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Dog Strollers, pet prams and pushchairs for puppies

Dog Strollers, puppy strollers, pet prams, puppy buggies and pushchairs for puppies

Help and advice on puppy strollers

Taking on a puppy is a huge commitment and you and your home have to be fully prepared for when your pup arrives.
Puppies, when first arriving in your home will be very anxious indeed. Only a few hours ago they were snuggling up to their mother and fellow siblings, to them it was the most safest place in the world. They now find themselves in a strange environment, new sights, sounds and smells and their mum is nowhere in sight. Even their source of food will change. It’s very stressful time for that small ball of fur.
It won’t be all that easy for you either! Prepare yourself for months of hard work, disruption, chaos and mess.
As well as making sure your home is warm, safe and puppy proof with numerous safety gates, warm beds, play crates and play pens, you have to make their outings into the outside world are safe too.
That’s where the pet stroller come in very useful. Dog strollers, puppy strollers, puppy prams, puppy pushchairs – they all have one purpose. And that purpose is to transport your puppy or small or infirm dog to a destination in a safe, protective and warm environment.

Puppy strollers and dog prams that we recommend

puppy in a puppy stroller, puppy pram, puppy buggy, puppy pushchair
The good news is that most dog strollers on the market are ideal for housing your puppy or puppies. Not only are they all weatherproof against the wet weather but they will also keep your puppy cool and ventilated in the warmer climate due to the built in mesh panels. Most dog strollers will give you a functional canopy that can be opened and closed to give your puppy some privacy and protection when they need it.
The majority of dog strollers are also lined with a padded floor mat that can be removed and cleaned easily, very useful when you have a puppy who is yet to be toilet trained. The dog stroller will also give your puppy a snug, warm enclosed feeling that will remind them of their protective doggy bed that they shared with their mother and fellow siblings. The inclusion of a warm snuggle blanket will make the dog stroller a perfect little haven for your puppy.
For a list of recommended three and four wheeled dog strollers for your puppy, check out our useful article, Which dog stroller is right for my puppy?

Visits to the vets

One particular compulsory destination for all puppies will be visits to the vets or veterinary clinic. All puppies need to be vaccinated, usually around 8 to 10 weeks old. Transporting your puppy to the vets in a puppy stroller is the ideal solution. All puppies are small and can only walk short distances. It’s not only unsafe for them to make the trip on foot, but it’s dangerous. Not only is there the danger of them catching some disease or bug from sniffing the pavement or coming into contact with another other dog’s poop , but there is the issue of road safety.
It takes time and patience to train your dog to walk on a leash correctly and puppies are the most troublesome of students! Training them to walk on a leash should be done in a safe environment, not on the way to the vets. A puppy stroller will also get you and your little dog to the vets quickly and safely.
puppies and dogs in their pet strollers is the vet's waiting room
The veterinary clinic waiting room itself is a danger ground. Most doggy patients who are waiting are there because they are sick. A puppy stroller will keep your vulnerable puppy away from other sick pets and will help them avoid catching any contagious ailments. The warm, comfortable surroundings of their puppy stroller will also give them some privacy and keep them more at ease instead of becoming stressed out like the other pets.
Many pet owners buy large heavy cumbersome carriers to keep their pet in when visiting the vet. They are perfect for keeping their pets away from other sick pets and also give the pet some privacy, but they can be quite heavy and put quite a lot of strain on the person who has to carry it. A puppy stroller or pet pram on the other hand is easy to push, manoeuvre and will offer you storage so you don’t even have to carry large back packs or shoulder bags.

Your puppy and their health pre-vaccination

a puppy stroller can help keep puppies safe from catching anything contagious before their booster vaccinations
Until your puppy is vaccinated against dangerous dog diseases like Parvo Virus, Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Flu and Leptospirosis, you will need to make sure that they come into little contact with other dogs, especially if they are any roaming loose dogs in your area or they are strays. Any such disease would be dangerous for your new puppy, if not fatal.
Vets also advise you that you should wait until your puppy is between 6 to 10 weeks old before they have their first vaccination. They also advise you that your new puppy should settle in to their new home for around one to two weeks before their first jabs. This will then allow any diseases that the puppy may be incubating to show up which can then be treated by your vet. Also the stress of leaving their mother can cause a reduced immune response to the vaccine, so it will not be giving you and thee puppy the protection you want.
So again, the puppy stroller will be of great importance to you. Transporting them around in a puppy pushchair will give them the protection from any dogs that may cause a danger to your vulnerable pup. It will also enable them to keep up with their socialising training, where they can still go outdoors to experience new sights, sounds and smells as well as meeting human beings along the way. Keeping them locked up at home, secluded, away from contact with anybody will keep them safe from ailments but won’t be any fun for them.

