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Four Wheel Dog Strollers

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Dog strollers are a safe and fun way to get outdoors with your dog.
Perfect for small breeds, puppies and dogs with mobility problems.

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If you are looking for a pet stroller for your dog or puppy then you will certainly be spoilt for choice. More and more dog strollers are being designed and sold to pet owners just like you, to help get you and your dog out and about and on the move.
Dog strollers come in all shapes and sizes with a multitude of functions from the day to day four wheeled pet pushchairs to the three wheeled pet jogger prams. These dog buggies also come in all colours of the rainbow from black, blue, green and red to bubblegum pink. Some even come in very daring designs like check patterns, floral designs and even animal print!
All dog strollers are weatherproof making them perfect for all year round use. Not only do they keep your puppy or dog dry, warm and snug in the wet and wintery weather but they also offer cool shade and protection from harmful UV rays in the hot sunny summer weather.
Many strollers have durable mesh panels that not only give your pet some privacy, but also allow the stroller to remain cool and well ventilated in the hot weather. The mesh panels also have the added bonus of keeping pesky flying insects out of the stroller compartment, which would otherwise only irritate your dog. And when your dog wants to feel the sun on their whiskers you can pull back the canopy, which allows them to admire the view – and be admired too!
Most strollers come with some very hand storage solutions. Not only can you keep your dog essentials in handy storage compartments underneath the stroller but you can have your coffee, water, keys and mobile phone at hand in the storage tray just under the push handlebar. This will not only keep your arms and shoulders ‘bag free’ but allows you to take quite a lot of pet accessories like water bowls, toys, blankets and treats on the move with you.
The dog stroller is also very easy to clean. The durable coverings, wheels and sturdy steel frame can be cleaned quickly and easily with warm soapy water. Most strollers also come with a removable inner compartment floor pad which not only brings some comfort for your dog, it is also breathable and easy to clean if your pooch has an accident on route.
Strollers can be used everyday, especially for puppies and small breeds of dog, who are unable to walk long distances. hey are also perfect for senior, disabed and injured pets too. And when the stroller is not in use, or if you only use it intermittently, it can be folded and stored away very easily. Most strollers fold flat and can be stored in a cupboard or in the boot of your car.
Below is a list of quality, recommended pet strollers that are perfect for every day use. Also check out what Amazon have to offer in the product panel below that.
If you happen to be a keen jogger or are a keen cyclist then you will be pleased to know that your dog can now come too! You can take a look at pet jogging strollers and bicycle dog trailers by clicking on the navigation panel up above.
  • This fantastic dog stroller has a 3-in-1 design functionality, consisting of a pet stroller, a pet carrier and a dog car seat. All three functions will safely contain and protect your pet wherever you go.
  • Splendid Pets have introduced the sleek looking easy fold 4 large wheel pet stroller in grey. It has a heavy-duty yet lightweight steel frame. This sleek, stylish and modern looking stroller is the perfect ‘all weather’ dog pushchair that will keep your dog protected from the elements. The superior front 8 inch swivel wheels will keep the ride on this dog pram safe and smooth and won’t get bogged down on muddy ground. The perfect stroller for small to medium sized dogs.
  • If you are a big fan of pink then this Leopet hot pink dog stroller is the one for you! This beautiful pink stroller has been designed with an easy fold system which makes it easy to fold down and open up. It requires very little effort from you but provides maximum comfort for your dog. Front swivel wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability and the durable water resistant cover protects your dog in all types of weather Perfect for the small or medium poochy prince or princess in your life!
  • If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet fully functional weatherproof dog stroller then this red dog pushchair is for you. With a strong, sturdy steel frame and water resistant cover, your dog will feel safe, snug and secure in this funky red pet pram. With front swivel wheels, an easy to open-fold system and handy storage solutions for you and your dog’s accessories, this pet pushchair looks the business. Not only does it look sleek, funky and expensive it will get you and your dog from A to B in no time at all!
  • If you are looking for a more subtle coloured dog stroller then here is a great functional dog stroller in a lovely shade of brown. This four wheeled stroller is perfect for day to day use and will keep your dog safe and protected in all weathers and all year round. It’s a fantastic price too!.
