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Exercising with your Dog Stroller

Exercising with your Dog Stroller

A 30 minute exercise program you can do with your dog stroller

Stroller Fitness

If you combine regular dog stroller walking with a healthy eating plan you will be burning calories and helping you lose weight. But you can maximize the results by incorporating a few extra exercises and moves that build strength and tone your muscles too.
Here is a stroller workout that takes exercise beyond the basic walking and takes just under 30 minutes from start to finish. This routine includes periods of brisk walking and light jogging, with lunges that tighten and tone your legs and gluteus muscles. If you park the stroller during your walk, you can even use it for support as you do squats, push-ups and curls.

Correct body posture when exercising

When you partake in any form of exercise you need to do a body warm up. And we also stress the importance of a proper posture during your dog stroller workouts.
To avoid muscle strains and injuries, we advise holding the pet stroller handlebars so your wrists are not in a bent position and keeping your shoulders relaxed.
As you do your walking, push your hips forward toward the pet stroller, while tightening your abs to maintain the correct posture.

What kind of stroller should I use?

a pet jogger is perfect for when you jog or exercise
While it is possible to burn calories and lose weight pushing a standard pet stroller better results are gained by investing in a jogging pet stroller. A pet jogging stroller with three fixed, inflatable rubber wheels is the most stable on uneven terrain like gravel and grass. The three wheel design also gives you more maneuverability than a four wheeled stroller would.
Jogging dog strollers also have shock absorbers and better suspension so your dog has a smoother bump free ride when you are cruising along on your run.
Most jogging pet strollers also come with adjustable handlebars which will also allow you to maintain a comfortable posture. Pet Joggers also feature good rear-wheel foot brakes which will keep the dog stroller stable and stop it from accidentally rolling out of your reach. These types of pet stroller are also perfect for jogging and speed walking.

Safety Tips

Safety is very important when doing any form of exercise. Always be careful of cars and the environment when exercising with your dog. Make sure your dog is always in sight and it’s usually best to do this sort of exercise in a doggy park, where your dog is enclosed and in sight. Below are a few safety tips to bear in mind when doing any form of dog stroller exercise:
Safety tips when doing the 30 minute dog stroller exercise program
  • Always keep your stroller a hand’s reach away from you if you’re working out next to your stroller.
  • Always take things slowly in the beginning and don’t over do it too soon
  • Make sure to get your doctor’s clearance before starting any vigourous exercise program.
  • If you are using your stroller during any of the above exercises, always make sure your stroller is stable with the brake on
  • Never hang on or attach an exercise tubing to the stroller.

The 30 minute dog stroller exercise program

Below is the 30 minute dog stroller exercise program. Some great results can be gained if this particular routine is done regularly. You will be surprised how many interested dog owners will comment on what you are doing and who knows, it may inspire them to join in with you. You may even be able to start a dog stroller fitness group in your local doggy park!
For the exercise routine you will need a blanket and an exercise tube. Exercise tubes are stretchy resistance tubes or bands that you use when exercising. Resistance tubes are great to use for when you are on the move as they are compact and light.
exercise resistant tubes
This type of exercise band have handles attached to each end so you can comfortably work your muscles. Some tubes come with an attachment used to secure the band to the hinge of a door. The bands come in multiple tension levels, as indicated by their colour or a specific weight.
The colours come in tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver and gold. Beginners would start with the tan coloured tubing and gradually upgrade towards the advanced gold tubing which has more resistance.
Exercise Tube Colours
  • Tan – Extra Thin
  • Yellow – Thin
  • Red – Medium
  • Green – Heavy
  • Blue – Extra Heavy
  • Black – Special Heavy
  • Silver – Super Heavy
  • Gold- Max
resistance exercise tube colours
Also remember to pack some water and a little fruit so you can rehydrate yourself after exercise. All this equipment can be stored in your dog stroller storage compartment, so you don’t even have to carry it upon your person.
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