Your puppy’s early days

When your new pup arrives in your home you will have to arrange a suitable sleeping place and appropriate bedding for them. Make sure that their sleeping spot is somewhere clean and free from drafts. However many puppies struggle to to cope with the separation from their mother and siblings and prefer to sleep in a room near their new ‘human parents’.
Some new puppy owners use a puppy stroller as a temporary sleeping quarter for their new pet. Not only is it an enclosed warm safe place for them to sleep, it can also be cleaned easily if the pup happens to have an accident during the night.
The best puppy strollers for this purpose would be a multifunctional 3-in-1 stroller that has a carrier section that can be detached from the wheeled frame. The carrier makes a great small enclosed warm sleeping place for your pup at night and it can then be attached back onto the wheeled frame during the day to transform it back into a stroller.

Taking your puppy out for a stroll

a puppy enjoying an outing in a puppy dog stroller
If you wish to take a new puppy out for a walk, you will certainly have your work cut out for you especially if you don’t have a puppy stroller. A small puppy on a leash will be everywhere, they will not understand the rules of the road not to mention the rules of the pavement. An outing without a puppy stroller will also require two sensible adults, one to look out for any possible dangers, especially if the other one is trying to manage and walk the puppy.
Even when the puppy has received all their vaccinations and has had some road training a puppy stroller can still be extremely useful. If you visit a dog friendly park or recreation ground, getting them to that space can not only tire out your dog, but it can take some time getting there. And there is point taking them to the doggy park if they are too tired to play and exercise when you get there.
Walking a puppy is similar to making a toddler walk a fair distance to the nearest children’s playground. The infant would be far too tired to play when they actually got there, and the amount of stopping and starting on your out and return journeys would mean that you would have to either carry the child or give up on the whole outing.
Puppies, like small infants are still confused about the big wide world and can easily be distracted when out and about on their own four (or two) feet. Puppy strollers will get you and your puppy to your chosen destination, easily, safely and quickly so that you can both enjoy quality time when you get there.

Puppy protection from the weather

weatherproof puppy strollers are perfect for protecting your puppy in bad wet or wintery weather
Another benefit of the puppy stroller is that your pup will be protected from the elements whatever the weather. Even our unpredictable British weather can cause puppies, cats and older dogs so many problems if they are out and about unprotected.
The great thing about puppy strollers is the weatherproof covering that will keep them warm and dry in the wet wintry weather and cool and ventilated in the hot summer months. Nearly all pet strollers are designed with durable mesh panel windows which help keep air circulating inside the stroller, keeping your puppy cool and fresh. The mesh panels also allow your dog to still have a view of the outside. They also has the added bonus of keeping irritating insects out.
puppy strollers protect your puppy from harmful UV rays in hot sunny summer weather
But when the weather is pleasant and you don’t want your puppy to be cooped up inside the pet pushchair you can pull back the canopy and remove the mesh panels so your dog can admire the view and be admired. Your puppy will love being escorted around town with lots of admiration from passers by. Don’t worry about your puppy suddenly leaping out of the stroller as most puppy pushchairs have safety leash clips attached to the inside of the stroller. They simply get clipped onto your puppy’s collar for extra security.
Some dog strollers also have additional rain covers that you can buy which is even more protection for your puppy and your stroller.

Handy Storage

dog stroller storage
Another useful function that the puppy stroller will offer you is great amount storage. We recommend pet strollers that have handy storage compartments where you can store any puppy essentials like water, water bowl, extra blankets, toys and treats.
The designers of pet strollers also think of the pusher too! Many strollers have a cup holder attached near the push handle. These storage trays are great for holding your keys, mobile phone and coffee or water, making them accessible when you are out and about.