  • The Sholley Petmobil Pet Stroller range is a safe way to take your dog, cat or even rabbit on outdoor trips. They are strong, sturdy and have a durable water repellant cover. With swivel front wheels and an adjustable handle this dog pram offers you excellent manoeuvrability. The Petmobil Pet Stroller range include the Pink Princess, the Huckleberry and the Classic Navy Mulberry. They are large and very roomy and also come with a removable washable cushion bed.
  • Dog strollers are becoming very popular and are a great way to get out and about with your dog, without tiring them out. This Happy Trails Blue Stroller is perfect for anytime of the year.
  • If you are a multi pet family and need transportation for dogs, puppies, cats or kittens then the pink double double deck pet stroller is just the ticket. This double deck stroller includes two seperate compartments that can be used together or independently. The pet compartments can also be detached from the steel frame making it perfect for car travel. This double pet stroller is perfect for dog and cat shows and taking all your pets to vets at once. And don’t forget you can travel with a cat and a dog at the same time!
  • The Leopet dog stroller is a great value for money dog buggy. The royal blue weatherproof fabric will keep your dog protected in all weathers. It’s easy to fold and will keep your dog secure and safe as you both go about your daily walks. The front swivel wheels will give you excellent manoeuvrability. The rust resistant steel stroller frame is not only lightweight but it is also strong and sturdy.
  • If you are looking for a multifunctional pet stroller then the Valentina Valenetti pet pushchair is for you! A beautifully designed multifunctional pink pet stroller, pet carrier and car seat – all in one! Made with a rust free steel frame and a durable 600 denier polyester cover, this pet buggy will protect your dog in all weathers. With secure rear brakes it’s a safe, sturdy and smooth ride for your loving pet. And it’s in a lovely shade of pink too!
  • If you are looking for a modern, sleek, sturdy but lightweight dog stroller then the Globetrotter pet stroller is for you. With it’s durable nylon weatherproof cover it will protect your dog from all types of weather. With front swivel wheels and secure rear brakes it will offer you great manoeuvrability. It also folds easily and quickly and can be stored in a closet or fit within the boot of your car. It’s the perfect pet stroller for small to medium sized dogs on the move!
  • Here is a stunning light blue dog stroller which is not only at an exceptionally low price, but offers your dog all year round protection. Come rain or shine, this hardy steel framed pet pram will keep your dog snug, safe and secure. It’s easy to fold and easy to manoeuvre due to it’s front swivel wheels. It’s lightweight yet sturdy and perfect for a small to medium sized dog weighing under 15kg. With handy storage solutions for all your doggy essentials, this stroller has everything you and your dog need.
  • The Go-Pet for dogs (and cats) is an ingenious pet stroller, carrier, car seat and mobile home all in one! The complete travel system for any pet on the move! It’s lightweight and folds flat for transportation and storage.
  • Introducing the wonderful easy to fold-flat 4 large wheel jet black pet stroller with a heavy-duty yet lightweight steel frame. This sleek, stylish and modern looking stroller is the perfect ‘all weather’ dog pushchair that will keep your dog protected from the elements. Senior, injured and small breed dogs will benefit from the secuirty that this stroller will give them. The superior front 8 inch swivel wheels will keep the ride on this dog pram safe and smooth.
  • The Splendid Pets range of four wheeled easy fold dog strollers are the ‘ top dog’ when it comes to dog buggies. This model comes in blue and features 8 inch swivel wheels which give you excellent manoeuvrability. The stunning blue protective water resistant cover will protect your dog in all weathers, come rain or shine. Your dog will enjoy a smooth, comfortable bump free ride when strolling about town in the beautiful pet pushchair. Ideal for small to medium dogs under 18kg.
  • The Confidence Deluxe Four Wheel Pet Stroller is a great way to transport your dog or puppy. This easy to fold dog stroller is lightweight, yet very sturdy. It offers all weather protection and features an internal leash safety clip and lots of storage space. This pet pram comes in four eye catching colours including light blue, light green, pink and red. It’s also on sale at an incredibly low price, so it’s worth taking a look!
