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Dog Strollers in the City

dog strollers in the city

Dog Stollers, Carriers and Trailers

Many city dog owners are now finding that dog strollers are making life for them and that of their canine friend much more easy. Cities like London, Paris and New York are now littered with dogs in dog strollers, who are on their way to the nearest pastures of green grass. Apartment dwellers in these big cities are now able to take in small to medium dogs and give them a loving home, but with no garden of their own they have to trek to the nearest park for their exercise, so a stroller is the answer to their problems.

Strollers: more practical than pamper

Some dogs are healthy, big enough and capable of walking to the park, playing in the park and then walking back home, giving them far more exercise than a dog who just has their very own yard to exercise in. But in some cases small dogs are getting tired even before they get to the park as they have to travel across the big city on their own four little legs! Places like Central Park are now filled with happy dogs who have made their journey to their doggy destination in the comfort of their very own stroller.
a dogs point of view in the city
Although these pet strollers appear to be a bit over the top when it comes to pampering, they are more practical than pamper. When looking at the above image, imagine being a small or sick dog who has to make their way through pairs and pairs of neverending fast moving feet. It’s quite a stressful and daunting thought.
A dog stroller came in very handy when my dog had extensive hip surgery, perfect for his vet check ups too.
Karen , Dog Owner
Dogs who are also recovering from surgery, orthopaedic or neurologic disorders are usually unsteady on their feet and walking them through the city can be problematic too. Dogs who are disorientated can easily be trampled upon or even walk into the traffic. A stroller can get them to the park easily, quickly and without fuss so they can exercise safely and then return home in the stroller to recover. A grassy park is so much safer than a hard concrete pavement. At the park a tumble on the grass isn’t going to cause any problems, exercising at the park will only encourage the dog to meet fellow canines and dogs do like to socialise.

Exercising in the Park

Any dog, young or old, fat or thin, fit or out of health should be exercising on their own feet. Even if it’s a slow stroll and sniff around the park. But in some cities just getting to the park is a problem. It’s hard to move a tired dog or a dog that is recovering from surgery, so the use of a stroller will get you all moving at your pace. Without the stroller your dog may only walk part of the journey and then you are stuck on the sidewalk with a tired dog, refusing to budge. You have then either got to drag it back home or carry it yourself.
Being able to take my dog on the subway in his stroller saves me so much time.
Dennis , Dog Owner
Then there are the metro’s, subways or underground transport systems to contend with. The New York subway will not allow any dogs on board unless they are in a secure crate, carrier or stroller. Wandering dogs, long leashes and dog mess is only a health hazard so many dog owners will then try to avoid the underground transport system if they can, which means expensive taxi cab rides across town. In failing that, they then have to walk themselves and the dog miles across the city to do just a simple errand. The strollers and dog carriers on the market can help you and your pooch get across the city quickly. There are back pack carriers and foldable strollers that can house your dog, give them some privacy and take the stress of travelling underground away from them. Many of the larger breeds can cope with this type of transport system, but the smaller breeds may need a little help, especially in the rush hours.

Dogs on the road

dog trailers for cycles are becoming more popular in the city
Me and my dog get out of the city on regular trips now, thanks to my dog cycle trailer.
McDee , Dog Owner
Many city cyclists are now able to take their pooches on the road with them. Many specialist dog trailers are now available so that you can attach a trailer stroller to your cycle. These dog trailers are designed with a generous amount of space for your dog and have good breathable mesh windows to keep the interior nice and cool for the dog. They are also weatherproof and can keep your pet dry from the rain and warm from the icy wind. These are perfect for the confident cyclist who likes to spend more time with their dog and is a quick way to get your dog to the park or even out of the city for a day.
Some initial training is required so that the dog gets accustomed to the trailer and the neighbouring noisy traffic. A secure strong floor base and a secure leash clip attachment are part of the internal design, that way you have the peace of mind that your dog is securely attached inside the trailer. These type of dog stroller trailers are usually adorned with reflective strips and warning flags so that fellow motorists are aware that you have a pooch on board.

