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Tips on buying a pet jogging stroller

Jogging Dog Strollers

You and your dog can jog and keep fit together!

Tips on buying a pet or dog jogging stroller
We all like to try and keep fit, one way or another and there is no better exercise than jogging with your dog. Jogging is free, gets you out and about and most of all burns off those calories pretty quick.
Some dogs can keep up with your pace, but what if your dog is a small slower breed or is just getting to old and can’t keep up with your speed? New mums can now buy ‘jogging strollers’ for their small infants, which means they can still exercise in early motherhood and get back into shape.
You will be pleased to learn that there are now jogging strollers for pets. They are obviously designed differently from the jogging strollers for infants, but they work in the same way. Now you can keep up with your jogging pace even if your dog can’t. You both get to exercise and take your dog out at the same time.
Jogging strollers are perfect if you want to jog with your dog, who simply cannot keep up with your pace due to their age or size. They can then hop out and exercise when you stop and rest.
Many dog owners are now jogging with their dogs on board a jogging stroller and when it’s time for you to stop and rest, it’s time for your dog to hop out and do their bout of exercise. That way they can still get to do their own exercise but at their pace, and when they are done, they can hop right back in for you to jog them back home!
The great thing about jogging strollers for dogs (and even cats…or rabbits) is that it acts as a normal day to day stroller too. They fold up, can be easily transported and keep your dog safe from the dangers that some leashed dogs face day after day. They are also great for when a dog is injured or recovering from a serious operation. They are perfect for travelling with your dog on public transport, trains, buses and the underground or subway. You can spend quality time with your dog without leaving them all alone at home and they still get to go out and see the world, and it doesn’t slow you down.
Nearly all pet jogging strollers are designed with three wheels instead of four. The single front wheel is designed to swivel so that the stroller can move easily on various terrains as you jog along. They are all well designed with shock absorbers fitted so that your dog has a smooth ‘bump free’ ride.
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So if you are looking for a jogging stroller, what do you look for? Here are some helpful tips on making that all important purchase.

Preparing your dog for the jogging stroller

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Any good dog owner will be well aware that their dog will have to be weaned into the jogging stroller before you actually take them out on the road inside it. It’s a good idea to work with your dog and let them get used to it slowly. They need to know that it’s a safe place for them to be in. When training a dog to use a stroller, place it in a familiar surrounding like your home or in the garden. Make sure the wheels are fixed with the brakes on. The stroller has to be stable and secure. A stroller that moves about will only disorientate the dog and they won’t want to go inside it.
Use their favourite treat or toy to entice them inside the trailer. When they are feeling comfortable and safe being inside the stroller, it’s then a good idea to start taking short trips outside. Try simply walking the stroller down the street. Lengthen each trip bit by bit. Let them get in and out of it whenever they want, so they don’t feel ‘trapped’ inside it. When you want to begin jogging, start with a slow pace and then increase the speed gain, bit by bit. In no time you and your dog will be cruising the jogging paths!
Always make sure that your dog also gets their daily exercise regime too, perhaps jog to the doggy park and then let them run around while you get your breath back and have a good chilled water!

Did you know?

If you are also a keen cyclist you can now purchase a three in one dog stroller that acts as a stroller, jogger and cycle trailer. These multifunctional stroller trailers are becoming very popular with active dog owners. Not only can you do your daily routine with the stroller, but you can now jog with it, then remove the front wheel and then fasten it to your cycle. More and more cyclists are now taking their dogs out on day trips to the countryside, when they would have been otherwise left all alone at home. Check out our Dog Stroller Cycle Trailer page.
Equipped with all these helpful tips, you’re now better prepared to purchase the best jogging pet stroller that meets the needs of your pet and the family. Have fun jogging!
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