  • The 4 Wheel Easy Fold Dog Stroller is a wonderful fold flat doggy pushchair with a heavy duty yet lightweight steel frame. The superior four wheel mobility keeps the ride safe and smooth without stressing out your pooch! This dog stroller designed by Splendid Pets comes in a variety of colours: pink, purple, green, grey, black and navy.
  • If you are looking for more than just a standard dog stroller then the 5 in 1 stroller by Innopet is the ideal choice. Not only is it a push stroller, but it can be also used as a car seat, back pack, shoulder carrier and even a pet trolley. This is perfect for travelling short and long distances with your dog or puppy. Perfect for car travel too.
  • Never be caught out in the rain again with this protective transparent dog stroller cover. This waterproof dog stroller cover is designed for the 4 Wheel Pet Strollers designed by Splendid Pets. It’s transparent, waterproof and even has breathable ventilation holes to still allow breath ability for your dog. It can be easily stored in the storage compartment of the dog stroller.
  • The Pet Gear AT3 Roadster Dog Stroller is a great way to take your pet with you wherever you want to go. This stroller is great for larger dogs. It features a sturdy frame, rides low to the ground, has a waterproof floor, front swivel wheels, rear brakes, and bug proof mesh that provides air circulation.
  • Another great stroller from Pet Gear. But this stroller is in baby pink! Perfect for little dogs or senior dogs that tire easily. They’ll feel like a princess in this perfect pretty pink pushchair!
  • This is the iPetty which is a stroller for pets by PlayWu. It not only provides your dog or cat with all year round weather protection, but it also looks extremely stylish and modern looking with it’s navy and fuchsia colour scheme. This bright and funky pet stroller includes front pivot wheels, large mesh window panels and a handy storage basket. The iPetty also folds flat for easy storage.
  • The Rosewood Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller is exactly what it says it is. It’s light, it’s easy to travel with and it keeps your darling little pet safe and secure.
  • Not only does the Deluxe Three Wheel Pet Stroller look fantastic, but it’s easy to store, transport and put up and fold down. It’s a perfect all year round stroller, keeping your dog warm and dry in the wet winter months and cool throughout the hot summer.
  • If you happen to want a three wheeled dog stroller in a more subtle colour then how about this three wheel dog stroller in a lovely shade of coffee brown? Not only is it a strong, sturdy, weatherproof and all year round stroller, it is also a deluxe three wheeled dog pram at an exceptional affordable price.
  • If you are looking for a multifunctional stroller and trailer combo then look no further than the conversion kits for the Trixie bicycle trailers. Transforming your trailer into a stroller from a cycle trailer (and vice versa) takes just seconds! These Trixie conversion kits are for the medium and large models only. Perfect if you like to cycle, stroll and jog with your canine best friend!
  • If you like to stand out from the crowd, then how about this vibrant red three wheeled red dog stroller? This funky, bright and very sturdy pet stroller is a convenient, easy to fold and roomy pet stroller for small to medium sized dogs. The front swivel wheels provide great manoeuvrability when facing bumps, kerbs and uneven terrain. Perfect for strolling, fast walking and jogging. There are even shock absorbers in the front swivel wheels so your dog will have a smooth bump free ride.
  • This is the four wheel ‘easy fold’ pet stroller in flame red! Like with all the other Splendid Pets dog prams this model has great features that include large 8″ swivel wheels, a protective durable water resistant covering and storage area. It’s tough and hard wearing yet lightweight. The mesh panels keep your dog cool in the summer and warm and snug in the winter. It’s also easy to fold and can be stored flat. it’s the perfect dog pushchair for small to medium sized dogs.
  • The Leopet dog stroller is a great value for money dog pram pushchair. The vibrant poppy red or fuscia pink weatherproof fabric will keep your dog protected from all weathers. It’s easy to fold and will keep your dog secure and safe as you go about your daily errands…oh and then stop off at the doggy park for some fun.
Our recommended dog strollers