Come rain or shine

dog in rain
Even the busy big cities will suffer from the weather elements. At least half of the year is either very hot or cold with ice and snow. All dog owners know that the weather must never stop a dog from going out and doing their business. Dogs also need to get out and run off their built up energies. A stroller can at least give them a respite in the form of a shelter, especially when they have got too hot or too cold to go any further. In the summer, most big cities swelter in the heat. The pavements and sidewalks get blisteringly hot to walk on, and dogs can get heatstroke and dehydrate very quickly. Their fur acts as an insulator and even though they shed and moult or get trimmed in the summer, they suffer badly in the direct sun.
I only use my stroller in the height of the summer and in the heavy rain and snow fall. It keeps my dog cool and comfortable and dry and warm. The rest of the year he walks.
Ms G Nicholls , Dog Owner
There are also dangers in the cold wet weather in a big city. Walking through snow, slush and ice can also create problems for a dogs feet. Although some pavements are gritted and salted, this too can cause irritation to your dogs feet if they have to walk through it on a daily basis. Then there is the body temperature of the dog to consider when walking in the winter. Most dog owners purchase dog coats to keep their pooches warm, but they only cover the body. The head and limbs are still open to the elements which can bring their temperature down.
A stroller can again get them to the park quickly and safely. Once there they can then get out and exercise safely, do their thing and return to the stroller to recover. A warm blanket in the winter, cool water in the summer, a protective waterproof and weatherproof cover will keep them safe until you get back home.

Getting to the Vets

Dog Strollers – A Vet’s Opinion
I don’t have a car so I use a stroller to take my dogs to the veterinary practice. It’s quick, stress free and they can happily relax inside.
Nancy , Dog Breeder
It would also be ideal to have your vet just around the corner or even have them visit you at home, but this is a rare luxury. Dogs and their owners have to travel far distances across the city and if they are unwell and lethargic you have got one big problem on your hands. If you have no car, there are some specialist taxi firms that will transport you and your dog across the city for a pricey sum. With regular trips back and forth to a vet’s practice it can add up to hundreds of pounds or dollars which on top of the vet bills can cripple you. Pet insurance doesn’t really cover your transport costs either. Many dog owners have simply bought an inexpensive dog stroller for this job. For around $50 or £40 you can buy a handy dog stroller which you can use time and time again to get your dog to the vets quickly and safely.
They can reserve their energies for getting well instead of burning it all up on walking a fair distance. They also benefit from the privacy of the stroller when they get there. All vet waiting rooms are a chorus of barks, whines and growls and not to mention the stress the sick pets are all going through. Your dog can be simply wheeled in to the consultation room without any fuss. Then home again, snug, safe and warm in the stroller. Some vets will also prescribe weeks or even months of complete rest for your ill dog, so a stroller means you, your family and even the dog can still get about and enjoy most activities.

‘Me Time’

a dog loves a snooze in a dog stroller
Many city dwellers have also found their strollers to be a handy safe place for their dog indoors. Most dogs don’t appreciate ‘invaders’ to the home and by this we mean plumbers, handy men, electricians or any strangers that decides to call. If your dog is not all that welcoming or hospitable they can be put inside their strollers where they can cause no intimidation to the house caller. Your dog may feel threatened by the ‘intruder’ but the will at least feel safe in their stroller and begin to calm down when they realise the guest is not a threat.
Some dog owners buy an extra dog crate for this purpose, but if space is tight or money short, a dog stroller is perfect solution. The stroller is their domain and they will feel comfortable inside, especially if the canopy is brought down to give them some privacy. Some dogs actually like popping into a bed or crate when the house is full of guests, like humans, they like a bit of time out and some R&R.

Strollers are good for humans too!

carrying your dog
Strollers are also good for you! No more lifting or carrying your dog when they decide to stop, no more leash pulling and no more stopping and starting when you just don’t have the time. Most strollers have adjustable height handles which make the stroller perfect for short and tall pushers alike. And the best thing about the stroller is that your dog can spend more quality time with you, rather than leaving them all alone in your apartment, either being lonely, bored, barking or chewing your furniture!
My dog used to stop dead in the street when he got tired. Now he just jumps into his stroller when he has had enough of walking.
Clay , Dog Owner
The strollers are easy to push, fold and store away if not in use. Many are designed with some great storage space for all your dog essentials like water, blankets, toys and treats. And we all know that the more walking we do with our dog, the more fitter we become, so everyone is keeping fit!
Strollers also come in various sizes so you can transport small and medium dogs or even a litter of puppies. There are some larger strollers available for larger breeds but you need to be able to push them along with out hurting yourself in the process!

Strollers are only for dogs who actually need them!

dogs are not babies
A dog stroller is not usually required by large, fit, active and healthy dogs but can be your dogs best friend if they are small, vulnerable or having some health or mobility issues. Some dog owners use them on a daily basis, some just in bad weather and some use them for when their dogs are just feeling under the weather!
Some only acquire them when their dogs are either too young to walk in the city or who are entering their senior years who needs some help with their mobility. As the fmaous saying goes “there still life in the old dog yet!” A stroller can give more years of quality life to an old pooch living in a big city!
Strollers are perfect for dogs that tire easily from too much walking or senior elderly dogs who can’t walk and run as much as they use to. Dogs like to be out with their owner, so strollers can give you more quality time with your pet instead of leaving them at home, all alone.
Vince , Dog Owner
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