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Five steps on how to get an EU Pet Passport for your Dog

Five steps to getting your dog a EU Pet Passport
If you are planning to take a European holiday abroad and wish to take your dog with you, you may need to use a travel carrier or stroller if you wish to travel by train, air or ferry. All travel companies will have a pet policy in place so you will need to check out what guidelines you must follow.
If travelling out of the UK your dog will also need their very own EU pet passport. This is a passport for any dog living within the EU and are travelling to any European destination.

EU Pet Passport Deadlines

When applying for an EU Pet Passport your timing is crucial. Failure to meet any of the deadlines set out in the EU Pet Passport application process could become extremely costly as your pet can be refused entry into the country you wish to travel to. Animals or pets entering back into the UK or entering into the UK for the first time without the correct paperwork can be extremely problematic. There are very strict rules here, and you could be forced to have your pet quarantined. It’s vital that you know what the timelines are and that you are able to meet them before you plan travel with your pet.
The timelines break down into two which are:
21 Days wait before entering an EU listed country – There is a 21 day wait from the date of your pet’s first rabies vaccination before you can enter an EU listed country with it. This is for initial pet passport applications.
24 to 120 hours before entry into the UK – You need to have your pet treated for parasites (tapeworm) by a registered vet not less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before you arrive in the UK with an approved transport company.
So make sure that you are aware of these deadlines before you travel. For first time pet passport applications for entry or re-entry to the UK you must begin the process at least a month ahead of time.
For information on Pet Passports or travelling within the EU with your dog go to the UK Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) page
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