You can transport more than one pet easily and separately.
These strollers are also perfect for dog shows, as the pets can be transported within the stroller and remain inside for their own privacy until it’s time shine in front of the judges.

Twin Dog Strollers

Twin strollers for your dogs are a relatively new thing to the world of canine transportation. Many dog owners and breeders are simply buying larger strollers to house all the dogs together, but there are some twin strollers out there on the market. Unlike the single strollers they may need both hands to fold up and fold down, due to the size.
The twin strollers are also much wider than single strollers and the double deck strollers featured below. There are some stockists that sell these twin strollers, and we are waiting for them on the Amazon shopping sites.

Double Deck Dog Strollers

Double deck strollers are pet strollers which have two pet compartments, one on top of the other. The great thing about these strollers is that some have detachable carriers that can be used independently or together. Each compartment has it’s own entry point for each dog, which means you won’t disturb the other dog if one needs to jump out to walk or do any business.
The great thing about these strollers is that they are not as wide as the twin strollers and can detach from the frame and be a carrier or a single stroller.
Each compartment also has it’s own breathable mat that can be cleaned in case of any accidents, which won’t offend the other animal. Another important feature to note is that some double deck strollers may double up as a grooming table, which is perfect for dog and cat shows.
The double deck strollers are also designed with more of a breathable mesh surface area. This will keep you dog or cat cool in the summer and keep out any pesky buzzy bugs. The rear of the compartment has a covered area for that little bit of privacy!
The Double Deck strollers are becoming very popular, mainly because of the array of multifunctional uses they can offer. They can be a double stroller, single stroller, pet carrier, pet bed, grooming table and offers your pet a large breathable space with a privacy parlour at the back.

Divided Pet Carriers

If you are looking for a smaller pet carrier that can house two small dogs or cats then a divided pet carrier may be what you need. These mobile pet carriers are an ideal way to transport two small animals across town, especially if you have to use public transport like the tube or subway.
The great thing about this carrier is that the divider may be unzipped to convert it to a one compartment carrier, for a slightly bigger dog. Most divided pet carriers can be used with or without the centre divided. Many professional animal breeders, trainers and exhibitors who travel with their cats and dogs these type of carriers because they are the best in-cabin, lightweight, flexible height pet carrier available on the market.
This type of carrier is also ideal to take any small to medium dog to the vet’s for treatment or regular check ups. It’s also ideal for senior or injured dogs as the well padded carrier base gives them extra support.
They are easy to transport on foot, in the car, by public trasport and by airline. Your pet can now travel on the plane with you instead of being in with the cargo. They are very sturdy in design and very comfortable inside for your dog or cat. They include mesh windows, privacy flaps and a secure clip to attach to your dog or cat collar.
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