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Dog Carriers and Crates

Dog Carriers

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you will need an airline approved pet carrier if flying with your dog
There are times when you will need to transport your puppy or dog in a pet carrier. Visits to the vet, moving house and travelling by air will require your dog to be placed inside a pet carrier for their own protection. If you don’t wish to invest in a dog stroller than the next best thing is to buy a dog carrier.
Dog carriers come in all shapes and sizes and are made from durable plastics or metal. A good dog carrier will have a secure lockanble door that will keep your dog from getting out when unsupervised.
It’s advisable that you do your research before buying a dog carrier. You will need tp purchase a carreir that is ideal for your dog’s size and weight. The general rule is that your dog must be able to stand, sit up and turn around inside their carrier. There should also be enough room inside for them to sleep comfortably.

Dog Crates

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a small dog inside a dog crate
For humans, spending some time in a cage or crate is an unpleasant thought, but for dogs, it is a different story. Dogs who are den animals prefer to rest and sleep in quiet areas, out of reach and sometimes out of sight from their owners and other family members. Most dogs choose places like behind the sofa, under the table and quiet dark corners where they know they will have some solitude.
Their ancestral relatives back in the day would dig holes and burrow out a sleeping den so as not to be disturbed. Dogs feel safe and secure when they have a small den of their own and a crate can provide this perfect environment for them to relax in. The crate also makes the perfect bed for your dog, the place where they can have a good rest undisturbed.
A dog crate can be very useful for your dog if they are having problems with destructive behaviour, house training and not up to meeting strangers when they come to visit. A dog crate is also very beneficial when you are travelling with your dog. Not only are they foldable but they can be cleaned very easily.
Whichever type of crate you are looking for there are a few guidelines to follow. The crate should be large enough to allow your dog to stretch out flat on thier side without being cramped. And they must able to sit up without hitting their head on the top.

Car Dog Crates

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placing your dog or puppy in a car dog crate will provide them with a safe and secure journey
If you are planning to drive and need to transport your larger breed of dog then a car crate may be the ideal solution for you. Small and medium pet carriers can be easily placed on the back seat of your car but larger dogs will need more room to rest in. Car dog crates will provide your dog with a safe and secure journey and will fit into many types of car or van.
In a car accident, anything that is not safely secured within the car would be propelled forward, and that would include your dog if they were not secured safely in a carrier or crate. So keeping them secure in a crate is crucial for their car safety and yours.
Car dog crates are designed to be placed in rear or in the boot area of your car. The design of car crates can differ from standard dog crates. Some will have a sloping side to the design which enables them to be placed in the boot of your car, but still giving them the height they need to stand.
A car crate may not be an answer to stopping a dog’s car sickness but it will reduce the amount of movement they will encounter as you travel along. Covering the crate with a blanket will also give them some solitude and encourage them to rest more. The crate is also easy to clean if they do happen to have an accident on the journey – much easier to clean than your car upholstery!
Car crates are perfect for travelling and also great for family picics. Your dog can happily sit in their crate, the boot door open giving them plenty of fresh air before they get out for a good walk. These adaptable crates also make perfect beds for you dog while on holiday, bearing in mind that many dog friendly hotels and holiday rentals provide a bed for you but not your dog!
The sizing of your dog for these car crates is pretty simple. Your dog or puppy needs to be able to stand up in their car crate and be able to turn around. But no more space is needed.