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Dog Mobility

Dog mobility steps, ramps and lifting harnesses designed for your pet

Mobility steps, ramps and lifting harnesses designed for your dog.
Helpful solutions to help your dog’s mobility.

If you are using a dog stroller or bicycle pet trailer to aid your dog’s mobility, then have you ever thought of obtaining mobility items to help them get about within the home? There are now some very handy pet mobility products to use in your home, garden and car. These are designed by pet specialists and are to help your dog get up, down, in and out of places without taking away their independence. Not only will your pet be able to get about freely, but they will need less help from you. Carrying and lifting your dog constantly can become an health issue and problematic for you too, especially if you have a large or heavy dog.

Simple mobility can be tough for an old, injured or small breed of dog

corgi using a set of dog steps
Many dogs who suffer from mobility issues can become pretty frustrated when it comes to simple tasks like climbing stairs, getting into the car or even jumping up on the sofa to be with thier owner. When leg and hip problems become too painful for your dog to leap and jump, they then have to resort to either being constantly picked up or being left to live on the floor level, seperated from their owners. Life can become pretty miserable and lonely for a pooch with mobility problems.
Even small breeds of dog that are fit and healthy, can have problems getting about the home. Jumping up and down from furniture can have a massive impact on their legs and joints, so even providing them with mobility steps and ramps can give them a new lease of life and complete accessibility to many parts of your home and garden.

Mobility steps and ramps for dogs

Dog Mobility Ramps for the home, garden and car
Mobility steps and ramps are an ideal way for your pet to reach ‘hard to get’ places. If your dog likes to sleep on your bed, then a set of mobility steps adjacent to your bed will allow them to come and go freely throughout the night. These night steps are perfect for them, no longer will they become distressed or nervous about jumping up or down. The added bonus of these mobility pet steps is that they will prevent your dog from waking you up regularly during the night especially when they need to get up or down.
Dog mobility ramps are perfect for allowing your dog to get and out of your car easily and efficiently. It’s also safer for you too, no longer do you have to carry and lift your dog, an exhausting task if you have a large or overweight pet. The mobility ramp also gives your dog their independance. No dog likes to be carried and lifted on a regular basis. Ramps are cleverly designed to be stored easily in your home or car. Some car ramp models are telescopic, some simply fold two or three ways and some are even free standing which makes them perfect for the home and garden too.

Dog lifting harnesses

a dog lifting harness can be used to place your dog into a car
There are also a selection of dog lifting harnesses available to aid your dog’s mobility. Dog lifting harnesses are ideal for your dog if they have leg or hip problems or even recovering from a surgical operation. With a lifting harness you can easily lift your dog safely and quickly without causing them any harm or pain.
The harness structure takes the whole of the dogs weight and keeps them in a horizontal position, which is so much better then scooping them up in your arms and putting unwanted pressure on problematic parts of your dogs body. A lifting harness is also much smaller than a dog ramp and may be a better alternative if you don’t have room for a foldable dog ramp in your car boot. They are durable, extremely easy to fit on to your dog and easy to clean and maintain. Dog lifting harnesses can either be of a loose fitting design (for temporary quick lifts) or a more fitted structured harness which can be worn full time.
a front dog lifting harness can help take some of the weight off your dog's front legs
There are also lifting harnesses that are designed for either the front or rear part of your dogs body. If your dog suffers from either front or back leg problems then a harness can be fitted to your dog’s front chest or rear hind quarters. The idea of the front or rear harness is that you are able to lift or slightly elevate your dog, using the harness leash attachment.
By doing this you are able to take some of your dog’s weight, still allowing them to still use their healthy legs for walking and exercising. By using a rear or front harness your dog is still able to walk and exercise which is extremely important if they are in rehabilitation after an illness or recovering from a surgical operation.
multifunctional dog lifting harnesses are designed for medium and large sized dogs
There are also multifunctional dog lifting harnesses which give you complete control over your dogs front or rear legs. These sort of harnesses can be used fully or in part, depending where your dogs problematic areas are.

Dog lifting harnesses for the adventurous type of hound

adventure dog lifting harnesses can be used on fit and healthy dogs
There are also harnesses for healthy dogs too. For the adventurous dog owner who wants to take their pet on treks, rambles and hikes there are many outdoor pet harnesses to choose from. With a dog lifting harness you are able to help your dog overcome obstacles like rocks, walls and any other object that gets in their way.
These type of dog lifting harness are a great alternative to a collar and lead and each allow your dog to now join you on a number of outdoor activities. This specific style of dog lifting harness is also perfect for large breeds, overweight dogs, senior dogs and pets with mobility issues.
Further information and advice on dog steps, dog ramps and dog lifting harnesses is offered below. Simply click on the links to find out more. We have also included some recommended products which are available for all types of budget.
Dog Mobility solutions for your car, garden or home
  • Dog strollers are perfect for taking dogs with mobility issues outdoors, but what about indoors? Did you know that you can now buy mobility steps for your dog? Just like humans, some dogs when they get older begin to suffer from leg, joint and hip problems. Everyday things like jumping up on to the sofa, on to your bed or just getting into the back of the car can be quite painful for them. Dog steps are also perfect for small breeds who just can’t jump high enough! A set of pet steps will give your dog a new lease of life and independance.
  • Dog strollers are perfect for taking dogs with mobility issues outdoors, but what about indoors or what about getting them into the car or outside in the garden? Just like humans, some dogs when they get older begin to suffer from leg, joint and hip problems. Everyday things like climbing stairs, jumping onto the sofa or just getting into the back of the car can become quite a painful activity. Dog ramps are perfect for small breeds, senior, disabled and injured dogs who just can’t walk as well or jump high enough! A dog mobility ramp will help your pet get to where they want to go and also give them a new lease of life and some independance.
  • Dog lifting harnesses are perfect for lifting old, injured, convalescing, disabled and invalid dogs. Not only are they a safe and convenient way of lifting or walking your dog, but they also provide a new lease of life for your pet and improve their mobility. Dog lifting harnesses can also be used for hiking and trekking with fit and healthy dogs too. Now your dog can join you on your outdoor pursuits and activities. All dog lifting harnesses are safe and easy to use on your dog and take the strain off you too!