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Fitness facts about cycling with a bicycle dog trailer

Fitness facts about cycling with a bicycle dog trailer

Quality time with your dog and better quality of life!

Taking your dog with you on cycling trips, not only gives you and your dog much more quality time together it will give you better quality of life!
Research has shown that a physically active lifestyle reduces the risk of a stroke and coronary heart disease and promotes good mental health. Regular sessions of exercise, such as cycling, provides protection from other ailments too like diabetes, strokes and certain types of cancer. It also, reduces the chances of you suffering from heart disease which is the single largest cause of death in Britain.
Most doctors will advise you that you should be doing at least 30 minutes of moderately intensive activity five days per week. And cycling is the perfect activity.
Did you know that cyclists are much healthier than the average motorist and can expect to live longer? Irrespective of gender, age or initial physical fitness, a cyclist will enjoy a greater sense of well-being and be fitter after just a few weeks of regular cycling. There is no doubt that regular cycling is one of the most effective and enjoyable workouts.
It is also the ideal activity that can be done on a regular basis, either on your own or with friends or other members of your family.
Even a small amount of cycling can lead to significant health benefits. These benefits include:
Significant health benefits of cycling with a dog trailer include:
  • Lowering both your blood pressure and the resting heart rate
  • Improving your stamina, strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Increasing calorie consumption and raising the metabolic rate. This can, in turn, lead to weight loss
  • Improving your co-ordination and balance
  • Promoting psychological well-being. Several studies have shown that exercise can improve mental capacities, reduce stress and give a general sense of well-being
As well as being exhilarating and convenient, cycling provides one of the most effective forms of aerobic exercise. Cycling can improve your general fitness and help you to reduce the chances of premature death. It can also provide protection from some of the most prevalent causes of death in the United Kingdom, including:
Cycling regularly can help prevent the following health issues
  • Heart failure – exercise is the single most effective protective factor for coronary heart disease.
  • Strokes – cycling helps reduce high blood pressure, a condition that increases the chance of a stroke.
  • Fractures, falls and injuries – a cyclist has a reduced chance of an accident because of improvements in co-ordination and strength.
  • Pollution – cyclists absorb lower levels of pollutants from traffic fumes than other road users
  • Cancer and diabetes – research indicates exercise can protect against diabetes and reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.
Regular cycling can be a fantastic way to improve fitness for riders of all age groups and abilities. And the added bonus is you can now take your dog with you on these fun cycle trips, so when you reach your destination you can have a leisurely walk with your dog, which only adds to your exercise regime.
In no time at all you and your dog will be feeling fitter, healthier and ore revitalised. The benefits of cycling with your dog is endless and ore and more people are now doing it and feeling so much better for it.

So how many calories can I burn when cycling with a dog trailer?

Below is a chart of how many calories you can burn PER HOUR when cycling. Depending on your weight and your speed you can burn between 236 and 1116 calories per hour. You will see by the numbers that cycling with your dog trailer is an icredible way to lose weight and keep fit and healthy.
Weight in pounds10mph pleasure10-12mph light12-14mph moderate14-16mph vigorous16-20mph racing

Bicycle dog trailers get you and your dog out and about and more active

getting about with a pet stroller
Not only is the cycling itself good for you, but a bicycle and dog trailer allows you and your pet to visit more places of interest and get even more active. When you have reached your destination, you can then burn even more calories by hiking, walking and trekking with your dog.
Not only will you get to see more of the countryside but your dog will also get to experience more sights, sounds and experiences. All this exciting activity will do your dog wonders who would have been previously left at home before you obtained a bike trailer.
The other great advantage of using a dog trailer is your dog can rest on the way back, especially if he has been walked and exercised well. If you happen to have a senior, small breed or disbaled dog then you can obtain stroller conversion kits that will transform your bicycle dog trailer into a stroller. By simply adding a handle and front wheel attachment you can then take your dog on a walk about after you have cycled to yur destination. Great activity for you and pure comfort for your dog.
So get out and about in the up and coming summer months, keep yourself fit and spend some great quality time with your dog in the process.
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