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Human foods that are harmful to dogs

Human foods that are harmful to dogs
Did you know that giving a chip with guacamole on it can cause your dog some real problems?
As summer approaches it’s time to get out the barbecues and the picnic baskets to spend quality time with friends and families. It’s great to spend time outdoors with your family and especially your dog when the weather is hot and sunny. And we all know that where there’s summer food there’s going to be a dog hanging around for those unwanted titbits. They also have the habit of hoovering up any scraps that get left on the ground or making cute eyes at children, who cannot avoid feeding hungry looking Fido!
But it’s not only in the summer that we have to be careful. Holidays like Easter and Christmas are also time when the wrong foods for dogs are in abundance. Children’s birthday parties are also another danger, especially with the high volume of sugary treats being offered around or dropped on the floor.
But can a little treat from the your summer picnic or Christmas dining table really hurt your dog? Well, that depends on what it is and what’s in it. Did you know that giving a chip with guacamole on it can cause your dog some real problems? Sometimes we don’t stop to think what titbits or treats we are giving our pets, especially when food is in abundance and you don’t want them to feel left out.
In fact, there’s a lot of human food your dog should never eat and you will be surprised at what these ‘innocent looking’ foods are. They may not cause you any harm but they can be certainly dangerous to your dog. And, it’s not just because of them gaining extra weight. Some foods are downright dangerous and toxic for dogs. Here is a list of some of these common foods, as we mentioned before, they may surprise you.

There are some safe human foods for dogs

There are the danger foods to avoid, as listed above, but there are some human foods that are actually good for your dog. These human foods are not only healthy, but provide your dog with a bit of variety in their diet and give them some very beneficial vitamins and nutrients, just like they do for us. They can be used as small treats instead of the high calorie manufactured ones from pet stores, which can help you save money too.
You should give your dog human food in small quantities and always incorporate them in your dog’s daily food allowance. Read our article on ‘Human foods that are safe for dogs to eat’ for some great ideas.
We have also created a handy list of healthy snack treats for dogs that you can prepare from your own kitchen. These again, are not only cheap to make but can give your dog a very healthy nutrition boost and add a bit of variety to their diet too.

If Your dog eats something that it shouldn’t

For the majority of the time dogs explore with their mouths. And, no matter how cautious you are, it’s possible your dog can find and swallow what it shouldn’t any where in your home. And it’s not always edible dangers that they eat. Some dogs have been known to eat or swallow toys, medication, cutlery, socks, jewellery and even false teeth.
It’s a good idea to always keep the number of your local vet very handy. Put the vet’s number (and their 24 hour emergency number) into your mobile phone and also include a written version of the number in your wallet or purse. Make sure it’s somewhere where you can find it in case of an emergency.
And, if you think your dog has consumed something that’s toxic but you are not quite sure, still call your vet for emergency help at once.
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