Perfect for a litter of puppies

puppies in puppy stroller, puppy pram, puppy pushchair
If you are brave enough to take on more than one puppy then a puppy stroller is even more of a perfect solution. Everyone knows that more than one puppy together in the same place can be a small bundle of chaos. A dog stroller is a perfect way to transport all your puppies to their vet appointments at once, without the need of employing one or more puppy sitters who each have an ebergetic puppy to look after.
A dog pram is also the perfect environment for your puppies to get out and about without coming into contact with other boistrous dogs and any harmful infections or diseases. They can also use the generous space inside to either curl up together or snooze alone in their own corner.
The protective covering will keep them all safe and dry and the secure fastenings will stop any of them escaping!

Easy access to your puppy

puppy strollers offer you easy access to your little puppy
If your puppy is not snoozing in the stroller, chances are they will be lively and exploring the inside of the pet pram. So look out for a pet stroller that has some easy access zippered panels. Most good strollers will have easy access points at the front and rear of the stroller.
Some puppy strollers may even have access panels included above on the top of the canopy. These are designed so you can simply attend to your puppy if they need a treat, a pat or tickle. It’s also ideal for popping in a puppy toy if your little pooch needs some distraction. A puppy stroller with more than one easy access panels is crucial so you can attend to your puppy while you are both on the move.

Puppies, strollers and exercise

puppies taking some exercise out of their dog stroller at the dog park
Don’t worry that you are using a stroller to take your puppy outdoors. Some puppy owners will think that their puppy is being under-exercised if they use a pet stroller for outings. Puppies can get all the exercise they need inside the house and garden for the first month or so. Lots of play, toys and interaction at home is ideal for a young puppy.
Over exercising at an early age, particularly in some larger breeds, can actually lead to problems with their bone development, if extra care is not taken. This is another reason why a puppy stroller is ideal for any outdoor trips. Your puppy gets to explore new environments without getting over exercised due to lots of walking and getting exhausted in the process.
Like babies, puppies sleep a great deal. It’s a good idea to encourage your puppy to rest regularly. A puppy stroller is the perfect solution. The stroller compartment is a comfortable peaceful place to relax in, especially if you add extra comfort like a nice warm blanket. Your puppy can rest and snooze whenever they wish and it shouldn’t impede your journey whatsoever.
As your puppy grows, it is advisable to begin a good exercise regime that will include proper walks and runs outdoors. Not all fully grown dogs will need the use of a pet stroller, unless they become injured or disabled.
little puppy dog can rest until he gets to the doggy park
On the other hand, some small breeds of dog still benefit from the use of a dog stroller throughout their whole lives. Many small short legged dogs will still struggle to keep up with their owners pace and will tire easily, especially if walking a fair distance. Many owners of small breeds use a dog stroller to take their dogs for a walk. This is very common with ‘mixed dog’ families who have a large and small breed to walk at the same time. The idea is that the small breed dog can pop out and have a walk and then hop right back in when they tire and not slow everyone else down in the process.
Some senior dogs use a dog stroller too. Just like our senior citizens, they may have trouble with their mobility and need some help getting out to see the outside world. It’s quite sad to hear that many ‘old dogs’ end the rest of their days confined to the home and garden. All dogs like to explore and interact with new experiences, fellow canines and people no matter what age they are. Their mobility maybe suffering but their thoughts and feelings are still in good nick!

Pet jogging strollers and puppies

a pet jogging stroller is an ideal puppy stroller due to the added suspension and shock absorbers
Although we DO NOT recommend you go out for jogging sessions with your new puppy, pet jogging strollers are also excellent as ‘day to day strollers’. The unique quality of these jog pushchairs is they are usually designed with extra suspension built in. The wheels are also fitted with shock absorbers so the dog does not feel ay bumps as you jog along. Perfect for a new puppy who is vulnerable and fragile.
Pet jogging strollers are also designed with three wheels too, the front one being a swivel wheel that will always give you better manoeuvrability, perfect for dealing with rough terrains and kerbs.
So if you are an avid jogger and wish to take your puppy with you (when they get older of course), a pet jogging stroller is an ideal option for you.

