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There’s life in the old dog yet!

There’s life in the old dog yet!

Give your senior dog a new lease of life with a dog stroller.

When you are out and about with your dog, you often only see sprightly, healthy fit dogs on your travels. It’s only rarely that you see the odd senior dog trudging about, slowly taking in the scene or making it’s way back home again.
Sadly, many senior or infirm dogs end their days at home within the confines of the family home and garden and sadly their sight seeing days are more or less over. They may only go out to see the vet for a routine check up, which isn’t all that exciting to them. But not any more! Dog and pet strollers are now becoming very popular with dog owners, especially if their loving aged pet needs some help with their mobility.
Dogs love to explore and interact with humans and other dogs, no matter what age they are. It’s in their nature.
Humans, when they age or have leg or hip problems invest in scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility aids to get them about. It’s no different for dogs. With a stroller they can still get to see the neighbourhood that they know and love and even venture further afield with their new set of dog buggy wheels.
These handy, lightweight and foldable strollers are very similar to an infants buggy or pushchair. Only pet strollers are designed solely for dogs, cats, rabbits and any small animal. The purpose being that it’s now easy for you to travel with your dog quickly and efficiently, without slowing you down or your dog getting tired and suddenly stopping on the pavement, refusing to go anywhere. It works for both you and your dog.
In the short video below, a veterinarian demonstrates the use and benefit of pet stroller for a senior dog.

Dog strollers are perfect for day trips and even vacations.

Dog pushchairs are also great for taking your dog to their veterinary appointments. You can transport your dog in their stroller easily by car, bus, train and on foot. Your dog will also benefit with it’s privacy while waiting in the vet’s waiting room, away from nosey, distressed and agitated sick dogs. The dog stroller will also keep your senior pooch away from other sick pets which will lessen the risk of contamination by contact.
Family day trips can also include your old dog. No more waiting at home all day for you to return back after you have all had a fun day out exploring. A stroller can be a great way to take your dog on family walks, trips to the fun fair and visits to the beach. Using a pet stroller on daytrips can allow your dog can get out and exercise when they are ready and then hop right back in when they are tired and need a rest.
Dog strollers are great, versatile and perfect for either a quick daily trip to the shops or getting your dog to the doggy park for it’s exercise. These handy dog buggys are also easy to transport your dog on vacations and long trips. They make excellent sleeping quarters for your dog and they also come with washable removable pads that can be easily cleaned if your pooch should happen to have an accident. Doggy prams are very easy to clean and fold up easily to store away when not in use.

You can now even cycle and jog with your senior dog

you can now cycle with your senior dog
There are even bicycle dog trailers that easily fit onto your bike so your dog can come out on cycle trips with you and your family! These are also secure and weatherproof for those sudden outbursts of bad weather which can surprise us unexpectedly. The pet cycle trailers are also designed with numerous reflectors and come with a warning flag so that other road users know that you have a pooch on board.
The majority of dog strollers are designed for small to medium sized dogs. There are also some designed for larger breeds, which are much bigger in size but are actually designed to be pushed easily and house a heavier dog. There are even dog jogger strollers that are designed to run or jog with, designed with extra suspension so your dog won’t feel any bumps in the road.
Unlike infant strollers, doggy pushchairs are actually designed with a full cover that will keep your dog secure inside. The covers are weatherproof and will have mesh windows included in the design so your dog can not only see out but the stroller will also be well ventilated. Your dog will be warm and dry in the wet weather and cool and out of the sun’s harmful rays in the hot summer. The mesh window panels also have the added benefit of keeping bugs and insects out of the stroller, which would only irritate your dog. When your dog has acclimateised and is very comfortable with being in a stroller, the cover can be opened up on nice summer days.

Dog strollers are also great for you!

Seniors with a dog stroller
Strollers are also great for you. Using your dog stroller will help keep you fit! You will find that you will walk more and you can exercise even if your senior dog can’t. Also with a dog stroller there is no more lifting and carrying bulky dog carriers, which can put strain on your back and arms. Dog strollers are designed to be easily opened and folded within seconds and very easy to push.
Pet strollers are designed to be lightweight and can also come with very useful storage compartments so you don’t even have to carry a bag. If you still like using a carrier, look out for a stroller which has a ‘2-in-1′ stroller and carrier functionality. There are many strollers that are designed with a detachable carrier that can be taken off the stroller frame. The carrier can be placed in the car and attached to a seat belt and the wheeled fram can be then folded and placed in the boot of your car.
Older and senior dogs still need to be taken out and exercised. They still need sunlight, fresh air and to meet other dogs. A dog pram is a great way to transport your senior dog to the doggy park. Transporting them in a stroller will give your dog more quality time while at the park. They will appreciate the park more than they would if they had walked there. Now they can interact with other dogs instead of getting there all tired and lethargic with no energy left to play.
So next time you have to leave your senior dog at home for long periods of time, have a think about how much they would like to come with you on your next trip. Dogs hate being left behind at home, separated and away from their family or ‘pack’. Give your old dog a new lease of life, more outings and experiences so that the rest of their time with you is as fun and exciting as they had when they were younger. A dog stroller can offer your dog comfort, security and plenty of quality time with you, which is all they want when they are getting on in their old age.They will love you for it.
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