Puppies and bicycle dog trailers

converting a bicycle dog trailer into a puppy stroller, using a conversion kit, is ideal for a young puppy
As with the pet jogging strollers, taking your puppy out on the road in a bicycle dog trailer IS NOT a good idea. It’s best to leave it until your puppy grows to an adult before you take them out on a cycle ride in a dog trailer. Dogs usually become fully grown at around 1 year old, some breeds may take longer.
A dog shouldn’t be placed into a bicyle dog trailer until they have had the training to accustomise them to travel inside one. You should be at a stage where your dog does not need your full attention or be a distraction either, as you have to focus on the road. So leave it until your dog is old enough and safe enough to travel in one.
In saying that, bicycle dog trailers can be converted into strollers until your puppy is old enough to travel in a cycle trailer. You can buy conversion kits, which include a front wheel attachment and a push handle that simply fix onto a bicycle dog trailer, turning them into safe, secure and sturd strollers. The other excellent feature of these dog trailers is their are very roomy, perfect for a puppy to either play in or snuggle up in a warm blanket.
If you are an avid cyclist and are thinking about taking your dog out with you in the future, then buying a bicycle dog trailer and ‘cycle trailer/stroller conversion kit’ may be the perfect solution for you.
When it comes to the stage when you wish to attach the cycle dog trailer to your bike and take your adult dog with you, your cycle trailer dog training will already be near completion. Because you have already used the same trailer as a stroller, your dog shouldn’t need much more training, as they will be already be accustomed to travelling inside it. Read our article on Training your dog to use a stroller, carrier or cycle trailer, for some useful tips.

Travelling by car with your puppy

you can travel by car with your puppy in a car carrier stroller
Travelling in a car with a puppy can also be a hassle, not only do you have to keep your eye out for dangers on the road, you have to watch your puppy at the same time! Most puppies and even adult dogs can get quite distressed when travelling by car, especially if it’s a new experience.
Puppies can get quite upset, mess themselves due to their fear and can also vomit if they suffer from motion sickness. All this is not pleasant for the driver. Try and see it from the point of view of your puppy, not only is it a strange experience but you are removing them from the safety of their home. And if you are on the way to visiting a scary place like the vets, you are adding even more stress into the mix. You can now see why some dogs grow to hate car journeys.
Having a loose puppy or dog in your car is extremely dangerous, not only for them but for you too! So if you plan on travelling by car with your puppy, some safety measures have to be taken and put in place.
Here is where the puppy stroller comes in handy. First of all if you plan to make many trips with your puppy by car, we recommend that you buy a 3-in-1 puppy stroller. The excellent thing about these types of dog stroller is the multifunctional uses if will offer you and your pooch. Not only do you get a day to day stroller that you can use to walk about with your puppy, but you also get a detachable carrier that can be used inside your car.
3 in 1 Dog Stroller. Dog Stroller, Carrier and Car Seat
Your puppy will be less stressed as they are already familiar with the stroller/carrier compartment. It will contain their scent and will offer them a great deal of privacy. You can also include a toy for some distraction and even an item of your clothing if they happen to suffer from separation issues. Even small pieces of food will distract them and a treat or small snack offered to them in your car will help them think that “good things happen when I am in here!”
Click on the icons below for some great dog and puppy car safety suggestions:
You need to make your puppy think that cars and car journeys are fun. That way, they will look forward to travelling in the car with you in the future. If you happen to have a small breed puppy, a stroller carrier is an excellent choice. Many 3-in-1 strollers have a slot to allow a seat belt to secure the carrier to the back seat of your car. NEVER place a puppy or dog in the passenger seat next to you. A safety air bag if deployed can suffocate or crush a small dog, so keep them on the back seat.
safe driving using a dog seat belt harness for your dog
If you have a puppy that will grow into a larger breed you will need to buy a safety harness for when your dog becomes too big for their carrier. Safety harnesses will ‘seat belt’ your dog in the back seat behind you. This will stop any dog from leaping about the car as you drive.
Like the carriers, crates and strollers you will have to do some initial car training so your do gets accustomes to wearing the seat belt harness while you are driving your car. All this type of training can be done as soon as your dog is older enough to wear the harness – and too big to fit in a carrier or crate.
large dogs can be housed safely in the boot of your car in a pet crate
Another option for a large breed of dog is placing a dog crate in the boot of your car. These durable extra sturdy crates fit neatly into the boot of your car. The front of the crates tend to have a slope to the design which will allow you to close your boot door. Your dog can sit or snooze very comfortably inside the crate and they are usually designed with chewable-proof materials like metal or strong plastic.
The crate metal meshing design enables your dog to have a good view instead of feeling enclosed or cluastraphobic. The great thing about these transport carriers is that they fold when not in use and can be used inside the home if you need to house your pet in a crate temporarily.
You may want to read our article – Top Tips: Travelling by car with your dog, which will help your dog get accustomed to car journeys.
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